Why is it called 'Blue' Ocean Strategy?

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Student (MBA), India

Why is it called 'Blue' Ocean Strategy?

I would like to know meaning of 'blue' and its meaning when we refer to Blue Ocean startegy. Why it is called blue and not yellow, purple or white?

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Why 'Blue' Ocean Strategy?

It's always nice to see someone questioning what seems obvious. Or as George Bernard Shaw said: 'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man'.
I think the meaning of 'blue' in Blue Ocean strategy is simply 'clear'. I associate blue water with clear water, with nothing in it... - no competitors.
But maybe someone remembers what Kim or Mauborgne themselves have said about this?

  R.F.E. Peters

Why Blue Ocean Strategy is Called 'Blue'...

What Kim or Mauborgne exactly said or thought I don't know. But I'll try to clear this question for you.
Jaap was going in the correct direction. Follow the theory of the Blue Ocean strategy. Imagine that markets with many competitors are "red oceans" where the competitors fight each other as sharks for just that one tiny bit of space. The term "red" then refers to the "ocean" (market) colored red from the blood that flows from these "fights".
When a niche market is found (according to the strategic graph etc. from the theory of the Blue Ocean strategy) and the company who found it starts in this market, then it creates a blue ocean, as Kim and Mauborgne suggest. The term 'blue' here refers to a beautiful, clear and competitor-free ocean where no blood has flown.
Does this clear your question? Feel free to ask further:-).

  aissa Hireche
Professor, Saudi Arabia

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  Augustine Manyau

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Student (MBA), India

Meaning of 'blue' as I Feel it....

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  Moses Omondi
Manager, Kenya

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  aissa Hireche
Professor, Saudi Arabia

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  rafael angel calvo arguedas
Business Consultant

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  aissa Hireche
Professor, Saudi Arabia

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