A Compendium of Knowledge



Olusola Obilana
Analyst, Ireland

A Compendium of Knowledge

I see 12manage as a compendium of knowledge, a didactic rendezvous packaged in a modest and compelling village square pattern of ideas such that anyone who cares to learn can readily have access to whatever discipline or topic he desires.
The beauty of 12manage is that it provides answers to a whole gamut of business / management issues in a variegated manner with contributions from professionals, experts, scholars - high and low - from virtually all places globally.
While achieving all this, there is also the promotion of mutual respect among members and contributors, without compromising quality of delivery and contributions. The gate-keeping role of the Editor is important in all of this and there is no doubt he deserves commendation.


Emmanuel Mwirichia
Manager, Kenya

In-depth Discussions

I like the fact that 12manage highlights topics of concern os we are able to discuss pertinent issues in-depth which has helped me. I am currently a student hoping to open my own business in the near future and the knowledge is proving invaluable.

Belay Gezahegn
Director, Ethiopia

Big Knowledge Arena on Business Management

12manage is big knowledge arena. It is like a gold field where everything you pickup is invaluable and you cannot ignore it. It is appreciably more than what it is meant for.

Feraidoon Bakhtiari
CxO / Board, Iran

12manage - Reliable Source of Management Knowledge and Knowhow

12manage is a qualified and trusted source of management tools and techniques for students, scholars, supervisors and managers to take care of of their related matters.

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Ocean of Management Knowledge

12manage is an excellent ocean of knowledge for both business professionals and students to enhance their management knowledge.

Ehteshamul Haque
Business School Marketer, Bangladesh

12manage.com is a Connecting Hub for All Domains of Organizational Knowledge

I love this place because all management knowledge is readily available for me, without a daunting search. Thanks to the 12manage team.

Feraidoon Bakhtiari
CxO / Board, Iran

Tools & Techniques Box

Knowledge and know-how need space and an environment to flourish.
Organizations are like solid soils that need to be cultivated by the most sophisticated force of human resources capital. To prepare the ground for further development qualified leaders / directors / managers / supervisors as well as skillful employees are needed.
This valuable process needs a constant flow of information and intelligence, which I believe 12manage significant reservoirs can provide. it helps to prepare your road maps, guidelines and criteria towards well-defined objectives.


Great Platform for Management Knowledge

It's a great platform for management knowledge I really appreciate your time and effort in bringing up such idea.


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