Interacting with Other People Via the Internet. Impact on Business

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Interacting with Other People Via the Internet. Impact on Business
Actually, the web is a great tool and does change a lot of commercial rules we built in past hundred years. Now, whether you are a big company or a small vendor, Internet will offer you a relative fair and open way to approach your customers. The other thing is, technology gaps are being closed faster than before due to the superb information flow on the web.
Finally the Internet can be leveraged to interact with people's daily life exploiting more and more opportunities.

The Principle of Principles
HERNAN BERNAL B., Professor, Colombia, Member
The law of exponential value seems to be the best. However, if others are involved, like marketing value commisioners, the law of exponential value becomes an explosive bubble. And that happened in latests 90´s. A principle is not changeable.

Alignment of Solution and Suggestion and Accessibilities
Firstep Eapl Astimen, Manager, Indonesia, Member
To avoid silo problem of internet's content as one of four accessibility matrix dealing with time and place, alignment should be controlled and organized toward problem solution and suggestion by knowledge creation from current problems to intended results.

Time... the Final Frontier?
Emma Christophers, United Kingdom, Member
The mathmatics of Metcalfe's Law cannot be disputed. Nor can the 'value' of the network. What is the reality of a 'always on' infinite opportunity life? How can I maintain a life local time when my business is across disperate time zones?

Width vs Depth
Allemeersch Johan
Interacting via net, especially when it concerns technology, has typically another dimension. Certainly there is a wealth of information, but most of it is broad knowledge, certainly with interactive sites. Everyone knows a little, but a little multiplied by many gives a magnitude. This magnitude is not always equal to the depth of knowledge. People on the Internet should reflect very well on this. If the needed information is broad and not necessarily really in debt body of knowledge, then it is a fantastic tool. To deeply research on a specific phenomenon or feature you will have to take the different characteristics from the Internet into account.

Internet - the Global Business Information and Communication Hub
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
No doubt it reduces consumption of paper beneficial to ecology, reduce time and distance thus facilitates free flow of business information over a "click". At the same time beware of other evils creeping up trying to destroy business trust. For sanctity of internet communication in adjudication when arbitrated is still far reaching. Let us hope tremendous immunity for business interests through internet may like to foresee in the near future.

Interactive Sites on the Internet
Interaction via internet it is a fantastic tool to increase (business) knowledge.

Internet is Here to Stay
Jeff Obroni, Accountant, Ghana, Member
The Internet has come to stay, in fact it has made the whole world look like a small global village...

Power of Word of Mouth
Chinapen, Manager, Mauritius, Member
McKinsey Quarterly has just published a paper: 'A new way to Measure Word of Mouth Marketing' by Jacques Bughin, Jonathan Doogan, and Ole Jørgen Vetvik(April 2010) which is worth reading and talks about the importance of blogs in influencing consumer behaviour.

Turning the Funnel
Allemeersch Johan
The importance of blogs triggered me. In the past selling a product had the adagio AIDA: awareness, interest, desire, act in order to finish a sale. These were all initiatives led by the supplier of the goods and services.
Today the AIDA principle is changed to the DDD principle: Discover, Discuss, Do. These are all initiatives from the buyer, and the supplier has "merely" to facilitate. In the discussing stage blogging is essential. Therefore unattached "expert" bloggers can have a major influence on the buying behaviour of internet buyers.

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