Sounding Board for Management Ideas and Concepts



John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Sounding Board for Management Ideas and Concepts

I am finding 12manage to an interesting sounding board for ideas and concepts. The remarkable thing I see is the global response rate is very good. And that you have thinking professionals as members. I like it here and will continue to post.


Rommel Aniag
Director, Saudi Arabia

Treasure-house for Ideas on Management

12manage is a true treasure-house for sharpening business ideas and establishing new perspectives on management issues that have a direct bearing on our professional careers... More power to you and your team!

Lawrence Gqesha
Analyst, South Africa

Global Management Platform

12manage is a good management platform where individuals share their ideas and knowledge and I appreciate to have this kind of platform. I wish we can utilize it fruitfully as we learn new and share ideas globally. Once again thanks for the encouragement.

Manager, India

12manage Relevance and Usefulness

Communication is the wheel of civilisation.
Anything that leads to interaction of ideas surely generates better results and further diversifies the process of thinking.
Surely 12manage is one such professional platform to share our thoughts and enrich ourselves and possibly others too.

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

12manage is a Platform of Inclusion

In the 12manage-platform, diverse ideas are included which I think enhances creativity.
It gives a facility to express many different views on various topics.

Ramji Sharma, PhD
Professor, Nepal

12manage Good Platform to Share Ideas

Really a good platform for sharing ideas and knowledge in related groups / circles; could remedy specific managerial problems.

Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco
Entrepreneur, Portugal

Great Platform to Build Knowlege and Disseminate Ideas

12manage is a truly great way to disseminate ideas and growing your knowledge about the most important management issues, such as in my case authentic leadership.

Dan Govender
South Africa

12manage - Excellent Platform for Exchange of Ideas

12manage is an excellent platform for exchanging ideas on management topics. It is interesting to see the different approaches to management.

Schubert Pereira, United States

Sounding Board for Multiple Views on Management Topics

I am quite fascinated by the way this forum has grown to be a sounding board for multiple views on everyday management topics.
I am always in awe of how similar we are in the way we manage, no matter where we are geographically located. Chances are if you have a problem, someone on this forum has already experienced it.
This forum is also a good way of staying in touch with new and evolving management methods.

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Excellent Forum for Sharing Ideas and Knowledge

12manage acts as an excellent forum for sharing ideas and knowledge.
Knowledge transfer connects ideas and knowledge with potential users (social goal and contribution to community). This should happen because to-day knowledge sharing is changing traditional structures of firms and enterprises.

Stainly Masafwa
Accountant, Zambia

Learning and Getting Exposed to New Ideas

This is an amazing platform for everybody who embraces learning and new ideas, it keeps us informed and updated. It helps to deal with the core competitive business envelopment that demands management to make informed decisions based on relevant, timely and accurate information.

Management Consultant, Sultanate of Oman

Great Platform for Acquiring and Sharing Management Ideas

12manage is a well-crafted platform for acquiring and sharing management ideas. Wish all success.

Bozydar Ziolkowski
Teacher, Poland

Confronting Different Management Approaches Globally

12manage is a valuable place for confronting different management approaches globally, so the chance to exchange perspectives is extremely higher than in one company or a corporation.

Jason Starke
Director, United States

Longtime Fan of 12manage

I have been a longtime fan of 12manage… which I was introduced to during my doctoral studies. I love what you are doing here and anything I can do to support it I would be happy to.


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