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Uditha Liyanage, Sri Lanka

A BOS is Creating a New Mental Category

Blue ocean strategies are basically about creating a new mental category or a frame of reference. For example, Red Bull created a new category called "energy drinks" within the existing "beverage" category. Hence, Blue Ocean strategies are played out in the minds of consumers rather than in physical markets.

  Aaron Phiri
Manager, South Africa

Entrepreneurial Traits Needed

Its clear from the description of the blue market strategy that entrepreneurial traits such as innovation must be at the heart of the strategy.

  Min Prasad Budhathoki
Project Manager, Nepal

Creating a New Dimension in Mind of Entrepreneurs

Hello all, I think the Blue Ocean strategy helps to create new dimension in mind of entrepreneurs. Human nature is very versatile and always wants a new taste. In such a competitive world it is wise to adopt Blue Ocean strategy rather then a red ocean strategy. Of course, there should not be any type of discomfort or deception in the name of new changes.

  Cengiz Pak
Strategy Consultant, Turkey

How to Find a Blue Ocean

I suggest the Kano model, for those looking for a way of creating a strategy like blue ocean. For every strategical move...

  mohamed, Kenya

Customer Satisfaction is Most important

Whichever strategy to be undertaken - whether Red or Blue Ocean - the vital point is: satisfaction of customers in relat...

  carlos calderon
Director, Colombia

Change in Mind of Customers?

That idea is not clear for me, should the process involve a change in the top of mind of customers? How do you now that ...

  Jonathan Narducci, United States

No Guarantee that a Blue Ocean Strategy will Work

There is never a guarantee that a plan, initiative or strategy will work. The best you can do when you build one to diff...

  Jean-Philippe THOME
CEO, France

Blue Ocean Strategies create new Values and Visions

I like Blue Ocean strategy very much, because it's clever and based on a constructive and positive way of thinking, tota...

  Ravi Unni
Manager, Qatar

Successfully Crystallising the Idea Will Expand the Red Ocean..

The imagery is perfect - red denoting bloodshed to capture market; blue to indicate untapped vast unchartered waters. W...

  Eddie Baker
Student (MBA), United States

Blue Ocean Strategy is Enterpreneurial

Blue ocean strategy reflects separation of wheat from chaff, is truly enterpreneurial; and is the root of all things--be...

  durgaaprosad, India

BOS Dependencies

The success of creating the new market will depend on the innovative ideas translated into action by the CEO of the orga...

  Robert Masters
United States

Never Turn your Back on the Ocean

The supporting material to this thread uses eBay as an example of successful Blue Ocean thinking. While I think eBay was...

  B Subba Rao
HR Team Member, India

WHO can Create a New Mental Category

Entrepreneurs are interested in doing business in proven services/products. They should explore avenues for new innovati...

  C. S. Vijendra Rao, India

Consider Markets as our Family

We need to look at all markets as a extension of our own family. The needs are different, earnings are limited and there...

Manager, India

Combine Blue + Red Ocean Strategies

Organisations can approach both the strategies. The revenues from red ocean can be invested in Blue Ocean strategy. This...

  Sanjeev Chugh
Teacher, India

Strategizing Using Human Values

Everlasting success is a path which will be achieved only when one seeks answers to basic questions such as, am I thinki...

CEO, India

Blue Ocean Strategy Requires Paradigm Shift

This is interesting. To move from red to blue, you are actually talking about a paradigm shift. Even in this situation i...

  Swati Misra
Management Consultant, India

BOS is Similar to Disruptive Innovation

Blue Ocean strategy is not a new concept. It is also known as disruptive innovation in the technical world. Recall what...

  Reginald Mathe Mazibuko
Director, South Africa

Technical Mastery Needed

I think Blue Ocean strategy needs to be carefully implemented as company can lose focus on its core competency (doing th...

  Sanjay Verma
Business, Kenya

@Robert Masters

I completely agree with the comment. The Blue Ocean strategy seems like a long definition of entrepreneurship. Existence...

  vinit burdak

Expanding Existing Horizon

Creating new market out of the existing market can be done by by expanding the horizon of existing boundaries. For exam...

  Charles Peter
CEO, Kenya

BOS Aims at First Mover Advantage

I strongly feel that the concept advocated by the Blue Ocean strategy is not any different from business innovation. It...

  pradeep deo
Strategy Consultant, India

Blue Ocean Strategy Similar to Differentiation Strategy

I do not find much diffference between Blue Ocean strategy and a differentiation strategy....

  Elena Palkina
Manager, Russian Federation

Creating a New Mental Category

In my opinion, when a manager is constantly thinking about future, making long-term plans, he understands that he will n...

  Sudipto Mahindar

Blue Ocean Thought Space

- Finding a new product - Defining a new market segment - Identifying a new customer need can be thought space the Bl...

  Elena Palkina
Manager, Russian Federation

Connecting BOS to Boston Matrix

I think Red Ocean strategy includes such directions from the BCG matrix as: Cash Cows and Dogs; and the Blue Ocean strat...


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