How to Avoid Imitation of Blue Ocean Strategy?

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How to Avoid Imitation of Blue Ocean Strategy?
After creating a new market/industry, how can competitors be restricted to imitate the same. Is a complete overlook by the competition possible ?

Protecting a Blue Ocean
A similar discussion is also relevant with Core Competences and the Resource-based View. How do you avoid copying / imitation?

Avoiding Imitation of Blue Ocean
That is something called your "TM". One basically cannot stop people from imitating, but one can still work in BOS finding the UNIQUE space and till someone imitates you, you are the leader.
There are some legal options that do not allow imitating of some products for so many years. I think that is much possible with all R&D Products.

Competition is Good
Samir Randive, Manager, Australia, Member
Referring to your question, Jalpa: No matter what you create or where you do business, competition is the most important factor to succeed. Can you imagine playing a game without anybody in the field. To win the game you have to beat somebody. Competition always brings out best of the business. Without competition, any business will become complacent and eventually over a period loses its competitive strength. Also for the customers to notice the products, competition is important.

BOS Makes Competition Irrelevant
Sandip Pandya
Blue Ocean strategy is to make the competition irrelevant, not unnecessary. Rather than pursuing to compete on the competitive advantage in the matured market, the innovation can help make the product distinct and make the product irrelevant from the view point of competition. Apple's products, the iPad, is a good example to follow the Blue Ocean strategy.

Replication of BOS Ideas
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
If you are thorough in using the BOS process, you can make it very hard for competitors to replicate your new BOS products, services or markets - or at least make it hard for them to do it quickly.
The solution is in some of the BOS principles and frameworks:
- If your Value, Profit and People propositions are fully aligned, replication is harder. If they are not well aligned your strategy is likely to fail, if for no other reason than rapid replication.
- Also, those ideas that demonstrate innovations across all of the Six Paths are much harder to replicate.
So the lessons are, don't stop innovating just because you've looked across one of the six paths, and remember that your six path innovations should not be limited to customer value, but should extend into profit (business model) and people (people engagement).

Special Interest Group Leader
Andrew Nelson

Blue Ocean Strategy
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Blue Ocean Strategy
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