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Exchange Managerial Knowledge Globally
Sergio Leite, Analyst, Brazil, Member
I want to congratulate you for this terrific initiative that is join and move managerial knowledge around the world. The experience and acquaintance exchanging will certainly bring news horizons to managers, not counting the numerous management techniques and theories developed by great masters, all of them presented and commented in a simplified and fast manner, like need managers. I’m glad to be a member and i‘m gonna recommend it to friends.

Global Gathering on Management
Luis Cachay Huaman, Financial Consultant, Peru, Member
I find this site amazing. It really gathers a complete set of professionals from different countries around the globe focused on management. At first I was overwhelmed by this detailed diversity of communities, specialties and industries, but now I think it´s worth it.

Sharing Information on Management
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Coach, Italy, Member
I like 12manage very much. It gives everybody the opportunity to share information breaking the wall of space, time, and roles. 12manage is a great idea to connect ideas building new ones.

Tremendous Knowledge Sharing
Delali Kabe, Student (MBA), Ghana, Member
12manage has been very helpful in my transition from technical to management, in my studies as a student. Globally diverse ideas from experienced professionals has been tremendous for me. I'll remain here.

Exchange Management Knowledge Globally
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Business Consultant, Greece, Member
12manage is an excellent way of exchanging views on a variety of subjects on management. Management is my background in both my academic and professional career. Best wishes to you and to 12manage which gives us the opportunity to communicate with many persons from around the world who share the same interests.

International Honest Professional Information Sharing
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
12manage is a great resource for progressive thinking individuals. It is a learning vehicle on an international level without bias and this leads to honest yet professional information sharing. Thank you!

Excellent Forum to Exchange Ideas and Views on Management Subjects
J S Broca, Teacher, India, Member
Yes 12manage is an excellent forum for all those interested in exchanging their news and views on management related topics and subjects with like minded experienced and learned people through the internet. It feels exciting to be connected with so many others across the globe. It is an enriching experience. Kudos! Keep it up!

Organizational Analysis and Management
solomon kitundu, Manager, Kenya, Member
Kudos, this is the best way ever to share management ideas. The resource will go a long way in sharpening our skills as managers and act as a bank.

Sharing Management Knowledge
Hii I like 12manage website. Because this website is good for sharing knowledge, communication skills and for good jobs also.. Kiran Patel - Instute of Cost & Work Accountant.

Platform to Share Management Knowledge
Reuben Ngeti Mwakisachi
12manage provides a platform for the community members to share knowledge and experiences. It is invaluable for those who want to expand their knowledge base.

Best Global Knowledge Exchange
Abrahm, Student (University), South Africa, Member
12manage is the best facility to promote and exchange knowledge and knowledge socialisation in line with the current knowledge era economy.
The more the people of the world communicate to share live experiences, the more value is added to the quality of everybody 's live to promote and nurture the universal goal of common good for all human being accross the globe. We share the pains and sufferings with every community, families and organisations, and hope that it is through knowledge exchange and praying that there will be peace for all.
Lifelong learning is no more an option, but a duty to care and share selflessly for a common good for all.

Enriching Contributions from Various Contexts
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
It is simply the best forum. One thing I have found is enriching contributions from various people from different contexts. Really impressive.

Platform of Information-sharing
Darryl Lynn Jones
I find 12manage a viable platform of information-sharing and positive reinforcement of organizational knowledge which is needed to grow professionally and personally.

12manage: a Boon for Managers
V SHRIDHAR, Consultant, India, Member
I have been in 12manage recently. I only wish this happened years ago!
It is a reservoir of knowledge that goes on filling with the insights of experienced professionals and management gurus across the globe. We can put our ideas, knowledge freely without any fear of being ridiculed and can learn a lot from others.
I requested all my friends across the globe to join 12manage and to liberally put their ideas on 12manage.

Participating in Ongoing Dialogues
Robert Sowell, Consultant, United States, Member
I'm enjoying participating in the ongoing dialogues. There seems to be a wide variety of experiences represented.

Sharing our Views on Various Management Topics
George sleeba
I find the 12manage very useful in sharing our views on various management topics (Leadership, HR Management, Strategic Management, Industrial Engineering).
It has also enriched me with inputs from others, their views and thinking.

Excellent Exchange of Ideas on Management
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
12manage is an excellent forum for exchange of ideas on management issues and concepts.
I wish, I had more time to get fully involved in the forums. Nevertheless, I greatly benefited from the discussions.

Global Melting Pot of Knowledge
DANNY SUSIKWANA, Accountant, Zambia, Member
12MANAGE is a centre of excellency of global importance. Diverse views and opinions covering business and non business sectors from all over the world are shared, analysed and reshaped into other knowledge which also starts its own journey of being shared analysed and reshaped.
In the process 12MANAGE is providing a fora for think tanks to share their knowledge and also create think tanks out of the consumers of that knowledge and that knowledge comes back to challenge and reshape the thinking of the think tanks.
In the final analysis, all of us benefit big time! It is a university of universities!

Great for Sharing Opinions, Learnings, and Experiences
Samuel Thierry, Project Manager, Cameroon, Member
I believe 12Manage is a great idea that has a great effectiveness. It provides opportunity to share opinions, learnings, and experiences.
I have learned a lot from it since I am a member. I wish to have more time to contribute as much as I learn from this platform.

Excellent Management Forum for Knowledgeable and Experienced People to Share Their Views
Ray Uday Shankar Prasad, India, Member
12 Manage provides an excellent forum for knowledgeable and experienced people to share their views and derive benefit from them on a variety of management issues. To say the least, it is an enriching experience.

Share Management Ideas with People around the World
Doaa Saayed, Student (University), Lebanon, Member
12manage is so great. You can share ideas with people around the world.
You know, sometimes I feel like each one is reflecting some of his/her culture and mindset which is important… In my humble opinion you can learn more in this way from people… Have a good time!

Doaa Saayed, Student (University), Lebanon, Member
Just a brief addition: (on 12manage) you can easily experience that the world is a small village. You can see the different opinions and understand the subjects according to different points of views.

Exchanging Solutions to Managerial and Leadership Issues
Justina Princess Ezeuzoh, Nigeria, Member
While studying I already found the site very helpful with topnotch subject matters and good insights that enriched my dissertations.
Please keep it up, you guys are simply terrific, filling a gap that classroom tutorials could never fill. When it comes to managing humans and unpredictable situations, it is only experience that can give a surefire fix-it remedy.
Here at 12manage we have a wealth of sound minds and sound brains working together to provide realtime solutions to pressing managerial and leadership issues.

Trusted Management Platform
Akintunde Olusegun, Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I am finding a trusted platform to educate, re-educate and refresh one's management and leadership knowledge and skills. The platform equally provides an avenue to learning and sharing management and entrepreneurship updates.

Fostering Learning Opportunities in Developing Countries
Malong Aluong, Member
The 12manage is the best in fostering learning opportunities in developing countries where learning is interfered with factors in education such as insecurity and low technology. 12manage has helped a lot of young people acquiring skills and improving their knowledge.


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