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Lateral Thinking Question
Rick Cruzado
If a plane crashes on the Italian / Swiss border, where do you bury the survivors?

Boers, Member
You shouldn't bury them but send them home to their families I guess...

Lateral Thinking Question
Frederico Cardita, Member
You don't bury the survivors! You bury just the ones that are dead! If there are survivors, you send them home...

Pedro Torralba, Member
You think the survisors will allow you to bury them?

Lateral Thinking Question #2
Assunta Dierna, Strategy Consultant, Italy, Member
Two climbers were climbing roped together in the Scottish highlands.
They saw some eagles soaring above them.
Later the climbers slipped over the edge of a precipice and unfortunately plunged to their deaths.
Their souls left their mortal bodies and ascended to heaven.
As they rose they saw the same eagles and one soul cried out to them: "Ah - eagles".
But the eagles, being polite, said nothing.
Where is the joke?

Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
This question#2 by Assunta has been torturing my brain for a week now :-) but I think I found the solution...
To give you a hint, you should ask yourself the questions: if the eagles WOULD have said something back: 1. what would they have said? and 2. why would this be impolite?

Polite Eagles..
Sergio Bonfiglio
The polite eagles thought: we died laughing at your ridiculous climbing ability, moron!
Very polite eagles indeed...

Polite Eagles
Andrea Kelly
It may be that you are right Sergio. It would be impolite for the eagles who were dead to say anything to the souls as they also died. But the eagles were soaring above them. Which would signify that the eagles were about to eat them but it was their soaring that caused the climbers to plunge to their death. The eagles must have been sorry that they were just soaring and did not take advantage of the meal and may be saying, "lucky bastards!", as the souls went to heaven. Very polite indeed!

Polite Eagles
Ahmad Sultan Abdulla, Consultant, Malaysia, Member
Can't resist this...! Aah.. Eagles the angles of death..! They had a clear picture but could not warn. The souls had a view but it was not the eagles..!

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