The Impact of the Internet

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The Impact of the Internet
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
Since we are approaching the end of year, I was thinking back to the end of the 20th century. The year was 1999 and at the time I worked as an Internet strategy consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. I lectured and advised a range of senior executives about the consequences the Internet was going to have for their businesses and organizations.

I remember telling retailers that according to IDC global e-commerce revenue was going to reach several billion dollars within five years. I told people from the record industry they should move to completely new business models (for the younger people amongst you, at the time people were still buying music on CDs; iTunes and YouTube didn't exist yet). I told people from the banking industry that the Internet was going to revolutionize the relationship with...Sign up

The Question is 'Flexible Business Model'
Majed, Lecturer, United Kingdom, Member
True, everything now predicts that technology will keep moving fast. Frankly we are addicted to our smart phones & iPads and are doing most things on ...Sign up

It's Hard to Keep Up with Technology Changes
Emmanuel Daniel., Student (University), Tanzania, Member
Technology improvement is so rapidly growing, faster than we can anticipate. And who (business entity, government, country, individuals) can keep up w...Sign up

Future Impact of Combinations of Technologies
Scott Schaffer, Professor, United States, Member
Agree, that we are not even close to the end of the beginning. I also agree that we are currently in a phase focused on combining hard and soft techno...Sign up

Impact of Internet Beyond 2015
Sandy Musallam, Editor, United States, Member
Indeed, the Internet and technology in general have changed the world and will continue changing every aspect of our daily lives for many years to com...Sign up

Impact of Internet Beyond 2015
Augustine Manyau, Student (MBA), Zimbabwe, Member
It is at one's peril to deny that internet now dictates business and the way we live in even in a third world country like Zimbabwe. Internet has brou...Sign up

Internet: Greatest Change Agent Ever
P S Grover, Director, India, Member
It is true that internet technology is the greatest change agent ever seen. It is changing our lives, the way we live, behave, learn, communicate, int...Sign up

Influence of Internet on our Personal Lives
Sachin Narayan Nagle, Manager, India, Member
Hi, currently everyone is getting dependent on the internet as the medium to connect to each other; it is having a very negative impact in the persona...Sign up

The Price of the Internet on Humanity
Molokanova, Professor, Ukraine, Member
Yes, it's true, Internet has brought many good things in our lives. But it is a very huge danger. For any additional comfort you always have something...Sign up

Internet Will Bring Businesses Down
Martijn van der Werf, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I believe that the internet has shifted from being a satisfier or additional service to becoming the spinal core in many business models.
Some bu...Sign up

The Positive and Negative Impact of the Internet
Martin Lekoski
Indeed, the technology may have improved. The internet helped people connect from all around the world (something that couldn't be done before). All t...Sign up

The Gap Between Modern and Traditional People and Businesses Will Increase Persistently
Hafiz Hamza Abuelyamen, Strategy Consultant, Sudan, Member
The gap between modern (using internet) and traditional (non-internet) people and businesses is going to increase over the years.
1. A huge gap w...Sign up

Impact of Internet Beyond 2015
MOHD.NAZRIE ABDULLAHJOSRIN BIN AMBAN, Student (University), Malaysia, Member
The internet is disseminating any kind of insights to share them with other people and can change their ideas. For businesses, this is one of the ways...Sign up

Impact of the Internet Beyond 2015
M Johnson, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
The internet will have an increasing impact on our lives for many years to come, until it is superseded by some, as yet, unthought-of means of communi...Sign up

Internet Future and Free Choice
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@M Johnson: God forbid that your predictions come true - it would be more dreadful than the picture portrayed in Ge...Sign up

Internet Beyond 2015
Sandy Musallam, Editor, United States, Member
@Andrew Blaine: Andrew, there will always be a human backup behind any technology. Without humans technology would h...Sign up

'Wow' what an Opportunity to Learn and Grow
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
The concepts of the internet's effect on our lives in general is mind boggling, and thank you Jaap de Jonge for bringing this issue to the for-front o...Sign up

Wow what an Opportunity
Hafiz Hamza Abuelyamen, Strategy Consultant, Sudan, Member
@Bill Boynton: It is an opportunity that brought OBAMA the chance of being the President of USA. Obama used the inte...Sign up

BigHistoryProject Says Yes
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
I agree with Jaap, even if we may be calling it something else than the Internet.
Followers of Sign up

Humans and Technology
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Sandy Musallam: And in your answer lies the problem. Once you involve humans you include emotions, ambitions, Desir...Sign up

The Impact of the Internet on the Human Species Timeline
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
Thanks all for your excellent contributions so far to our discussion on the impact of the internet beyond 2015.
@Ga...Sign up


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