Visionary Leadership and Blue Ocean Strategy

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Visionary Leadership and Blue Ocean Strategy
Sharad Donga
I think Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) success merely depends on the leadership of the leader and how visionary the leader is, and how far ahead the business is seen/predicted.

The process of achieving the strategic vision will generate and execute the blue ocean strategy involuntary.

I think it is all about being visionary and setting the vision changing the world.

BOS and leadership
Yes I do agree partly, if leader namely CEO is not able to foresee the business and correctly launch the vision then it automatically di...

Leadership and BOS
I completely agree, since often we experience that in the end only leaders or their voice builds the consensus. And this entire process as well...

BOC Strategy Visionary Leadership
Bernadette, Sales, Kenya, Member
It is quite true that for a BOC strategy to be used a leader has to have a vision. This kind of strategy is used by very innovative people/lead...

Vision of Leadership versus Blue Ocean Steps
Doets, Entrepreneur, Netherlands, Member
Sharad, the quality of leadership is always important. On the other hand, the great thing of Blue Ocean methodology is in the fact that successful ...

BOS and Creativity: People Matter
Max Pindo, Manager, France, Member
I'm always skeptical about methodologies; if they are so good and easy, everybody would be successful just buying a book and following the reci...

Ideas are Cheap
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
I have seen many cases where there is lots of vision but no execution. You need both in good measures. Ideas and vision are easy to come by. It...

Execution and Implementation
Hareb Suroor, Management Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
Yes. I share Andrew's opinion that "ideas and vision are easy to come by". What we have to worry about is the implementation part, which seems...

Examining Various Visions and Blue Ocean Strategy
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
I hate to be the contrarian, but I don't agree with Ms. Donga's conclusion. When you consider that 86% of new start ups are red ocean businesses - mer...

BOS is a Means to Improve One's Marketing Strategy
Alan Kennedy
I agree with Mr. Garrison that just having a vision is not sufficient and with M. Pindo on being skeptical about methodologies, such as BOS. I think B...

BOS is Simply About Being Unique
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
@Alan Kennedy: great points. I think the issue some people have with Blue Oceans is that they make things too compl...

Leaders should not be Visionary Dreamers Only
Stephen Nzita, PhD, Professor, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Member
Ideas and dreams must precede good realisations.
But isn't leadership the ability to do things through other people (teams)? I guess team buil...

Proceeding Beyond Rhetoric!
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
If there is no vision there is no strategy and there is no leader – then all else is mere rhetoric.
To get to talking about oceans of colors can ...

BOS is a Different Kind of Vision
Arunas Beksta, management consultant and trainer, Lithuania, Member
I also agree with Mr. Garrison and Mr. Kennedy that vision is not sufficient. The problem is that our way of thinking about business strategies is imp...

BOS & Visionary Leadership
Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran, Member
This is true: leadership is a function of how deep you can look into matters involved in your ability and capability of understanding the external env...

Vision is Just a Guess About the Future: Agility is also Important
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
Let's be honest: nobody - even the most charismatic leader - can predict the future. There are more and there are less reasonable assumptions about fu...

Visionary Leadership and BOS
Warren Miller, CFA, CPA, United States, Member
@Sharad: Good luck with that... But I doubt that all of the luck in the world can help do whatever it is you think should be done. BOS has some excell...

The Unique Mouse Trap
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
I suspect this paradigm has greater resonance with sailors. The source of vision is primal, not of logic, per se, and those who are passionate about o...

Visionary Leader and Blue Ocean
Yegoyant Thermilus, Student (MBA), United States, Member
Both are important. To change the world one must have a vision. Without vision it is hard to provide leadership....

Different Kind of Vision
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Entrepreneur, Portugal, Member
Vision is the glue of times. BOS goals differentiate main stream companies, grounded on old market ideas and efficiency, from future-oriented ones, an...

Visionary Leadership and BOS
dharam gokhool, Teacher, Mauritius, Member
My reading is: in a world of growing complexity, uncertainty and confusion, BOS is an invitation for visionary leaders to dare take the road less trav...

Leadership and BOS
tokunbo odusanya, CEO, Nigeria, Member
Every leader with vision has acquired the authority to break events by executing a strategy, wriggling through challenges. Even when he is lacking the...

Leadership - Vision - Culture and More
Jaro, Professor, Slovenia, Member
I agree with all those that "vision" is not enough and methodologies that are unilateral cannot answer the key questions. Just look on TQM, Lean, 6-Si...

How to Implement the BOS Vision?
Olaf de Hemmer, Business Consultant, France, Member
BOS surely is revolutionizing strategic thinking by helping us 'think out-of-the-competition-box' towards unmet clients needs!
Vision is a must. ...

Other Qualities for Success in BOS Leadership
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Besides being visionary, what OTHER qualities are typically needed for a person to be a successful BOS leader? Why?...

Visionary Leadership
tokunbo odusanya, CEO, Nigeria, Member
Everybody seems to have a dream, we all do, but the problem is the WILL.
A vision is just a dream, but with a mission accomplishment becomes poss...

'Strategy Without Execution is Hallucination!' (Source: Unknown)
Conroy Fourie, Coach, South Africa, Member
While visioning and strategizing are important I find it difficult to understand how "The process of achieving the strategic vision will generate and ...

The Onslaught, the Storm
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Hi Everyone!
A thought even with the best of intent, is a mere thought. And beyond being a thought it has no meaning. Meaning comes only when it ...

The Disconnect between Formulation and Execution of Strategy
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
@Conroy Fourie: your point is well taken that without execution you have nothing. In fact, a poor strategy executed...

Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy Requires Increasing R&D Budget
GHESSASSI, Student (University), Morocco, Member
Indeed, vision is required to adopt BOS, but it will be better if the staff is let aware about the magnitude and the stakes of the changing in order t...

Implementing BOS
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Mr. Ghessassi - unless I misunderstand your comments it appears you make a one of the fatal flaws about strategy - namely focusing the effort on the c...

Organization Design and the Customer
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@Ted Garrison: Ted, you are exactly correct: the customer is the reason why the company exists.
In the field o...

Visionary Leadership and BOS
Dumisani, Manager, South Africa, Member
As a leader you need to do the talk and still be able to dance for your own music, meaning: whatever you envision, you must be able to lead your team ...

Which Comes First: Leadership or Blue Ocean Strategy?
Alan Kennedy
I think Mr. Donga has generated a wonderful discussion. There seem to be two lines of thought.
- One line is that concepts, such as Blue Ocean, a...

Leadership and Blue Ocean Strategy
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Mr. Kennedy you raised some interesting issues. Leadership and BOS are two different things. It is actually old school to believe it's the leader's re...

The Vision and the Leader are One
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@Alan Kennedy: It is absolute doctrine of the US Army that leadership can be acquired through role play. I am not a...

Aspiration Comes First Before Strategy and Execution
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
I think aspiration comes first before the strategy and execution of strategy takes place. The quality of the strategy and execution depends on how str...

Aspiration - Isn't the Solution
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Mr. Srinivas - While aspiration is certainly important - if one has no desire to succeed or ambition one tends to not do anything worthwhile. But aspi...

Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy
Alan Kennedy
Thank you, @Tom Wilson. Every military person I have had the privilege to work with or teach over the years has hel...

The Beginning, Initial Success and Sustainability of a Blue Ocean Strategy
Jun Aspacio, Director, Philippines, Member
Yes indeed the beginning and success of BOS greatly depends on the vision of the leaders.
However, its sustainability will depend o...

Authentic Leadership and Blue Ocean Strategy
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Entrepreneur, Portugal, Member
In Blue Ocean Strategies (BOS) development I prefer authentic leadership more than visionary...

BOS and Leadership
asada raymond, Accountant, Nigeria, Member
@Tokunbo Odusanya: A vision may be a road map for the actualization of goals, an essential ingredient, but should b...

Passion Sets the Vision
Damodaram Kuppuswami, Consultant, India, Member
While I agree that ability to foresee the future is critical for envisioning, the passion for the cause is the corner stone that brings meaning, stren...

Advantage of BOS being a Methodology
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
@Max Pindo: Max - what you describe (in your last sentence) is a methodology. I agree Blue Ocean is also a methodol...


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