Blue, Green or Even Violet Ocean Strategies

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Blue, Green or Even Violet Ocean Strategies
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
I think ROS and BOS are parts of a process that all active companies will pass. In fact they are inevitable events during organizations' perfection. Only a creative company can enter BOS.
A dynamic system not only needs Blue Oceans but also needs green or violet oceans, because of outspread and perfection hence we need to transit through all things we are going to face.

Eva Niklaus, Business Consultant, Member
Do you mean green: environmental issues and violet: a mixture of red and blue? Give some examples, please.

Green and Violet Have Existence
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
I think during companies life ROS is the ordinary part. Although this part is ordinary, it is necessary too. BOS is higher than the ROS phase, but only a numbers of companies can enter it; not all of them.
Despite BOS is wider but it does not last because a creative organism never stops.
Green is widespread and also calmer. My mean is that GOS is a calm space with wider horizon.
Violet is a syntax from best points in before steps and ultra company's conditions and based on future not past and violet!
Because someone may think it is dreamily but it will be true if we accept it.

White Ocean Strategy, Green Ocean Strategy, Purple Ocean Strategy
prav, Student (MBA), India, Member
Apart from BOS & ROS, there can also be:
- White ocean strategy (sense of social responsibility),
- Green ocean strategy (environment concerns), and
- Purple Ocean Strategy (mix of BOS and ROS).

Meta-position in Creative Companies
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
Green is a process of which environmental points are only part of. Creative companies in the green position make a wide connection with their environment. Violet is a syntax of blue, red, green and factors which weren't experienced before. In fact, green and violet are meta-positions.
Meta- positions in green and violet strategies lead to mutual understanding of components in a borderless environment.

Red, Blue ......... Strategies
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
Changes are the result of exiting conditions. If we look at organizations and companies closely, we understand that a successful company wouldn't be in a same position twice.

Are we Taking the Colour Metaphor Too Far?
Andrew Nelson, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
I think we need to be careful with extending the colour metaphor to green, white etc.
@prav: suggests that green is environmental and white is social responsibility, but in fact the original Blue Ocean Strategy recognizes that these components can and must be part of a Blue Ocean Strategy. In the Buyer Utility Map there is a broad customer utility of environmental friendliness which can also be social responsibility.
So a Blue Ocean Strategy based in part on these customer utilities is still a Blue Ocean Strategy, not some different green or white strategy.
The purple metaphor arises all the time because people use the Blue Ocean Strategy process but don't shoot the lights out with their first attempt, so they find something that is taking them away from the red, but maybe not completely into the blue, hence purple.
But I'm not sure anyone would ever go specifically looking for a purple ocean strategy:).

Strategic Ocean Metaphors
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
The factors interacting in organization's success change every moment. Items that used to be un-imaginable now play an essential role for the existence of organizations.
Color metaphors are just names for these factors and the roles they are playing.

Special Interest Group Leader
Andrew Nelson

Blue Ocean Strategy
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Blue Ocean Strategy
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