Complex Effect and Cause Relations

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Complex Effect and Cause Relations
Note that Effects and Causes of organizational problems are often interlinked as when a child does not study and the mother scolds him. But the child thinks: because my mother is scolding me every time I don't study.
So we can both say that the scolding occurs because of the child not studying but also that not studying is the effect of the scolding....Sign up

Complex Effect and Cause Relations
ISHIKAWA chart is a powerful tool. Although limited in complex situations. This tool, as all tools, is only a support in reasoning. The knowledge of ...Sign up

Effect is Just Reinforcing the Cause
I tend to disagree, there is 1 cause and (sometimes) many effects. I agree that sometimes the effect is reinforcing the cause, but it is in the time s...Sign up

Ishikawa Chart Shows (Reinforcing) Interactions
I agree with Gian. The Ishikawa chart can provide insight in how the effects may be reinforcing the potential cause. By analyzing the completed cause ...Sign up

Cause & Effect Determined by Observer
Who decides on the cause & effect, it can be an individual or group, it's like a doctor and a patient who at certain point reach a conclusion what was...Sign up

Causes & Effects Influenced by Type of the Problem
H. Möller
Besides the observer, also the type / nature of the problem influences the (relation between) causes and effects.
For example take the question: ...Sign up

Multiple Causes
I would be suspicious of a C/E diagram that only showed one cause. For instance, I finished one C/E map in which an operator under-charged a raw mater...Sign up

C & E Multiple Causes & User Determined Outcomes
Jim K
Multiple Causes are a given. Ford's 8D template actually requires a listing of the causes and estimated % contribution.
Be careful not to develop...Sign up

Distinguish Technical and Psychological Effect and Cause Relations
Pradeep Deo
Psychological cause and effect relations can not be compared with technological cause and effect relations. Former involves emotions while later is pu...Sign up

Interconnection of Various Causes
Ravi Vazirani
The C/E relationships of identifying the problem become irrelevant when the cause of the problem has interconnection of various causes and is the effe...Sign up

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Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone Diagram) - Ishikawa
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