Splendid for Management Consultants



Cally Cussons
Consultant, Nigeria

Splendid for Management Consultants

Splendid is the word to describe 12manage. I have always argued against Francis Bacon's submission that 'Knowledge is power'. Knowledge is power only when profitably and successful applied.
The capacity of one's active information reservoir is directly proportional to the rate of the velocity of one's exploits, and inversely proportional to the volume of one's failures.
12manage is in the business of giving the 21st century consultant the strategic-competitive advantage with knowledge and networking tools for maximum success and global impact.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

12manage Premium for Consultants

Not only can you find useful information here, 12manage also connects managers looking for certain expertise to matching professionals and experts! If you're a consultant, coach, public speaker, trainer or project/interim manager you should take the Premium membership of 12manage, because it will give you 4 important extra features:
1) Copy, Paste and Print Materials. You may integrate text and graphs in your client work, trainings or workshops (for limited personal, educational and business use (republication on intranets and web sites is prohibited)). There is even a Powerpoint version available of the method pictures which you can customize to your own needs.
2) Access to 1000s of expert tips / in depth sources. You can utilize this expert know-how for your clients. Use numerous expert tips, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. per method. And save time with our quick links to video clips, Wikipedia and the last news for each method.
3) Professional Networking. Premium consultants, trainers rank at the top of their SIGs, community and in search results. And premium profile has links to your web site and LinkedIn profile. And promote a service offering. And promote your education programs, trainings and events on 12manage.
4). Add expert content and promote your service offering. You may add expert tips and upload your articles, presentations, spreadsheets and pdf files to all method pages, promoting your expertise. You can even add a service offering to your SIG! You can create your own web log and add your own ideas, methods, tools, views to 12manage. You can also customize your management start page.
All in all, with the Premium membership you will save a lot of time on finding and contacting matching prospects for your field of expertise.

Leon Debije
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Excellent Platform to Share Knowledge on Particular Business Topics

Since this week I'm actively sharing thoughts, knowledge and visions at 12manage.com and want to have discussions with equivalents. I'm really amused by the fact that there are so many professionals/practitioners participate from all over de world. This helps to a make bigger steps forward in the way we deal with business knowledge and also to improve it. So many thanks to those who make this possible. To me and I guess to many others this is an excellent concept of widening your horizon and sharing it with other excellent minds in this world!

Johnny Michael Tan
Management Consultant, Malaysia

Fabulous Knowledge Bank and Professional Network

Simply fabulous... Great knowledge bank and professional network of ideas, tips and insights. Love it!

Radha Raj

Very Useful for Consultants

I enjoy reading all the various material and comments. I bookmark certain pages to get back to that topic anytime. I find it very useful, interesting and educative, as I get to know various perspectives.

Consultant, India

12manage is a Treasure Island of Knowledge

12manage is a platform for open discussion without any reservation and is a gateway to a treasure island of management topics. It clears doubts, enhances knowledge. Spread worldwide, 12manage renders an opportunity to interact with experts round the globe.

David John Lynch, Australia

Management Knowledge Bank

When faced with the situation of "what to do; to manage, change, improve, design, resolve etc., I go to 12manage for inspiration.
I acknowledge contents are only as good as it's members so endeavour to participate and comment where I can add value.
Thank you for this jointly managed resource!

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

12manage Great for Consultants

Still considering myself as a learner, 12manage provides me a lot to learn. I feel good to visit the 12manage forums.

Drew Suss, United States

12manage Overwhelms One with Value

12manage is a unique business resource that can overwhelm one with value. There is seemingly no end to the resources and resourcefulness of this site's contributors, both for managers and professionals. It's also a great way to network with specialized advisors or consultants in a knowledge area.

Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

Recommending 12manage to All Professionals

12manage is remarkable website for looking up and reflecting on conceptual elements from all fields concerning management and human relations.
It is a fountain of knowledge. It is a springboard for understanding the innovative and theoretical frameworks of management to ease practitioner life and adapt to demanding business demands.
Therefore, I am highly recommending all professionals to search information on 12manage and get pointed to interesting sources for further consumption.

Patrick Mulvey
Management Consultant, United States

12manage Premium is the 'Swiss-Army-Knife' of Consulting Knowledge and a Great Equalizer

When consultants are part of a giant consulting firm, they have instant access to templates, tools and frameworks that the institution has acquired and developed over decades.
That advantage is mine as well with 12manage premium. I can access the same library of content knowledge and compete without concern that there is critical knowledge that is out of reach.
I have not yet used it for networking, but that may soon change, as I take my practice to the next level.

Gary Bacchus
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

12manage - a Place to Grow New Thinking in Management Theory and Practice

Excellent management network. Not only does it support curiosity and research areas, but also provides a forum whereby change professionals can get together and talk about some of the most taxing organisational conundrums around.
I've been a decade long follower. Hopefully you will see me now as a contributor to many such discussions and deliberations.
My specialisms are many, but this new and exciting area of change agency and distributed leadership is one to watch!

Olusegun Akinyemi
Strategy Consultant, Nigeria

On 12manage, the Best Site in the World

This is the paradise of management. You have assisted me in fulfilling my vision and mission. I rate you 12 stars!

W Atkinson
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

12MANAGE Great Addition to Research Base

I am a newcomer and quite late in my working life. I have found my early forays into the topics both stimulating and informative. It appears to be a broad spectrum resource and is a great addition to my research base. I hope over time I will be viewed as adding value to the 12MANAGE community.

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Adding Value to the 12manage Community

@W Atkinson: good day, oh, yes! Certainly your valuable research base will add substantial value to the 12manage community, of which I am also a member. Mr.Atkinson, you are too good and humble in saying so. I look forward to your knowledge flowing into the 12manage series so that I can learn many things.
Thank you, K.Narayana Moorthy.

Consultant, India

Excellent Source of Management Concepts for All

I have been a member of 12M for a while now. I often visit both to look up concepts and to brush up my knowledge. A great resource for professionals and students of management. It has served me well, and I am sure it would continue to do so. I would like to thank 12M for all the wonderful wealth of knowledge made available. Great going. I will most certainly keep coming back.

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Sharing the Blessings of Knowledge

The world is changing fast and the world of business is changing faster. In this milllennium business corporations will have to deal with entirely new challenges to meet the customer demands, move from competition to collaborative reconfiguration, dove tail suppliers, empower employees, to be able to meet and surpass the expectations.
For this changes in the profile of employees should be:
1. Become customer- rather than task-oriented;
2. Establish high capabilities in the use of technology;
3. Cut down learning time for the new task (or role) (speed in change).

Ed Neri
HR Consultant, Philippines

Tremendous Help for Theoretical Basis of Proposals

12manage have always been a tremendous help for me in providing the theoretical basis of proposals in my field of Human Resource Management and management in general. Even just researching through 12manageís non-Premium services provide gems of knowledge to practitioners on the ground. I continue to visit and use 12manage and also refer colleagues and friends.

RD Bertsch, MSM
Consultant, United States

Invaluable Resource for Management Consultants

As a consultant, I find 12manage an invaluable resource for learning, sharing, and developing. As a consultant, I find 12manage an invaluable resource for learning, sharing, and developing.

Ed Neri
HR Consultant, Philippines

Tremendous Help for Proposals

12Manage have always been a tremendous help for me in providing the theoretical basis of proposals in my field of Human Resource Management and management in general. Even just researching through 12Manage's non-premium services provide gems of knowledge to practitioners on the ground. I continue to visit and use 12Manage and also refer your website to colleagues and friends.

Isaac E. Kruger, HRA
Management Consultant, South Africa

Both Powerful and Empowering

My very first encounter with 12manage was when I stumbled upon Goleman's EQ. At the time I was busy with an assignment and eventually blew everyone away with the wealth and level of knowledge and understanding of the various management concepts. Truly great work from Jaap and the team.

Naser M. Elmusrati
Strategy Consultant, Libya

Clean and To-the-target

12MANAGE is a clean and 'to-the-target' fast track. Thanks!

Oswaldo Quezada
Consultant, Venezuela

Found Information on All Topics

I feel very satisfied with the information provided by your management platform. I have found information on all topics consulted by me. Thank you.

Stylianos A. Stylianou
Management Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Excellent for Management Consultants

12manage is excellent for consultants! Yes, I found more than expected. Thank you!

S. Lago
Business Consultant, Canada

Invaluable Resource for Consultants

Thank you for this wonderful resource for business, both education and practice. It was an invaluable resource for completing my MBA and continues to inform my daily business practices.
I was just editing my profile and noticed that the courtesy title options could be expanded to include Dr. And the new gender-neutral Mx. To reflect the diversity of persons participating on this site.

Delfor Ibarra
Director, Argentina

Very Useful Site for Consultants

12MANAGE is a great, important and very useful site for me.
Thank you very much!

susan maiyo
HR Consultant, Kenya

Grateful for Information

I'm sincerely grateful for the information I have received from your management platform.

Damodaram Kuppuswami
Consultant, India

Professional Learning Opportunity

Thanks for your efforts. 12manage is very good and educative. I find it a really useful professional learning opportunity.

Lehutso Mphahlele
Business Consultant, South Africa

Primary Resource for Consultancy Practice

So far I have found 12manage to be an excellent dissemination platform to interact with management thought leaders, benchmark and develop capabilities.
I definitely intend do use it as a primary resource in developing and expanding my consultancy practice offering.

Ramiro Molina
Consultant, Colombia

Source of Ideas to Discuss with Clients

I do consultancy in the productivity improvement field of knowledge. I find that 12MANAGE has provided me with ideas that I have transmitted to and discussed with executives in a service-type company, in particular. It was a very interesting interchange of ideas/experiences. I worked during 34 years with multinational companies here in Colombia, so I can share my own experiences, as well.

done van wyk
Business Consultant, South Africa

Exponentially Useful

I am a new kid on this block on 12mamage and diving in time has been limited. However, I have found my interactions with this platform exponentially useful. I can not wait to indulge even more and to subscribe as an executive member.

Janet Tse
Coach, Ghana

Useful Tutorials

The tutorials have been very educative and enhanced my knowledge on the effective leadership style to exhibit.

Business Consultant, Mexico

Helpful Platform for Consulting Projects

The platform is great and helpful, there is a lot of information that helps to improve my knowledge and makings better strategies for my business projects.
Iíll continue to check more material and articles for my interests.

Golden Kadziyanike
Business Consultant, Zimbabwe

Solve Complex Management Challenges

I find 12 Manage to be a well researched and relevant site that helps me as a consultant to systematically analyze and solve complex challenges.

Analyst, Iran

Useful for Management Specialists

12manage is really useful for both specialists and enthusiasts in the world of management.
It is very good and full set.

Modu Kagu Mala
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Center for Excellence in Management Development

I have really obtained substantial management skills from 12manage. When I need to express my views about you, I must rate you 100 percent as center for excellence in management development. Thank you.

Anurag Paul
Business Consultant, Australia

Very Good Information Source for Professionals

12manage is a very good source of management knowledge with heaps of material for many business professionals. I highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Ishmael Shumba
Strategy Consultant, Zimbabwe

Great Tool for Me as a Strategy Consultant

I think it is a great tool for Business Professionals, Executives, Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs of every kind. I instantly recommended it to a colleague as soon I went through the content. He does a lot of transformational training, coaching and mentorship across Africa and beyond.
Personally, as an independent Strategy Consultant, I find that it covers virtually every facet one might come across in business, from startups, scaleup SME's, to mega corporations, all are covered.
Keep up this great work.


It's a Brain Storming for Management Consultants

It's really brain storming for managers, leaders, and enterpreneurs. I therefore call on all categories of managers, leaders and consultants to enjoin 12manage to share with its exclusive knowledge in management. Great adventures of management. Don't let it down.

Venkatesh Varaganti
Coach, India

Extremely Useful and Supportive

I find 12manage extremely useful and supportive to all of those like minded people who want to nurture the knowledge.

Business Consultant, Belgium

Very Useful Site to Brainstorm

I find 12manage a very usefull site that helps me to brainstorm when needed.

Mike Shorten
Business Consultant, South Africa

All Theories on One Portal

I love the fact that all the different theories are presented in a summarized form on one portal.

Carmen Lam
Consultant, Hong Kong

Bite-sized Information

I enjoy getting the emails from 12manage and find the bite-sized information exactly right for immediate consumption. Thank you.

Fahrettin Otluoglu
Management Consultant, Turkey

Substantial Management, Leadership and Organizational Knowledge and Skills

12manage is a platform where you can find substantial management, leadership and organizational knowledge and skills as managers/consultants who believe in continuous personal / professional development for their career. It is a discussion platform where you can share and add value to your know-how by others' knowledge and experience. It is very productive for professional development.
I had the opportunity to be a member of 12manage for over ten years.
I congratulate and thank you for your successful attempts and works you have done for the management and consulting sector worldwide.

Dideolu Adekogbe
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Brilliant Idea

Great concept.
12manage is a brilliant idea that allows for continuing professional development daily and exchange of views learning from one another.

Vaughan Kew
Consultant, South Africa

Sign-posting Function Throughout my Work Life

I have been with 12manage about 12 years, I think - I have derived immense value over that time. It has become a sign-posting function throughout my work life. It defines an interest and if I so wish, I pursue the subject further. It is functional & helpful!

Ateev Kapoor
Management Consultant, India

Brilliant Management Site

I find this site absolutely brilliant. I am almost addicted to it. Your page has helped me excel and become better at my business skills and managing problems.

Dr. Abhijeet Desai
Business Consultant, India

12manage and It's Use by Consultants

I have been using 12manage since its inception and it was known as Jaap de... Something like that.
It has taught me many new frameworks and concepts in management. Which I have implemented in my training sessions. Just incredible information that one gets on this platform. Moreover you can add your thoughts and concepts on the same.
If 12manage could start different types of courses on this platform it would add even more value for the people using the website.


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