Great Continuous Learning Site on Management



Suku Mathews
Analyst, India

Great Continuous Learning Site on Management

I like to share my knowledge and in doing so, I learn more. With this perspective, I am drawn closely to and its efforts in online learning and sharing and spreading knowledge.


rio-roshi merit
Student (University), Nigeria

Great Continuous Management E-learning Website

A very big thanks to the 12manage team and every participant. How much and how great is the the knowledge I have acquired so far through this forum? Please keep up the good job.
With 12manage I can attempt and contribute so much to so many management issues. Thank you 12manage.

Ronald Dorce, United States

My Introduction, 12 Manage

Great to be with with you sharing my experiences and learning. Since I have been registered in the 12manage, it is my first time participating in the discussion. I look forward to discussing and learning from you all. Keep up with the excellent job.

Simphiwe Macwili
South Africa

Just a Praise for This Informative Site

I would like to pass my thank you words to the 12manage team for such a wealth of knowledge. I stumbled to your site while browsing the net for some information and never thought I would come across such a wealth of knowledgeable information.
I will seriously follow you guys and would spread the word of this resourceful site. Thanks.

Natarajan Ramanathan, India

12manage to me is a Terrific Continuous Learning Site on Management

This is an absolutely terrific platform for anyone to contribute and collaborate which is the foundation of shared learning and gaining.

Sunder Rajan, India

Brilliant Continuous Management Learning Site

This is an absolutely brilliant site that allows great knowledge sharing and learning opportunity. It also leads to knowledge growth as access to multiple perspectives always enriches the reader.
I heartily congratulate you and your team for this excellent portal.
Thank you and best regards, Sunder.

Rebecca Katticaren, India

How 12manage Has Contributed to my Own Management Style

I am very happy to be part of 12manage. I have been enjoying the content of all topics. It has also given me ideas to improve my own skills and knowledge on management. It is a platform of "big brains" and "great experiences"
Thank you 12manage!

Sajjad Hussain
Teacher, Pakistan

12manage Best Management E-learning Site

I find 12manage an astounding source of information related to modern day management complexities.
I am planning to contribute my thoughts on various topics of interest on a regular basis.

Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

I Love 12manage as a Continuous Learning / Confirming Resource

12manage is the BEST resource of it's type on the net. The exchange of information has a currency experience about it, without the traditional monetary exchange - unless you choose to do so.
12manage is a pedagogic relationship without dominate nor controlling egos.
I love it!

qqzjessie, China

I'm New. Glad to Exchange our Views

12manage is really good for me to learn some knowledge. I'm new and just come to society for almost one year. I'm a good friend. My Engllish is not good enough :-).

Christine Flies, United States

12Manage is a Very Informative Platform and Learning Tool

I am glad I found this site. It has been very helpful as a learning platform for me.
I am a management major at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and I found the site to be very informative and also to be a great collaboration tool.
Thank you so much and look forward to upgrading in the future once I graduate and begin my management career in May 2014.

Jang il su, Korea (South)

Thanks to 12manage

I also like to share my knoweldge to many people, and 12manage will be a good gate to me.
My thanks to 12manage.

Nelson E. Edjan
Student (MBA), Philippines

Great Way of Continuous Management Learning

12manage is a great way of continuous learning, through collaborations with a lot of diverse people with diverse knowledge sharing its own opinion and experiences. Thank you and I'm glad to be here.

Julius Nyangaga
Consultant, Kenya

Fantastic Learning Portal

12manage is a fantastic learning portal.

Manager, India

Excellent Site for Self Development and E-Learning on Management

I joined in recently and it may be a bit premature to comment, however the testimonials proves it to be a great E Learning platform.
I am confident about the content on offer and will surely share my piece of thoughts shortly...

Joseph Dikenou

Powerful Instrument for Personal and Career Development

12manage is a wonderful opportunity and a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, a powerful instrument for personal and career development, keep it up.

Roberto G. Galang
Consultant, Philippines

Permanent Education in Management

It's really an amazing permanent education management course which allows anybody who is interested in pursuing continuous excellence in learning. I would like to say 'thank you so much' for this wonderful management know-how. I'm wishing you and all the staff of 12manage more success.

Mohammad Hossein Rohani
Teacher, Iran

Valuable Permanent Management Education Course

12manage is really a valuable permanent management education course and also a wonderful opportunity and fantastic platform for knowledge sharing and a powerful instrument for career development. I find 12manage an astounding source of management information.

Entrepreneur, Australia

Favorite Place to Learn About Management

I have been a member of 12manage for a while and followed the updates regularly. It's one of my favorite places to learn about management. I like the simplicity of the interface and the quality of material.

Jacqueline Ingabire
Project Manager, Canada

Ethics and Responsibilities

It is 11:29PM and I want to work for a short time.
During the day I was not feeling well - I didn't work as I wanted it.
I can tell, many people are resting.
From now on I will work from 9:00 AM until 7:00PM.
Who am I? What am I doing? What is my reaction?
Who am I? I am a teacher of elementary school with one course (related to business). I am hiding it.
After reading so many notes of professionals and professors I am feeling stupid. I am telling you the truth I am empty. Isn't then good to discover your site and learn? Isn't then good to write to you when none is on site? What am I doing? I am working on a book of training. I would like to train managers. I would like to train my managers.What is my reaction? I like your website. I should say that I like you too!You have good stuffs. You are open, you are sharing well, you work hard for having what I discovered. Thank you for doing a good job. Thank you for being here and there for us. Thank you.

Gary Pike

Great Knowledge Repository

I think 12manage is very intuitive and having the methods and tools in a dictionary along with forums on subject matters provides a great knowledge repository for those who want to learn.

Titus Kituli
HR Consultant, Tanzania

I Learn a Lot Every Day

12manage is a very good forum where you get to see various insights from professionals all over the world, I learn a lot everyday. Thank you.

Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Promotes Critical Thinking on Business Management

12manage is such a great site. Definitely a space that promotes critical thinking and keeps one in touch with business management changes.


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