The Principles of Lean

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The Principles of Lean
Dinesh Deshpande, Member
Lean works on certain principles:
1. Identify customer specific value (customer requirements);
2. Value stream mapping for the process (identify process);
3. Create flow (reduce cycle time);
4. Eliminate waste and non-value-added activities;
5. Pursue perfection (right first time).

Adding One More Principle of Lean
Hyejoo Jeon, Member
Adding one more: 'Need to form good relationships with suppliers'.
I am pretty sure that the delicate relationship between suppliers and organization can lead to fluctuation in logistics process such as delay of components, suddenly happened worker's laziness ...

Lean Basics and Toyota Principles
Eric Schmitz, SIG Leader
In their book 'Lean Thinking' James Womack and Daniel Jones formulate the 5 Lean principles as described in the lead of Dines Deshpande.
Later, Jeffrey Liker in his book 'The Toyota Way' explained how these basic principles were transformed to more practical management principles: the famous 4P pyramid.
Principle 11 in this pyramid is: 'respect your partners and suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve.' It is this principle where Heather Heegyoung Jeon is refferring to.

Liker's 4P Pyramid with the 14 principles (2004)

Applying the Lean Principles in Unqualified Labour
Shafiq Khalid, Member
All of this is very interesting and sounds great, but how to apply it in Board Manufacturing Mills with only unqualified labour?

Implementing Liker's 4 Ps
Eric Schmitz, SIG Leader
First of all, unqualified labor is not the same as brainless labor. In general, unqualified labor means that:
1. There probably is a huge amount of not-used resources. So great results are possible with Lean!
2. Secondly, it means that a long-term program is needed. The world will not change overnight. And the resources of the unqualified labor force cannot be transformed in a short term.
Practically there is a need for:
A. Top down mission and vision of the business in a lean way (That is the first P - Philosophy - in the Liker diagram)
B. Start with standardized work. This is normally effective if working with unqualified labor force. It will also increase the efficiency of the supporting departments. (That is the second P - Process - in Liker's 4 Ps.)
C. Start with a 5 S program with the correct intentions and objectives. (That is the third P - People and Partners - of Liker.)
D. Start with Gemba for all white collars. Start with continuous improvement based on the standardized work and the 5S. (That is the fourth P - Problem solving - of Liker's pyramid).


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