Can a Blue Ocean Eventually Turn Into a Red Ocean?

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B. Sai sastha
Consultant, India

Can a Blue Ocean Eventually Turn Into a Red Ocean?

When a company creates a blue ocean by foreseeing an opportunity, there is always a chance of other companies entering the same segment by sensing the opportunity already created. Thus, can we say that a BOS eventually changes into a ROS?


Student (MBA), India


Exactly, a company tries to create an opportunity for itself, but competitors also watch the strategies of their rivals and this creates opportunities for them also. Main point is the company started first, then others follow.

Hisham Albuolayan
Analyst, Saudi Arabia

Blue to Red

Yes, if you did not protect your Blue Ocean by some ways of patent or know-how.

CJ Villegas
Investor, Philippines

Blue Ocean Turning into a Red Ocean

I believe that Blue Ocean is a strategy, and therefore, businesses should try to protect their blue ocean in order to keep uncontested regions - just like what Microsoft did.
When a business looses its uniqueness and USP then indeed it's blue ocean turns to red.

Consultant, India

Coping with Competition

After a while, the Blue Ocean becomes red by entry of competition which is inevitable. However by be... Sign up

Consultant, India

BOS Monopolies

If a blue ocean survives longer without turning into a red ocean, only the limited interests of the ... Sign up

joan lawla, Jamaica

BOS, Then ROS. Inevitable?

I think both are part of a process of strategy - every company would be happy to be in a blue ocean ... Sign up

revina ama, Ghana

ROS Creates BOS

In a world where there is competition, there are lots of innovations. Innovations to bring better pr... Sign up

Jacqui Baumgardt
Manager, South Africa


There are sharks even in blue water. Maybe more visible but they're there nevertheless. So perhaps t... Sign up


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