Top-10 Naming Blunders For a Company, Product or Brand

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Top-10 Naming Blunders For a Company, Product or Brand
Sujeet James Sarwan, Training Head, India

Here's a list of errors you should avoid when choosing a name for your brand, product or company:
1. Using your family name. Unless your name is unique and memorable, it contains minimal promotional value, and determining the brand value and transfer of the name upon the sale of the business is often problematic. And in my case, how many customers have met someone named Smith that they didn't like?
2. Mimicking another company's brand. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but why flatter your competitor? Worse, there's liability for infringing upon another's Commercial identifier.
3. Describing your product or service. This is the most frequent and serious mistake. A descriptive name is a ticket to the courthouse and to endless, expensive, and time-consuming litigation beca... Register

Add 11: Trying to be Funny and Failing
Roger GILLAN, Consultant, China


On Nr. 1: Family Brand Names can actually be Good
T. Marskamp, Management Consultant, Netherlands


Blunders in International Business
Catherine M. Bing, CEO, United States

On 2: Mimicking a Product, Brand or Company
lenworth grandison, Other, Jamaica

On 3. Describing your Product or Service
Britton, Project Manager, United Kingdom

On 12: Company Names Blunders
Abdul Rahman, Management Consultant, Malaysia

On 12: Checkout Brand Name Meaning in Multiple Cultures and Languages
Upadhyayula Narayana Das, HR Consultant, India

Brand Name - Why Waste Time?
Anand H, Other, India

On 12: Always Check the brand Name When Going Global
Peter Henriksen, Student (University), Denmark

What Makes Brand Names Important
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia

On 1: Family Name as Brand Names
Mohammad Owais, Manager, Pakistan

Add 14: Using Acronyms or your 15. Initials
Joost van Boeschoten, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Don'ts for a Brand Name
Arpit Mutha, Manager, India


On 1: Family Brand Names
Joseph N. Kosure, Student (University), Kenya

Naming a Company, Product or Brand
abraham garshong, Ghana

Car Model Naming Blunder: Mitsubishi Pajero
Carlos Talavera, Consultant, Paraguay

Brand Name of a Company
BENSABER, Consultant, Algeria

Add 16: Making a Brand Name Complicated / Hard to Remember
Mulandaulwa Sichamba, Accountant, Zambia

Top-10 silly web names
Ahmed Qadir, Director, Pakistan

Elements in Identifying a Brand
Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia

Mythical Brand Naming Blunders
van Dam, Student (MBA), Netherlands


Brand Name - Why Waste Time?
Yosef, Coach, Indonesia

Branding is No Rocket Science
Anand H, Other, India

On 16: Make Keeping your Brand Name Easy
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan


On 1. Family Names and Brand Value
Lenyatso, Teacher, Botswana

Naming a Company, Product or Brand
Sally laxamana, Events Marketer, Philippines

Cultural Insensitivity and Fooling Customers
Gafar Bamikole, Accountant, United Kingdom

On 12: Naming Blunders for a Company, Product or Brand
Ibrahim Danyaya, Student (Other), Nigeria

On Branding your Organisation
Ann-Marie Lorde, Project Manager, Barbados

Avoiding Naming Blunders
Ahmed Khator, Manager, Kenya

Check Out Brand Name Meaning
Upadhyayula Narayana Das, HR Consultant, India

Naming Blunders for a Product Company or Brand
lenworth grandison, Other, Jamaica

Brand Names That Families Love
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Naming Blunders for a Product Company
Kyamiza Raymon, Student (University), Uganda

On 9. Memorable Logo Most Memorable Identifier for Company
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States


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