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Amen, kang
Analyst, United States

Blue Ocean Strategy of Google

First it was IBM, then Microsoft and now Google. How Google made it to the top ? Adopting BOS ?
Google is a wonderful company revolutionizing information technology. The success of the networking company relies on Google's adoption of Blue Ocean Strategy. A BOS strategy follows 4 steps in the sequence of buyer utility, price, cost, and adoption:
Buyer Utility: Google Company followed those steps and made the buyer utility the major tool to attract new customers. The buyer utility enclose the fastest and best quality searching engine and the Gmail with unlimited free services. The search alone catapulted the company at the begging because it is what customer wants. Google Maps with searching direction coupled with the GPS services is also the best customer can get online. The GPS service is amazing and provides a live feed of traffic and weather report! Google News and YouTube coupled with Google Docs and many other applications such as “Android” software for cell phone are dazzling with better performance. The buyer utility list is long and is growing every year.
Pricing. Most of Google products are free and this is killing the competition of other companies. The “free” services are making the competition irrelevant. Many companies are following the same path because it is hard to compete against free services. From Adobe to Mozilla via Banking or Pharmaceutical companies, they are all offering free services. The power of “free” services is ruling today’s globalization market.
The cost for the service is cheap since the company is using simple computer applications coupled with ingenuity to create market genius strategy. Google generates it revenue from online advertizing using Google AdWords or AdSense. As it was reported: “While ads on its search engine service and partner sites continue to be Google's primary source of revenues, Google has been venturing into new initiatives in order to further boosts its dominance. Aside from a social networking site that would take on Facebook, the world's most visited site after Google, according to Alexa rankings, Google now has a stake in mobile phones and personal computers.”(International Business, 2011). The Android operating system for mobile phones is revolutionizing the cell phone industry.
The adoption of most Google applications is just for fun, simplicity and result. People use it and love it and most of the time it is free. The first time I used Google search and Gmail, I never return back to MSN or Hotmail. The first time I use the friendly Android cell phone, I went back to Sprint and changed my cell phone running Palm OS to Android phone. Many have tried Google Maps and now Google Earth, Google+ and Google Ocean for better exploration of the bottom of the Blue Ocean.
Reference: International Business, T. (7). Google+ Skyrockets to 10 Million Users; Google Revenues Beat Estimates. International Business Times.


Reaction on Google's Blue Ocean Strategy

Indeed, the adoption of Blue Ocean strategy can do (...)

  Oluwaseyi Solomon
Partner, Singapore

Reaction on Google's Blue Ocean Strategy

With BOS you can optimize customers satisfaction. (...)


Lessons Learnt from Google's BOS Strategy

Google's BOS strategy is indeed awesome because by (...)

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