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Anthony Stephenson
Business Consultant, New Zealand

Blue Ocean Strategy in Small Companies

For most small businesses in the current environment, staying alive is a major issue! Simply paying the bills tends to drive one towards the ROS concepts.
The smaller companies have little spare capacity in people to consider the BOS approach. I have seen it work through internal think tanks involving all groups in the company, only to see the hand of the CEO strike it out as he was very conservative.


Paul Foster
Entrepreneur, Canada

The Hand of the CEO

I am wondering why the effort was initiated by the internal think tanks without getting buy-in from the CEO first?

Anthony Stephenson
Business Consultant, New Zealand

The Hand of the CEO

Hello Paul, largely I think that he was following a trend of trying out "think tanks" because his peers were, as part of some promotion through the chamber of commerce. We facilitated the meetings, staff members had some great ideas and were really using their creative thinking to go away from their core business.
The CEO seemed more pre-occupied with his next car and routinely failed to give good reasons why something would not work; naturally the ideas dried up quickly!
On reflection the CEO had come from a ROS environment. I should say that he did not last much longer in that role. The new CEO is much more proactive.

Wayne Percy
HR Consultant, Canada

Differentiate Today while Building for Tomorrow

There have been some notes about small business and survival not allowing the development of a BOS. ... Sign up

Uditha Liyanage, Sri Lanka

BOS and Small Companies

Small organisations may be at an advantage in spotting and creating blue oceans because many blue oc... Sign up

Anthony Stephenson
Business Consultant, New Zealand

Risk Averse Senior Management

Thank you Paul and Uditha, you could well be right regarding many small companies being under the ra... Sign up

Entrepreneur, Netherlands

Develop BOS Value Prop <=> Implement & Succeed

Smaller organizations today are - in my experience - the ideal environment to work with developing B... Sign up

Bomo Albert-Oguara
Manager, Nigeria

Blue Ocean Strategy in Small Companies

@Doets: The challenge for small organisations is to free up the resources... More so when funding so... Sign up

Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

Can BOS Be Applied at a Small Regional Business Level?

If you were running a business like a hardware store or supermarket, in a small regional location, h... Sign up

Student (University), Morocco

Can BOS Be Applied at a Small Regional Business Level?

@Andrew Nelson: I think BOS can be applied at a small regional business by focusing on the QUALITY. ... Sign up

Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

BOS Applies to Any Size Business

The basic concept behind Blue Ocean Strategy is doing something different than your competitors. In ... Sign up

Andrew Nelson
CEO, Australia

But Where are the Non-customers?

Ghessassi and Ted, thanks for your contributions. I think we are missing somethings regarding BOS, ... Sign up


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Blue Ocean Strategy
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