Expansion (Change) in Business Focus

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Expansion (Change) in Business Focus
Willy, China
Our company is undergoing a major change. We are expanding in a very fast pace and it is a great change! Due to expansion, we have recruited a lot of talented and good people who have the drive, passion for growth/change. The big issue is however that the old guards do not see eye to eye with the new guards which lead to lots of conflicts.
Basically, the old guards are resisting the change (from a hierarchical organizational structure to a matrix, in ways of working, etc.) due to all 4 of the reasons stated above!
The above 6 change approaches to deal with change resistance are very well written though it is easily said than done! This is especially so when we do not even have crystal clear roles, responsibilities and power! Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere, and I will start using the above 6 change approaches to create the change...

Change to Matrix Structure
Juergen Peterke, Management Consultant, Germany
Besides the change management approach there might be another important aspect: to move into a matrix needs attention to make the specifics of the matrix understood by everyone, top management included. Itīs a crucial factor, as it means change in roles, tasks, responsibilities of management and normally needs fundamental cultural change as well.

Use the socio-dynamic approach
Espana, France
When leading change, you need to appraise who in the field is able to support the project and in what conditions ? We successfully use the socio-dynamic approach described in the book the "Lateral Project Strategy".



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