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Filtering Blue Ocean Ideas: Strategic Overlays
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
When developing Blue Ocean Strategies with organisations we find that some of the Blue Ocean ideas generated, while great ideas, do not fit with where the organisation is prepared to go.
For example, due to its exploration of non-customer insights, a bank might identify a great blue ocean opportunity in an otherwise unrelated business services sector (while exploring industry boundaries). But the Board and Management might decide it is not an area they wish to expand into or pursue due to limited resources or other constraints.
So we try to have clients establish a broad set of what we term "BOS Strategic Overlays" - typically seven to ten broad directional overlays that help the BOS team filter out ideas that might not otherwise make the grade. It becomes a larger part of our litmus testing of ideas.
So far we have not felt constrained by these overlays, and in fact they sometimes assist to identify potential rish veins of non-customers, although sometimes the ov...Sign up

Blue Ocean Ideas That do not Fit an Organization
Mario Castaneda, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
Andrew, I like your model of "Strategic Overlays."
In my case, I recently worked with a client in the defense industry where some Blue Ocean-gene...Sign up

Business Matching Opportunities
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
@Mario Castaneda: Mario - that's a great story! As an interesting aside, I've also had some discussions with client...Sign up

Overlays for Blue Ocean Strategy
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
Andrew's concern is somewhat unfounded, merely for the reason, that any BOS is subject to the condition of either entirely competition-free markets or...Sign up

Castaneda´s Participation
Gerardo Arroyo Jimenez, Consultant, Mexico, Member
@Mario Castaneda: That's a great idea in order to retain not only employees, but also you retain ideas that other c...Sign up

BOS Strategic Overlays
Darenda Downing
Indeed I have to agree that using overlays, theoretically, may be counterproductive to developing BOS in the purest sense. But what good would it do a...Sign up

Competition Irrelevant to Overlays
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Just responding to Dr K and D Downing - as Darenda says, putting purely theoretical considerations aside, when working with teams we often find them g...Sign up

Mere Idea Generation by itself is not a Sufficient Cause to Adopt BOS
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
Allow me here to interlink the BOS with idea generation. Before any strategy is put to implementation, it is necessary, that a lot of id...Sign up

Strategic Filters by Any Other Name
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Dr K, I think we are in agreement on process and concept but maybe disagree on terminology.
As you say, appraising initial BOS ideas using your l...Sign up

Organizational Criteria for BOS Strategy
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
Andrew, thanks for initiating an interesting discussion on BOS. Pragmatic evaluation of ideas by SWOT, and in-depth evaluation of the filtered ones by...Sign up

Confused About Terminology
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Dr K, I am a little confused. All these evaluations you mention must have criteria set by the organisation, and as you say they have to be aligned to ...Sign up

Blue Ocean Strategy Assumes no Boundaries
TAUQEER AHMED MUGHAL, Manager, Pakistan, Member
Blue Ocean Strategy, on the other hand is based on the views that market boundaries and industry structure are not given and can be reconstructed by t...Sign up

Strategic Overlays in BOS
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
The very definition of overlays in management jargon means, managing or trying to avoid the inefficiencies by harmonization process in the system. Thi...Sign up

There is a Case for Filtering Blue Ocean Strategy
Mohd Norfaizin Bin Hj. Md Salleh AFA (UK), Director, Malaysia, Member
Whilst applying Blue Ocean Strategy, more often than not organisations tend to get over excited for applying the so called "NEW" strategy and spend va...Sign up

Blue Oceans are Hard to Find
Uditha Liyanage, Senior Lecturer, Sri Lanka, Member
It must be noted that what is commonplace and typical are red ocean strategies. BO strategies call for sensing uncontested market space. And that is h...Sign up

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Andrew Nelson

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