Differences in BOS / ROS Cultures

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Differences in BOS / ROS Cultures
Daniel Newton Obaka
I have discovered over the last five years that in Red Ocean Strategies (ROS) people compete to maintain a competitive edge over the rival companies, organizations or individuals through a number of unprofessional practices driven by a culture of GREED and the 'winner takes it all syndrome'.
The Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), I believe is driven by a 'GIVE TO SOCIETY culture' by creating and providing commodities where others fail to do. While competition supports innovation, when it is driven by greed it becomes a ROS. In Blue Ocean strategy, one creatively innovates and creates products where ROS will never see it as a necessity.
One of the dire needs of society is integrity, credibility, and culture of excellence. BOS can develop around this 'unique product' - integrity, honesty, and culture of excellence driven by central desire to serve others....Sign up

Greater Ethical Standard in BOS
Daniel Newton Obaka
BOS is essentially an ability to identify business areas that are not being contested for and evolve services that meet the demand of the socie...Sign up

Difference in BOS/ROS Culture?
Ken, Strategic Marketing, United States, Member
With all due respect the comparison is not realistic... Profits are not bad! Which is what is implied... Only when there are profits do people ...Sign up

What is the Need for That Distinction?
Augusto Carreira, Partner, Portugal, Member
I never saw a need for this distinction between Blue Ocean and (bloody) red ocean strategies. A strategy is a timed response to a problem/opportunity....Sign up

Culture and Strategy
Glen Tucker, Member
I'm reading these comments with interest, because of the inbuilt "judgemental" paradigm that I sense is quite deeply embedded in some comments.
<...Sign up

Augusto and I Agree
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States, Member
BOS\ROS are strategies, culture does not correlate necessarily with strategy....Sign up

'And' People (BOS) versus 'BUT' People (ROS)
Renata Guizzardi, Professor, Brazil, Member
I believe that this discussion of ROS and BOS has something to do with something I realized during my PHD work:
"There are two distinct ways t...Sign up

BOS / ROS Cultures
V Morgan, Consultant, United States, Member
A BOS seemingly stimulates creativity in a world that is changing.
A ROS promotes cost efficiency in a world of competition....Sign up

BOS & ROS Cultures
Anubhav Patel, Student (MBA), Member
Creative people can opt for BOS whereas ROS is for competitive people... People should choose whatever attracts them......Sign up

BOS versus ROS Thinking
Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines, Member
BOS and ROS require two different mindsets. In ROS, you lean toward problem-solving while in BOS, it is more on innovation or opportunity-findi...Sign up

BOS and Creative Innovation
Daniel Newton Obaka
Going through the discussions on this vital subject of blue and red ocean strategies, it is encouraging to recognize the desire to challenge the old a...Sign up

BOS and ROS Culture
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
If you take an ocean, it is never red or blue. The colour of the ocean is given by the colour of the sky - and the sky can be turbulent. So, the ocean...Sign up

ROS Culture
Michel Lavergne, CEO, France, Member
When ROS rules the corporate world (sharks) and spreads in the civil society, heads start to roll for real... See our revolution in 1792-1794....Sign up

Some Color Reflections
Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines, Member
Deep water looks blue. In a Blue Ocean, there are a lot of possibilities that one can discover but then it also requires a lot of courage and foresigh...Sign up

BOS and ROS do not Directly Correlate with Culture - Yes BUT
Jeff Pelletier, Business Consultant, United States, Member
@Jeff Pelletier: My belief is that culture (real values, real purpose, whether known or not) drive these two. A ROS...Sign up

Blue Ocean Strategy Requires Pro-positive Approach
rafael angel calvo arguedas, Business Consultant, Member
@Renata Guizzardi: Excelent approach!. In life we must be pro-positive. And when we have to disagree, do so with re...Sign up

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Andrew Nelson

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