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Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

Purple Ocean Strategy

If there are shallow, boiling, highly competitive, bloody RED oceans, and there are deep, calm, clear BLUE oceans of untapped opportunity, are there also "PURPLE" - less competitive - oceans in between?
And do you always have to make your way through purple oceans to get to red ones? Or can you leap straight from red to blue, and back?
Your opinions please...

  Fabiyi Olawale
ICT Consultant, Nigeria

The Possibility of Purple Ocean Strategies

Is there such a thing as a purple ocean strategy? Talking about purple, first and foremost we need to understand that BOS is all about creating value for both the firm and customer.
- Value for customers could be lower price, quality and the likes.
- Value for the firm comes in form of profits and overall reduction in business process cost.
If we have a purple strategy as you described, then proponents of blue ocean cannot come into play as blue ocean is about an uncontested marketspace and purple means a bit of competition. It is noteworthy that in BOS, we do not benchmark competitors and the only way to swim directly from red to blue oceans is via innovation. Not just any kind of innovation, but innovation for the now.
Furthermore every blue ocean becomes red over time, because when other firms see an innovative product or any product doing very well, they'll want a piece of the cake. So the blue ocean of uncontested market space becomes bloody red ocean.
Finally ROS is about SURVIVING in the market while BOS is about THRIVING there.

Manager, India

Strategic Markets are Placed in a Continuum

Andrew. Thanks for the insight. I believe that the classifications of markets we talk about are basically in a continuum...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Oceans of Many Colours and Sizes too

Again, the scenery is being muddied by over complication. With the development of a rainbow of coloured oceans, we will ...

  Khalil Ahmed Arbi
Consultant, Pakistan

ROS and BOS are Metaphors for Strategy Types

The name of any strategy on the name of a color is actually a management metaphor for an action plan and implementation ...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Purple Ocean Sillyness

@Khalil Ahmed Arbi: Exactly. BOS & ROS are metaphors. That doesn't make for a metaphor in between them. There is no need...

  Thamsanqa Zembe
Manager, South Africa

Integrated Business Strategy

To be quite honest it must be the first time I hear about POS and its quite interesting how you guys are interpreting an...

  Hussein ElBehery
Business Consultant, Egypt

POS in Practice

I see it as a quite practical approach for developing a company's strategy. In my experience, more than 25 years in the ...

  Joan Pedrol
Consultant, Spain

Metaphors About ROS and BOS

I totally agree with @Khalil Ahmed Arbi. I do not think that it's is working to create a new metaphor to add to the ROS ...

  rafael angel calvo arguedas
Business Consultant

Other Strategy Colours

To relate business dynamics with certain colors is relative. I would personally choose other colors. For example: In the...

Consultant, Russian Federation

Deep Purple Strategy :)

It is a vivid visual metaphor which seems to be close to poetry, but actually it turns to be rather prosaic. Surely ther...

  Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

Competiton is not Black and White (Red and Blue)

Thank you all for your comments. My purpose was not to create a new "purple ocean strategy" but to gather views. My ow...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Strategies of Many Colours

Further to my offering above I wish to make the following points: 1. Businesses operates in a constantly changing envir...

  Mihai Ionescu
Business Consultant, Romania

No Pure Blue or Red Oceans Exist

In reality, there is no pure Red Ocean or pure Blue Ocean. In each Red Ocean, there is product innovation that reduces t...

Management Consultant, Netherlands

Purple Ocean Strategy

Fully agree: The whole idea of BOS is creating value with new uncontested market approaches, services, products. And ye...

  Hussein ElBehery
Business Consultant, Egypt

Competition is not Black & White (Red & Blue)

@Andrew Nelson: Thanks for your comments. I fully agree that you might start with ROS which could be followed by BOS. T...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Competition Takes Place in a Continuous Spectrum

Strategy isn't about ROC or BOC - they are merely a metaphor for a highly competitive marketplace and a place without co...

  S.Karthi, Brunei Darussalam

Market Based Strategies

A marketplace is where buyers and sellers meet. Demand and supply usually determines the business strategies contributin...

  Goran Flodin, Sweden

Purple Ocean Strategy

I don't think that purple ocean strategy would add any value to this subject. Why discover something in between the blue...

  Ben Smith
Manager, United Kingdom

Keep Aiming for BOS

If BOS is aiming for the optimum value position, then POS has no place in setting strategy as it suggests a half-hearted...

  Dr. Luis De La Cruz
Professor, United States

Blue, Red and Relevant

Some authors argue that discussions about strategy by default engage any form of competitive missions geared to build ad...

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

The Possibility of Purple Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean is opposed to the Red Ocean of competition in well established markets where optimization and distinction...

  Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

Fatally Flawed Blue Ocean Strategy?

@Andrew Blaine: Andrew I am very interested to hear more about why you think Blue Ocean Strategy is a fatally flawed st...

  Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

But Isn't Going Purple Better Than Staying Red?

@Goran Flodin: my point here is that some businesses don't seem to quite find the blue ocean, but they will still be be...

  Steen Sloth, Denmark

No Use for Purple Ocean Strategy

@Goran Flodin: I agree here. BOS and ROS are better understood in their pure form, and if a BOS company is succesful, it...

  Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

Perfect Red and Perfect Blue Oceans

I think many people here miss the point. It is not that one would purposefully set out to create a "purple" strategy. B...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

In Reality there are no Red and Blue Oceans - Only Purple Ones

At 12manage we're learning, discussing and applying strategic models that are simplifications of a complex reality. We d...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Red and Blue - It's Sound Like a Fight

@ Andrew - right on! I don't think anyone tries to create a ROS on purpose, but many fall into it because they don't und...

Manager, Pakistan

Purple is a Junction between the Red and Blue

I agree with Andrew that we can grasp the opportunities in red oceans through using the junction of purple ocean strateg...

  antonio gonzalez
Professor, United States

Avoid Moving from Blue to Red

@Mihai Ionescu: Agree with your logic, blue eventually becomes red. It is the goal of a good strategy to remain 'as blue...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Using ROS for Competitive Advantage

@Antonio gonzalez: I feel that it is unwise to eliminate ROS alltogether, simply because it exists. There are a number o...

  Farooq Omar
Business Consultant, Pakistan

Purple Ocean, Shades/Degrees of Competitive Pressures

I have been doing a lot of work and am a fan of BOS related concepts. Worked and shared and learn't a lot from people li...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Blue Ocean Monopolies

@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): The closest one can come to finding a blue ocean is in the case of a monopolistic business. Th...


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