Disadvantages of the Kotter Change Theory

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van der mije

Disadvantages of the Kotter Change Theory

I would like to know If someone thinks there are disadvantages to using the Kotter Change Phases theory?

  David Coates
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Disadvantages of Kotter's Change Phases Theory

Having used Kotter for many years, with a good rate of success, the only thing I can say is that the process is good and logical which might give you a tendency to rely on it too much. I always need to pinch myself at some stage in the process and remember there are resisters out there who might say they 'get it' but either don't, or don't want to and can be explicit or implicit in frustrating what otherwise is accepted as a good plan of action.
In short, always look out for de-railers - even if all else says we are 'green for go'.

  Graham Cowle
Strategy Consultant, New Zealand

Disadvantage of Using the Kotter Change Sequence

First of all I have to say that I like Kotter's model. Thinking about disadvantages is the flip side the the advantages, I suppose: not doing the steps in order or leaving one out will mean the change will not work.
If the model is followed it could take a long time, and a business might not have that time. Also while going through each of the eight steps, if one is not worked through properly the 'resistance' to the change will beat the change program. Just some thoughts.

Accountant, Australia

Caution: Kotters Change Sequence

My only caution with Kotter's sequence is that I h (...)

  David Coates
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Kotter Change Stages - Caution 1

@Victor L. : I hear your caution and offer a few t (...)

  David Coates
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Kotter Change Stages - Caution 2

Yet the need for all this is preceded by the sense (...)

  Stephen Rafferty

Kotter Model Disadvantages (Cautions)

The key disadvantage for me is that the Kotter mod (...)

  David Coates
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Careful with Linearity over Sequence

Revisiting is fine and of course often necessary. (...)

  Steven Locke
Strategy Consultant

Kotter Disadvantages

Kotter's model is an excellent and proven change p (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Top - Down versus Cyclical Approach

Kotter is a top-down model. It is typically viewed (...)

  Sylvia Grant
Consultant, Australia

Kotter's 8-Step Change Framework

@David Coates: Kotter's 8-Step is an excellent fra (...)

United Kingdom

Mixing ADKAR and Kotter

@Sylvia Grant: I found your suggestion to blend Ko (...)

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