Collaboration Styles of Purchasing Managers

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Koen Vandermarliere
Business Consultant, Belgium

Collaboration Styles of Purchasing Managers

What collaboration or engagement style(s) you see as most efficient when you're working as a purchasing manager with your internal customers?
  1. Do you approach your customers saying "give me the requirements and I'll do the rest" and come back with a signed contract with the "best" supplier?
  2. Do you discuss the requirements and have your internal customer rate the responses and proceed from there?
  3. Do you set up the requirements and the RFP documents with them and allow them to be present in the presentation of the offer, let them rate the offer and be present in the negotiations?
  4. Or are you supporting them while they are in charge of the RFP project?
What purchasing engagement style do you think works best and why?

Manager, Madagascar

Collaboration Styles of Purchasing Managers

Our approach is asking requirements, rating criteria from internal user, then launch an RFQ or call of tender depends on...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Tapping the Knowledge of Self

Before collaborating with others a question to ask oneself is what are the requirements and who - when asked - can add ...

ICT Consultant, India

Different Purchasing Approach for Different People

I use a different approach for each and every client, because every client is unique and the requirements are also uniqu...

  Nomi Hattingh

Government Compliance Rules Apply

I work in Government, and firm guidance policy and rules apply. At a practical level, I follow the approach in number 3....

  Koen Vandermarliere
Business Consultant, Belgium

Government Rules Apply

@Nomi Hattingh: Nomi, thanks for your reply, how do you prepare the actual public tender part? Do you make a market anal...

  Dennis Lagerweij

Working Close Together with our Technicians

I'm working in procurement of packaging machines within the consumer products business. I work very close with our categ...

  Sandy Szilage
United States

Best Approach of Purchasing Manager

In my opinion option 3 would work best, but without "letting the internal customer be present at the negotiations". Once...

  Sven Nyberg, Sweden

We Need Less Purchasers

Purchasing is too important to be left in the hands of purchasing managers. Why? Because purchasing management rarely ad...

Student (University)

An Integrated Cross Functional Purchasing Team

In my personal opinion based on past experiences in both the public and private procurement arena option 3 works best wh...

  Michael Ameye
Coach, Belgium

It All Depends;-)

In my opinion, it all depends on the company culture, maturity and structure. I propose a link between the style and a ...

  Belkis Monks
Manager, Venezuela

Purchasing in a Restricted Market

Hi, interesting topic, the structure must be flexible, especially in countries where the access to products and legal re...

Student (MBA), Saudi Arabia

Strategic Buying

Nowadays most purchase manager move to STRATEGIC BUYING where they take the requirements from plant concerns and call th...

  Roger Vargas
Entrepreneur, Costa Rica

It Depends on the Urgency and Importance of the Items

The starting point should depend on the urgency and strategic importance of the project for the internal customer and th...

  Nestor Asto
Business Consultant, Peru

It Depends on the Systemic Role of the Items Purchased

Different products have different impacts in the operation of the company. This difference comes not only from the NATUR...

  Nomi Hattingh

How the Tender Develops

@Koen Vandermarliere: - For complex or large IT Projects’ procurement: research is done during business case developmen...

  Ajay kapoor, India

Collaboration Style of Procurement Manager

It is a triangular polygon where on one end we have Suppliers, in another corner we have Internal stakeholders/user func...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Use of Semantic Web Technology for Procurement

With the advent of semantic web technology it can be possible to have rules embedded in the software agents and based on...

  Koen Vandermarliere
Business Consultant, Belgium

Use of Technology

@Srinivas: Hi Srinvas, interesting thinking, however isn't this a lot of time and effort and I'm worrying about the reus...

  Nestor Asto
Business Consultant, Peru

The Level of the Expected Result

Many times we discuss about a good purchase without even having defined what we mean with that. Let me explain the idea ...

  Koen Vandermarliere
Business Consultant, Belgium

The Level of Expected Result

@Nestor Asto: I follow you Nestor, and I believe that setting the requirements right is indeed very important. You need ...

  Nestor Asto
Business Consultant, Peru

The Level of the Expected Result

@Koen Vandermarliere: Exactly! And if two or more offers have unexpected features, which the purchaser and the internal ...

Teacher, Indonesia

Conditions and Requirements for any Kind of Collaboration

There are some of conditions and requirement for collaboration effectively in any field, 1. Collaborative governance 2...


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