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Blue Ocean Strategic Sequencing on Disney
For school, I have to devise a blue ocean strategy for a specific business and industry (and post it in a user group such as this one_- I also need your responses to work with, lol:)
I chose to use the amusement park industry, focusing on Disney. My strategy involves finding the commonalities of my non customers (the three tiers spoke of in the book). I am going to focus on those who may choose camping as an alternative activity-but have, on occasion, visited the park; those who may have considered Disney but opted not to come because they hate long lines, crowds, etc.; and those who don't even consider Disney because they don't think Disney has what they want (such as a camper--who thinks of going camping at Disney?).
I have to map out the stages of buyer experience and the utility levers at each stage, trying to find an area that needs improvement-because that is where one should find blue ocean. Any comments?

Thank You
Fernando Mendes Silva
I'm doing a MBA and this is very helpful, for a paper that I doing in Strategic Analysis. Every piece of information on this subject is important for me... Thank you

Blue Ocean
Eugene Martinez
It's not only creating demand and new opportunities and somehow cushioning the effects of head on competition. It's all about asymmetry - where creating unexpected turns and orientation against your rival. We shape and create opportunities to employ our strength by creating the condition for decisive maneuver. It's fighting smart where you are sure to use your strength by creating that condition for success.

BOS on Disney
Colin Downey, Category Manager, New Zealand, Member
With a Blue Ocean strategy you may find that disney has only cast their net in shallow water. As a destination for overseas travellors coming into the USA Disney has become less of an attraction and has not had the market focus of other destinations within the USA.

Saleem Ullah, Product Realisation, MD, United Kingdom, Member
I believe to create a Blue Ocean Strategy is the way to be ahead of the game. I'm currently trying to introduce Lean Software Outsourcing in my company ( therefore making the use of Outsourcing and Lean Principles and Software in one.

Strategy of Successive Blue and Red Waves
Mahmoud Al-Fayyad, Career Consultant, Jordan, Member
We may imagine overall strategy as a movement of successive blue and red waves. The entrepreneur will face competition later or sooner. He/she should strive to defend his/her leadership position and BOS. An alternative ROS could be adopted when another competitor defeats him/her. Competitors watch eachother closely. Interior BOS outcomes will be launched and disclosed. These matters are governed by environmental factors.

Camping at Disney
Tia Derr, Student (University), United States, Member
Katherine, what a fun R&D to undertake. My husband and I recently bought a 5th wheel and aim to travel. However, I'm guessing Disney, CA doesn't offer any camping grounds, only expensive hotels. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'd be more apt to go if Disney would accommodate the campers within close prox to the entrance. I would surely take the kids, and most likely stay longer. Go for it!

Blue Ocean Strategy on Disney
Sandip Pandya
I appreciate your suggestions to map out stages of buyers’ experience to find out the needs of improvement. Often sellers stamp the time zone on the ticket to arrive on time to avoid standing in a long queue. Seller can combine the rides in a single ticket to displace the waiting time for the later show. I would offer eatables, access to computer game kiosks, open air theatre drama, and so forth, in a common ticket (paid one time in common entrance ticket).
Disney as amusement-park is already in the distinct market position not to face a threat of going in to red ocean. However, within the industry itself, the alternative suggestions given above to Disney in your response can be integrated to reach a new elevated position in the amusement park industry. There are camping facilities available just outside the park.

Special Interest Group Leader
Andrew Nelson

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