12manage is Highly Relevant for Practicing Managers



pradeep deo
Strategy Consultant, India

12manage is Highly Relevant for Practicing Managers

It is a forum of practising managers - unlike others which are indulged in theoritical jargon which rarely works in a practical situation.


Ramesh Ch, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma BB
Business Consultant, India

Practical and Fast

I'm confident 12manage updates practicing managers' redundant skills with quick results.

Teacher, India

Great Exchange Platform for Management Professionals

It is indeed a wonderful platform for all right thinking management professionals to share their experience and expertise and simultaneously get informed about their peers' thinking and mind-sets on the various issues plaguing the corporate world and the people in them.
Great job! Kudos to all concerned! Sustain and develop this forum! We should all meet physically once!

hendrick Sauzande
Manager, Malawi

Learning About Management for Top Managers

This is a special site where both top management and MBA students can learn about the many, comprehensive management issues and can sharpen their managerial skills. I am privileged to be one of such beneficiaries.

pradeep deo
Strategy Consultant, India

Top Management is Managing Emotional Aspects

Top management is predominantly a management of employees emotions. As you go up the ladder from lower management to middle management, from middle management to senior management level, you learn the materialistic aspects of management and during the process slowly and slowly you start observing and learning the softer aspects of human beings.
During this process when one occupies top management position, then those becomes successful who master managing the emotional aspects of the human capital.

Luis cupenala
CEO, South Africa

Drastically Improved my Knowledge as a Manager

12manage is a pure open floor, brainstorm process where people from different backgrounds, civilizations, cultures, traditions, behaviors based on their skills, knowledge and professional experience interact, debating about subjects relating to this competitive world.
It's a vital program and honestly I have to encourage its promoters and acknowledge that 12manage is a big university of science where different academics, intellectuals and professionals converge and share their points of view.
I have drastically improved my knowledge as a manager since I became part of this important forum. Therefore I encourage my followers to register a membership to test this management knowledge highway and experience it themselves.
I thank those that have dedicated their time to enrich this program by providing competent lectures, resources and encyclopedia to make it so interactive and interesting.

LIONEL, Burkina Faso

12manage for New Generation of Managers

As a newcomer in this prestigious circle of managers, this forum allows me to find knowledge that is acquired during several years and to learn from other people.
It helps to find a resolution or at least some documented understanding of the complex problems that we encounter.
Thanks to 12manage for providing a forum for the new generation of managers who aspire to better results in their different fields of activity.

Myrissa Melinda Lacuna-Alip
Student (University), Philippines

Useful for Management Development

I find 12manage very useful, especially to managers like me who are still learning to be an expert on management. Reading the opinions of other managers from different countries with different beliefs, cultural practices, and values is interesting, a very good and useful learning experience through the net. I hope to get more e mails on strategic planning, operational planning, etc.

salem ahmed
Teacher, Yemen

Grateful for 12manage

I am grateful to the people of 12manage, it is great way to improve your knowledge. Appreciate it very much.

K R Sethuraman
Professor, Malaysia

12manage - a Useful Forum for Managers and Professionals

This website is a useful forum for networking with other managers and professionals and also to share views and opinions on common issues.

Bill Maynard, SPHR, United States

Tremendous Amount of Information

I have only been an attendee for a relatively short time, however it appears that there is a tremendous amount of information on a variety of topics within this network.
I have been able to find some useful information that I can utilize as I work with a variety of management teams.

Simon Lum
Consultant, Australia

Road-tested Management Solutions with Practical Outcomes

An excellent forum to learn, share and adopt practical management solutions. Some of the solutions offered are road-tested with definite outcomes. Good work. Well done!

Ayele Abdata
Manager, Ethiopia

An Ideal Website for Managers

This website 12manage.com is the best school and virtual community of professionals in the field of management. The layout and topical arrangement of timely and relevant information is attractive and has a scholarly look.
We can learn, teach, share and communicate knowledge and information.
You could enrich the website even more by uploading additional resources such as books in pdf format, recent research findings, journals, masters theses, doctoral dissertations, course catalogs and modules, databases of free and downloadable books and journals, Free and downloadable managerial software and up to date antivirus, etc.
12MANAGE website is really a management library without a building.

Abdelwahab Mohammed Abubaker
Project Manager, Sudan

Excellent Help in Project Management

A lot of thanks for these efforts. Really I benefited from them, and have become capable to manage my work in different ways based on these top references.

Russel T.P. Gumede
Teacher, South Africa

12manage has Motivated me

All of this has capacitated me on programmes to engage so as to motivate employees and increase performance in the business without demotivating the employees but increase sales and profits.
12manage has been very informative especially for me since I have enrolled for a course in management. This interaction is very importance for everyone who is an inspiring manager.

Manager, South Africa

Challenges, Experiences and Views at the Management Level

I find 12manage to be a platform where managers can keep themselves informed. This is a global platform which shows the common challenges, experiences and common views at the management level, more especially in human relations and general company dynamics.

Rob Powys-Smith
Analyst, United Kingdom

Active Discussions are Thought-provoking and Essential

As a performance analyst, I'm often pretty hard-pressed to visit 12manage, which I rate very highly. Actionable insight is what I try and deliver, but thinking-time is an invaluable commodity and active discussions are thought-provoking and essential. Importantly, they help me hold on to hypotheses lightly and challenge any lazy assumptions I may have.
Thank you for doing what you are doing.
BTW, I would recommend 12manage to others (such as a friend who works as a senior solutions architect in banking) far more than any other website.

Rachel Niccum
Director, United States

Overwhelmed by the Information Available

I have enjoyed browsing through the incredible resources offered through 12manage, and am pleasantly overwhelmed by the information available covering such a broad range of topics. As a lover of learning, I look forward to digging deeper into the knowledge centers and eventually participating in some of the special interest groups as I become more confident as a professional.
Thank you for your time and dedication!

M. Rupp, Austria

Very Helpful Tool for Managers

12manage is a very helpful tool in my daily work to get a comprehensive overview especially about tools and methodologies. I use it very much to advise my direct reports.

Philip Yu
Manager, Australia

Great Management Knowledge Base

It's a great platform. Thanks for building such a management knowledge base for us! Just love it.

Udaybhan Yadav
Manager, India

The Best Management Platform

As per my opinion, 12manage is the best platform for those “who want to learn new things of management”.
Because I am learning so many things which I didn't know about at all.

Director, Costa Rica

Excellent Tool for Business Knowledge

12manage is an excellent tool for business knowledge, OK, I like it a lot. You should think about making an alliance with LinkedIn and about how it could be a potential opportunity.

Saimone Rogoimuri
Project Manager, Fiji

Excellent Source of Leadership and Management Inspiration

The 12manage management platform is a classic and excellent source of leadership and management inspiration to young leaders. Very in depth thoughts shared by experienced people in the field of leadership.

Student (MBA), India

Learn the Business Knowledge we Need Each Day

It is the platform where we can learn the business knowledge we need each day. 12manage helps us to know the daily business positions and status. I am very much interested to better understand the day to day business affairs and manage the problems in the firm well.

Project Manager, Iran

Awesome Management Platform

Your business management platform is awesome for me. I'm currently reviewing more.

Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

The Value of Shared Contributions

Thank you for a host of support and belief in our shared contributions. I will always promote 12manage and all of it's assets for Leaders and Managers, if there is a difference.

john nkurunziza
Consultant, Uganda

Helpful to Check How Management is Easily Practiced

The 12manage platform equips a manager with day to day positive checks on how management is easily practiced.

George Maliarakis
United Kingdom

Resourceful, Well Organized and Easy to Use

I was already using the 12manage database during my MBA study.
Now I still find the tool very resourceful, well organized and easy to use.

Director, South Africa

Great Summaries on the Basis of Need to Know

Not everyone has always the time to read all the books on Executive Management or emotional intelligence. So I used the information on 12manage as a guide line of what they should be taught / what they have a lack in (when it came to certain managerial skills/styles).
Hence your site offers a great summary for any executive - on the basis of need to know.
Thank you for making the difference.

Rahim Hasan Nejad
Manager, Iran

Valuable Station to Know About Management and Related Subjects

As far as I have read the subjects in 12manage, it's a very valuable station for those who want to know abot management and related subjects. So want to appreciate you for founding such valuable information.

venkatesen chetty
Director, Mauritius

Fantastic Practical Support Platform

12manage is a fantastic practical support platform to understand basics of doing business from a personal or professional perspective.

Moalosi Loape
Manager, South Africa

I Am Now Manager Because of 12manage

I have joined 12manage I think in 2013 and by then I was a clerk who had a bigger picture. I have gained a lot of knowledge and growth just by reading and understanding the topics. I am now able and considerate in differentiating between mistake and problem, go and get.
The skills and knowledge I gained developed me to be the future of the institution I am working for. Today I am the manager because of the knowledge I gained through 12manage and God being my leader.
12manage is there to stay and for many years to come and I am happy. Thank you.

Amit Dube
CxO / Board, India

Leadership and Management Solutions

It is an apt platform to discuss, explore and conceive leadership and management solutions to real business problems.

paul lewis
Manager, Grenada

Excellent Resource and Development Center

I believe 12manage is an excellent resource and development center that inspires personal and professional transformation. It provides me with skills and tools necessary for growth. I recommend it to others.

Chrispin Nchini
Manager, Malawi

Tap Management Knowledge and also Share my Experience

This is a very exciting forum where I will be able to tap management knowledge and also share my experience - highlights and lowlights and lessons.

Musa Sule
Teacher, Nigeria

Cutting-edge for Every Innovation Manager

This is where every innovation manager who wants to tackle the complex management challenges of the digital age ought to be.
One of the cutting-edge solutions to teething challenges at the workplace that I have. 12MANAGE not only stands out but reflects the premium 12MANAGE places on changing the facet of the ineffective management style of the past for the better.

Manager, India

Love the Platform

Love the platform and the basic layout but heavy on the content.

Evelyne Mulinge
Manager, United Kingdom

Extremely Helpful

12manage has been and continues to be a very useful source of information during my study and I do keep coming back to it every now and then and I find it extremely helpful.


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