12manage Very Helpful Sources for MBA Students



kagoro kaahwa richard
ICT Consultant, United Arab Emirates

12manage Very Helpful Sources for MBA Students

12manage has helped me to do better in my MBA program because I get all I want from 12manage thanks so much...


John D. Ramos, United States

12manage is Great MBA Forum

12manage is a great forum; especially for a current MBA student like myself. I recently graduated with my master's information technology and this forum is a key enabler to enhance my strategic abilities.

Alex Lushaba
Student (University), Swaziland

Best Site Ever for MBA Students

Hey this sounds like the best site ever...
I am enjoying being here and have forgotten that I am at work (smiling).

Student (MBA), United Kingdom

12manage is Great for Scholars

Feeling great to be a part of your network. The 12manage network is really a great hand for all scholars. I hope I will participate as much as possible in future. Thanks...

Student (University), Netherlands

Value of 12manage for MSc Students

Aiming to get my MSc BA/marketing management at TiasNimbas soon. 12manage shows that organizational and management theory has real value in practise.
Keep up the good work..

Dr Ray Chatwin
Lecturer, United Kingdom

Value of 12manage for MBA Students

I found the translation tool extremely useful when teaching new international MBA students at Aston University Business School, Birmingham, UK.
The concise summaries translated into home languages gave the students the basics to step up to the original, sometimes more dense, texts.
I recommend it on all the leadership and change management and coaching courses I teach at my current university and in the open university.
Well done for providing this resource.

Toyin Babs-Enoch
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

A Wealth of Ideas

I found the 12manage platform initially a bit intimidating looking at the various contributors, but I later realised that it is a wealth of ideas and a platform to learn from and interact with diverse professionals.

Chu S. Yong
Professor, Brazil

Rich Site on Business Administration

I have recommended 12manage site for all my students, each semester here at fgv, top ranking university in business administration in Brazil, and also induced professors/professionals to get into the site.
My opinion is that the site is really rich, students can reduce buying (most categories) books in business administration. Congratulation for your site management style.

Victor BIGWI, Rwanda

12manage Very Useful for MBA Students

I happily join this professional network to share with whoever use it to share with you ideas, experience and skills as well as creating friendship. There are six days since I have understood the word 12manage and I have liked so much. I wish to know more on how to use 12manage effectively in order to improve my skills and knowledge hence developing my career.

Geethalakshmi, India

12manage Merits for MBA Students

12manage is really good, a good network to learn and understand management. I am happy to be a member!
"Management is an art and a science" and this site covers management many details so nice.
12manage is very very helpful to all MBA students, because I used to be really confused (how to study all of management) but now I'm really happy and more clear thanks to 12manage.

manoj kotnala
Manager, India

12manage is Great Tool to Help Thousands of MBA Students and Managers

12manage gave me access to a vast knowledge base of managerial approaches, theories, methods and skills. It will help me to understand both current and future outcomes.

Karel V
CEO, South Africa

Perfect Website for Students and Professionals

12manage has really assisted me on my studies of a course in strategic management. I am now registering for the programme in advanced strategic management and I believe it will help me throughout that course too.

Karel V
CEO, South Africa

12manage the Best Network for Students and Profesionals

I've known 12manage during my course in strategic management with UNISA and it has been very useful to me. I have registered for the programme in advanced strategic management this year and I'm certain that I'll find all the assistance I need.

Consultant, India

12manage - Learning and Sharing Unleashed

Learning and sharing on such a platform which is not only well informed but also well contributed, I feel anyone who has to do something with any form, type of management or business school must be here. The variety of topics covered is exhaustive.

Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

Very Effective Way of Learning for Students

It's a way of learning and enriching our knowledge. Sharing our opinions and views. Very effective for students.
Thank you all for contributing your ideas which helps a lot. A diversity in terms of knowledge, culture.

deepak, India

All for MBA Student...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it is a very good for all management student... Specially for MBA students. 12manage is a booster for me in my MBA study.

obidike pauline chioma
Student (University), Nigeria

Management and Learning

12manage has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me express my views and also made me meet a lot of people who have also helped me in my field of learning.

Davood Naseri Bavaghar
Student (MBA), Iran

Strategy and Future Study

12manage is really good, a good network to learn and understand management. I am happy to be a member! "Management is an art and a science" and this site covers management many details so nice. 12manage is very helpful to all MBA students, because I used to be really confused (how to study all of management) but now I'm really happy and more clear thanks to 12manage.

Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

Management Summaries Beneficial for Assignments and Dissertations

Thank you very much for this great initiative.
Being a student in Human Resource Management, this site has always benefited me whether in my assignments or dissertations with great reactions from real time work.
This will surely help me to obtain my degree.

Shiaka Kawa
Entrepreneur, Sierra Leone

12manage is Very Useful for MBA Students

I found 12manage extremely useful when I started my online MBA 10 years back. Its resources often complemented those I received through my business school and greatly enhanced my learning experience.

Gretchen Richards
Professor, United States

I Recommend 12manage to All my Students

I actually like 12manage although I do not participate often in the discussions.
In fact, I urge all my students, especially doctoral candidates, to visit the site to learn the complexity of business and organizations. There are so many depths that need to be explored.

Jules Vestjens
Student (University), Netherlands

Very Helpful for Assignments

I am using 12manage a lot this month for several school assignments. I think it is very helpful for all kind of assignments/problems within companies. The platform shows all the relevant models for different subjects. The models are easy to find and use.

Emmanuel Samson Shiganga
Student (University), Tanzania

Helpful for Finance Students Too

I have found a lot of new things at 12manage which I never knew. It's a nice place here.

Student (University), Zimbabwe

12manage as a Replacement for University

I am in need of getting financial support to pursue my education since l had just finished my Advanced level and failed to go further because of financial scarce, but I find this website helping me at an extend that sometimes l can take myself as l am already studying my degree at the University. 12manage is grooming me to the best in the world.
It is a good platform where we have an opportunity to share ideas and responsibilities with those of best worldwide. I am seeing myself attaining greater knowledge of business and its internal and external environment.

Lilian Kiprono
Student (University), Kenya

12manage Really Helps for Management Studies

I'm enjoying the platform, 12manage really helps me in my studies especially in 'administrative theory and behavior".
I'm really thankful. I hope I enjoy gaining more and more everyday.


Really Good Website

It's a really good website. I found significant information on this site.
I really appreciate you and the whole team.

Student (MBA), Sri Lanka

Useful Reference Tome

It's a really useful reference tome for MBA students. Thanks.

Abhijeet Sonawane
Student (University), India

Explanations in Simple Language

It's really an amazing platform, everything is explained in a very simple language to understand which I appreciate. I'm very glad to inform you that, I'm really enjoying going through various topics which are there on the website even though they don't belong to my discipline (psychology). Keep up the good work.

Dani Gift
Student (MBA), Zimbabwe

Career and Personal Development Platform

The 12manage platform is useful and educative towards career and personal development.

Alphonce Muchatuta
Student (University), Zimbabwe

Very Educative Management Platform

12manage as a management platform is very educative and is based on applied situations which in my view assist first encounters of the situations and also assists in improving business processes.

Student (University), Zimbabwe

Insightful Management Platform for Students

The management platform is quite insightful and the presentations are just to the point. Thank you so much!

vania de la cruz
Student (University), Mexico

Real and Reliable Information

I like the conversation topics that are carried out and I also recommend it because it is a platform with real and reliable information.

cathy austin
Manager, South Africa

12manage Very Useful for MBA

I'm currently doing my MBA and it is very helpful.

thu kha soe
Analyst, Myanmar

Very Helpful Management Knowledge Platform

It is very helpful management knowledge platform like a one stop solution for MBA undergraduate students, MBA graduated, PhD candidates and PhD as well. I am very grateful to able to reach this access. And I do really appreciate for your many knowledge sharing also. Thank You.

Student (University), China

Multilingual Function

As a new user, I really like 12manage. I think it is quite convenient and helpful for me. Thanks to the multilingual function, I can simultaneously learn the managerial theories in English and Chinese, which can help me have a better understanding. Additionally, really thanks for your design, I can see which theories I have overlooked in a module and re-organize my theoretical system.
Thank you for your wonderful work, because the establishment of 12manage must have helped a lot of people like me who want to learn MBA knowledge and communicate with each other through an online platform. Really thank you!!!.

Etheldreda Chikopa
Business School Marketer, Zimbabwe

Extremely Helpful Resource for Business Students

Thank you for the opportunity to join 12manage. As a Buisness Studies Student, this is an extremely helpful and much needed resource. I am learning everyday and becoming more confident as knowledge harvested increases. Thank you.

Sumit Kumar Pattnaik
Student (MBA), India

Wonderful Site

It's wonderful using the website.

Career Consultant, Philippines

Useful for my Class Discussions

Management topics here are very useful for my class discussions. Current issues, situational problem, new approaches and discussions are presented. All information shared are well presented and easy to understand. Thank you so much for creating this online program. Different views from different nationalities and culture are taken into consideration. Have a great day.

Muhammad Zahabi
Student (University), Nigeria

Best Online Learning Platform

12manage is the best online learning platform I have ever come across… Is the best so far….


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