Exceptional Management Content



C. Burcham
United States

Exceptional Management Content

12manage is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for creating this forum. The content is exceptional and the bantering between members on so many diverse business topics is educational and entertaining. Sometimes, I use clips from the site for my papers in college. It's an authentic source for conducting research and my classmates are being exposed to a wealth of information they didn't know was available to them. Thank you for your comittment to excellence!


tan liong choon
Management Consultant, Singapore

Content Well Organized

I find that 12manage has very rich content of management tools and concepts, most importantly, the content is well organised and is of very high quality, clear and well defined.

Guangjia Xu
Student (University)


12manage is amazingly good. I learned a lot of useful management concepts methods etc and will keep using the site to improve myself!

Teacher, India

Wonderful, Exciting and Interesting Content

I always enjoy the site content of 12manage. In fact, when I open my Google, out of hundreds of mails waiting I refer to view the mails from 12manage and then only see others.
Without exaggeration, it is wonderful, exciting, interesting et al.. Good initiative, well organized... Go ahead and achieve new scales.. Thanks.

Yi Mun-Hee, Korea

I also Glad to Know This Site

I am majoring in cooperate management im Korea. So I need much of information about management.
12manage is perfect site to me. It is very informative and useful.

Mahmood Azizi
Manager, Iran

12manage is a Wonderful Know-how Network

I have participated in several other forums, but 12manage indeed is a wonderful one, including such valuable experiences, knowledge and information of both managers and experts with the best infrastructure and administration. Thank you Jaap.

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Picking Up Knowledge Pebbles

I am like a small child (learner) picking up pebbles (small mountain crystals) here and there with joy, with a mighty ocean of knowledge in front of me (12manage).

Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

Great in Adding Very Valuable Lessons to our Knowledge

I found 12manage is very accessible and affordable, but it adds very valuable lessons to our knowledge, practices and professional experiences. So let no knowledge-seeker miss it! Again never miss it.
12manage is not only easily approachable for all seekers but also it is incomparable in adding very surpassing lessons and values to our knowledge, practices and global understanding of management.


Awesome Management Platform

12manage is an awesome platform! I mainly use the Dictionary section to look up financial terms. I find every term I'm looking for.

Leigh Cowan
CEO, Australia

Best Marketing Resource

I just wanted to express my reverence for your content - you may be the best and most useful Marketing knowledge resource on the planet...

Arthur G. Smith
Student (Other), Liberia

Really Impressed

My thoughts concerning 12manage... Well I must admit that 12manage is a site well suited for all who want to get a profound understanding of management. Whatever one's status, be it a management student, a practicing manager or one who's studying Management as a required course, there is something for you at this site. Thanks for the effort to create such a useful site. I'm really impressed.

Ahmad Shabanifard
Consultant, Australia

Extremely Large Variety of Management Issues

It's a highly powerful and useful site with an extremely large variety of management issues and all industries needs.
In fact, 12manage is very similar to a great online university which is used by many experts and also gathered so many managers and experts as special groups for sharing all the best of their experiences.
Let me declare my highly appreciation for using 12manage for many years.

Jeff Lumkes
Financial Consultant, United States

Impressed by High Caliber Material

I both enjoy 12manage and find the topics very useful. I am typically traveling during the week and seeing clients, so I don't often have the opportunity to review the topics until the weekend. I do quite a bit of research on academic and technical sites so I am exposed to high caliber material, and I must say I have been quite impressed with the quality of the material and the manner in which it is presented on 12manage.

Noel Douglas
Entrepreneur, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

My Personal Library and Business Guide

This is a dream come through, all the info I've hope for in one place. After years of searching the internet I've finally found what I now called ' my personal library and business guide '.

Theophilus Nwokolo
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

Very Useful Information

12manage is loaded with very useful information that I need for my entrepreneurship and managerial endeavours.


Whole 12manage Site is Brilliant

I think the whole site is brilliant and I have recommended it to many colleagues and friends. I always liked the idea of discussion and debate on the utilisation of concepts and theories. I always like to outline a problem and then ask what concept or theory should we utilise to solve this problem. PUTTING THEORY INTO PRACTISE? LOVE THE SITE.

Saleh Al Harthi
United Arab Emirates

Pushes the Boundary of Knowledge and Experience in the Administration Field

Being honest, every time I access 12manage I wonder, how you were able to do it. Apart from the outstanding quality of material, the daily lessons, and amazing forum and discussion, apart from that all; 12manage will be considered one of main factors that pushes the boundary of knowledge and experience in administration field. Maybe I'm not qualified to state such, yet this is what see. I wasted a lot of years looking for clear answers in administration and business, and now, I recommend to whomever I talk business with.

Daniel Adanri
Student (Other), United Kingdom

Excellent Platform for Management and Business Administration

I think the 12manage website has an excellent platform for management and business administration. The platform offers a wide range of topics related to management and business administration, including topics such as strategy, leadership, change management, communication, innovation, and more. The content is well-structured, with detailed case studies, articles, and videos. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find the resources you need. All in all, 12manage is a great platform for anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skills in management and business administration.


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