Six Paths to Moving from Red to Blue Ocean

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Six Paths to Moving from Red to Blue Ocean
Jose Rosa Suarez, Student (Other), United States, Member
I am seeking feedback on my class project. I am trying to move a red ocean company to a Blue Ocean company. I am working with the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in the fish and seafood industry. The fish market will need to follow the six path strategy to:
1. Look across alternate industries
2. Look across strategic groups within the industry
3. Look across chain of buyers
4. Look across complementary products and services offerings
5. Look across functional or emotional appeal to buyers
6. Look across time
I think the fish market should look to the trend of buyers caring about the environment and sustainability. By only selling sustainable fish, the fish market will be environmentally friendly. This could open up a larger customer base. It will make it easy for individual and commercial buyers who care about the environment to order because they will know items sold are sustainable. It provides the convenience of shopping for seafood without the risk of purchasing something that was possibly illegally harvested.

Blue Ocean Questions
Feras Al Tarifi
I do agree with the six path strategy. It applies for different industries, but always the question is: how easy can you find this blue ocean? That place where no competition exists. Also - if you find it - is it worthy to sail there, how can you avoid being stuck there when there's no space for future expansion?
If these questions were answered smartly and a clear road map with different interchangeable alternatives were put then I think sailing in blue oceans will be like a picnic...

Non-Customer Involvement in 6 Paths Analysis
Doets, Entrepreneur, Netherlands, Member
Jose, the Six Paths analysis will help you find the desired Blue Ocean value proposition. Of course it's good to have some ideas upfront, like caring about the environment and sustainability.
However my experience in Blue Ocean workshops shows that for all you should let the 'non-customers' speak out their latent and manifest needs. Let them surprise you! They might come up with a fundamentally new product-category. Also they might come up with arguments backing up your initial thoughts around sustainability, that deepen your thoughts and potentially might help create a 'sustainable blue ocean' :).
Be clear in using 6-path to thoroughly prepare the customer-interviews. Open up the opportunity for them to be detailed and concrete through asking the right questions.

Creatividad e Innovación
Delfor Ibarra, HR Consultant, Argentina, Member
@Doets: Entiendo que sólo podemos acceder a la innovación mediante una indagación del pensamiento del extraño al negocio. El turista no está contaminado por las ideas del nativo y tiene el alcance natural para distinguir no sólo los problemas que conocemos, sino, aquellas cosas que faltan y que serían aplaudidas por un mercado todavía no excitado en caso de desarrollarlas. Las necesidades no explícitas son tan difíciles de ubicar tanto como las opiniones del otro respecto de nosotros. Para obtener dicha retroalimentación, debemos asimismo, abrir el área oculta de nuestras inquietudes para así estimular la contribución buscada.
I agree that we can only access innovation through an investigation of the thoughts of people that are strangers to the business. The tourist is not contaminated by the ideas of natives and has the natural power to distinguish not only the problems that we know, but also the things we are missing and would be applauded by a market should we develop them.
Non-explicit requirements are so difficult to locate unless we respect other people's opinions. For this feedback, we need to open the hidden area of our concerns in order to stimulate the desired contribution.

Special Interest Group Leader
Andrew Nelson

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