Single Minute Exchange of Dies

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Single Minute Exchange of Dies
Mathijs van der Linden, Member
Dear reader, I am currently working on a Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) project in a beer production facility.
To implement SMED, I need to determine the baseline on which processes are done now during the changeover. I wanted to FILM this process to be able to determine this step by step, but the workers do not want to be filmed. I am not in a position to force them.
I think it is essential for the success of this project, but need to come up with another way of capturing these processes. What is a good way to do this?
P.S.: Standing behind them with a stopwatch is also more or less out of the question.

Single Minute Exchange Dies
andrea canavese, Member
Ask them to do it by themselves, explaining them the aim of the SMED itself, instructing them on separating, converting and streamlining the activities they are doing. The target is not to judge, but to reduce the setup time.
Good luck, ciao, Andrea.

Single Minute Exchange of Die
otacilio moreira, Member
From my knowledge, there are some authors to read and decide the best way.
They are: Shingo, S. - A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System (1985) - two strategies and eight techniques.
Monden, Y. - Toyota Production System: Practical approach to production management (1983) - four strategies and six techniques
Black, J.T. - The design of the factory with a future (1991) - seven strategies.
My advise is read them and decide the best way to do it.
Sometimes employees do not want to be taped or have their skill measured against the clock.
On the other hand, by knowing what youre doing they can accelerate or reduce their takt time (rhythm). Its a partnership project; you need to have their buy-in.

Common Objectives and Training are at the Basis of Lean Improvement
Eric Schmitz, SIG Leader
Most Lean Tools are based on active participation of operators or - more general - of those, who are executing the job.
SMED is such a technique. In order to take the first step, a rough analysis by the workers under guidance of their first line-supervisor, there has to be a training. This training can be executed by a lean expert.
After this analysis the workers will be able to study their own behaviour during set-ups. Based on this, they will be able to execute improvements and to ask support for issues they can't deal with themselves.
So, the first step of SMED is training of the people and get them take initiative to change/improve their own working. Only then there is a culture of improvement and change possible.

SMED Project in a BIG Company
Mathijs van der Linden, Member
Thank you for all the good advice, I really appreciate it. I have a limitation during this project, for I am just doing my final project for this company. I am allowed by the management to film if the two people who operate on that particular part are OK with it. My plan was to film first and then interview the workers using the footage taken. I chose this way because my project has three months left in which there are seven changeovers. I am unsure if I can do it the suggested ways because I am convinced this takes longer than I have.

Recommended SMED Approaches
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Mathijs van der Linden: 'Constant dripping hollows out a stone'. Listen to the advice of above seasoned experts for your Single Minute Exchange of Dies project. Consider the possibility that it's best to achieve some 'limited' optical progress in the 3 months you apparently have, but with the right involvement of the right people.

Be a Friend with Them Firstly
Ni Qing Ming, Member
1. Try to be a friend with them, it will break the barrier of communication.
2. Let them know SMED is not aimed at them losing their job nor will it put any new pressure on them, on the contrary, the SMED will make their work easier.
3. Prepare the detail checklist of SMED, do it with them together, instead of filming them, they will not be so embarrassed.


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