(How) Should you Manage Smart Phones and Facebook Usage by Employees?

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Entrepreneur, United States

(How) Should you Manage Smart Phones and Facebook Usage by Employees?

It seems that some in the millenia's may have challenges dealing with new technology, which is distracting them from tasks required.
Employee checking Facebook during meeting...I have to manage my communications, and learned today there is software designed to help people limit their time spent on Facebook etc... If they cannot manage this aspect of their lives themselves...
As a potential future business owner, I believe that I would be somewhat irritated at employees continually checking their smart phone or other devices, particularly while in a meeting.
Is it OK to have everyone place their telephones on the table...? And, taking that a step further, how about the security aspect and risk management when cellular devices are present...
What is fair to all involved, employee and business owner/management?

  Margaret McCrory
Student (University)

Internet Communications in the Workplace: Bad Manners

Manners above everything else is the issue here, emails, text messages, Twitter updates, Facebook messages and even phon...

  Celeste Ray
Consultant, United States

Smart Phones during Business Meetings: On the Table

This seems to be a continuous problem. We were brought up with manners and respect for others. No time should anyone tex...

  Ken Kalali
CEO, Kenya

Use of Smart Phones in Meetings: Set Ground Rules

I believe this is a case of abusing new technology which in essence is supposed to be an enabler in our businesses. For...

  Randy Babicek
Manager, United States

Checking Messages in the Workplace: 1x in the Morning and 1x in the Afternoon

Depends on the business, but constantly checking messages is disrespectful and non productive in the workplace, especial...

  Greg Sharpe
Manager, United States

Use of Smart Phones in Meetings: Owner/Manager Sets the Rules

I believe that you as the business owner should set the rules on professional/respectful use of electronic devices. But ...

  Bob Strasser

Meetings are Expensive. Partial Attendance is Not Acceptable

Meetings are an extremely expensive but necessary part of doing business. Today, having 10 people in a meeting easily co...

  Emmanuel Reyme
Director, United States

New Communications can also Save Money on Meetings

@Bob Strasser: a creative manager never gives up. Use the handicap to your benefit. On a communication point of view, yo...

  Randy Babicek
Manager, United States

Meetings Where Half the Group is Texting

@Emmanuel Reyme: with respect, better to alter the behaviors than coddle the employees who are distracting and non-engag...

  Emmanuel Reyme
Director, United States

Smart Use of Smart Phones by Employees in Business

@Celeste Ray: in response to Ms. Steiner, let me add with Celeste that effective managers capitalize on all positive and...

  Bob Strasser

Phone/Internet Communication in Meetings is a Waste

Mr. Reyme, I run a tech company. Totally web based. We use and develop for use all types of technology. My remarks were ...

  Srikumar Varma

Switch Off Mobile Phonese in Face to Face Meetings

All smart phones and other communicating devices must be switched off as a mandatory rule. If at all a communication has...

  Mohamed Nusry
Business Consultant, Sri Lanka

Communication Devices have Become Part and Partial of Human Life

It is very important to have effective meetings in organizations as far as the management and leadership are concerned. ...

  Shweta Garg
Manager, India

Use of Smart Phones in Board Rooms Should be Barred

In respect to the use of smart phones in the meetings I strongly believe that it should be a mandate rule to bar the use...

  Chris Hdez
Coach, Mexico

Smartphones and Social Networks at Work

Not all the participants called in for meetings should be treated equally. We normally ask staff to put their phones in ...

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Smart Way to Use Smartphones in Meetings

Normally for smart managers it should not be difficult to delegate a task to look after this to someone responsible to h...

  Ivan Kohlinsky
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Have Smartphone / Facebook Breaks at Work

My knee jerk reaction is that it is better to control it (manage it) than have anarchy. In the same vein as smoking was ...

  Saeed Khodaee
Director, Iran

Employee's Behavior Respecting Social Affairs Always Respected

Although I respect everyone's urgencies in meetings, I would rather ask the meeting attendees to put off their digital c...

  peter simons
Turnaround Manager, Switzerland

Empower Employees to Set the Company Rules for Smart Phones Usage During Work

What strikes me is that everybody is telling what to do. That is still style 70s-80s. As a good alternative a company co...

  Serkalem G.Kirstos
CEO, Ethiopia

Ground Rule: Divert your Calls!

What is most important, as aired, is setting the pace by way of a ground rule that "no mobile phones should be answered ...

  Osama Kamal
Management Consultant, Egypt

Smart Phones during Business Meetings: Use the Secretary as a Filter

May be it is better to let all unwanted contact tools in front of a secretary outside the meeting room, where she accept...

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Team Structures in a Dialogue Environment

This topic is an causes an interesting scenario, since there might be some good reason a member of the team or group mig...

  kierdorff, Netherlands

As a Manager, be an Example for your Staff

Unfortunate companies partially can blame themselves of this bad conduct. Not so long ago, a job was a job and private w...

HR Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

RESPECT THE TEAM ought to be the Basis for Any Ground Rule

Frequent interruptions resulting from the use of electronic devices during meetings or discussions is disdainful to say ...

  Mark welker
Student (MBA), United States

Experience with Disallowing Smart Phones and Laptops During Meetings

Out of respect for the people in the meeting and for the efficiency we have established a rule that no laptops or cell p...

  robin umiom
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

Inclination to Check Phones is an Addiction...

There is no emergency that can crop up in a management or board meeting of 2 - 4 hours to demand the recourse to telepho...

  Robert Osborne
CEO, United States

Suggested GROUD RULES for Smart Phones and Facebook

1. Ask people to turn their phones off at the beginning of the meeting. Seriously. It's rude to be texting during meetin...

  Charles Peter
CEO, Kenya

Ban Phones During Meetings

Better still phones should be avoided in meeting venues to avoid distractions as the meeting progresses. How do you expe...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

The Old School Speaks

I live by very simple rules when I am chairing meetings. All mobile devices off. And I advise clients (owners) from day ...

  Saeed Khodaee
Director, Iran

Mandatory Methods have Some Demotivating Effects

@Gary Jones: Being this straightforward seems to be effective in management. On the other hand, however, this sort of ma...

  Anand H

Technoly Creates Habits which Work like a Drug

During meetings... Absolutely no... It boils down to self control... It's a matter of discipline and setting priorities....

  Sidheeque Machingal
Director, United Arab Emirates

Why to Invite Someone for a Meeting if he thinks Smart Phone Browsing is the Priority?

I think it works both ways, if the meeting is really interesting, no one will bother to check his smart devices. If he...

  Dali Horeshka
Business Consultant, Albania

Smart Phone Rules versus Behaviours and Exclusion versus Inclusion

As is the case more often, the new technology has increased the communication but often the users use this technology in...

  Willard P.M. Mangwengwende
Manager, Zimbabwe

Have a Smart Phone Code of Conduct

I think its a very distracting behaviour if everyone in a meeting starts playing with their smart phones. They are quite...

  Maria Montero
Coach, Venezuela

Setting Rules Impairs Growth and Responsibility

I'm not a fan of rules as I haven't found them useful to motivate trust & freedom. I believe that rules are used when th...

Accountant, Sri Lanka

Use Proxy Services to Avoid Facebook Usage During Work Hours

An efficient method of handling Facebook traffic. In our office access to Facebook is not available during the office ho...

  Lamar Culpepper
Consultant, United States

Fostering Personal Responsibility and Engagement

As Maria Lairet noted, the perceived need for imposing rule is out of a survival reaction to the resistance human beings...

  Belay Gezahegn
Director, Ethiopia

Increasing Productivity of Employees

It may discomfort people to deny them the right to carry their cell phone to a meeting hall implying that they are not r...

  Felix Enrique Soto Romero
Project Manager, United States

Use the SPACER Acronym at the Start of Meetings

Every meeting should start with a S. P. A. C. E. R. : - Safety - Purpose - Agenda - Code-of-conduct - Expectations ...

  vinod kumar
Student (MBA), India

Cellphones can Record Conversations in Meetings

Beyond manners, it can cost more to company because conversations may be recorded and within few moments, it can be seen...

  John limpus

Smart Phones also May Enhance Flexibility

Recent smart phone technology does present some issues, regarding use, ethics, privacy concerns etc within the work envi...

  Lamis Makhoul
Project Manager, Syria

Checking Messages Within Meetings is Not Acceptable

Checking message within the meetings isn't acceptable even putting phones on silent or vibrant is favoured as it will af...

Student (MBA), Trinidad and Tobago

Managing Smart phones and Facebook Usage in the Work Place

- Smart phone usage should be managed in and out of meetings in the workplace. I'm not sure how it may be managed outsid...

Entrepreneur, United States

Exceptions and Complications with Banning Devices in the Workplace / Meetings

The responses have been varied and interesting in their variation. I agree that there should be measures taken such as e...

HR Consultant

Clear Meeting Ground Rules for Laptop and iPad Usage

Our company has a clear set of 'meeting rules' the meeting organisor always can refer to should meeting participants mak...

  robin umiom
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

No Exceptions in Telephoning During Meetings

Kathryn you have moved us to discussing telephoning at meetings and agreed it has been quite thought provoking. I am sur...

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Focus on the Thinking, not the Tools

Let's think twice about limiting the use of smart devices. Meetings should harness the power these electronic tools prov...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Thinking Needs to Be Directed

Good leadership dictates focus by employees. Focus and direction are lost by ancillary distractions. Sure the devices sp...

Entrepreneur, United States

Thinking and Electronic Devices Can Be Utilized to Share with Group During Meetings

Electronic devices should be utilized to share with the group pertinent information, not to convey personal information ...

  Lionel MERCK
Director, France

Nomophobia: Permanently Using a Smartphone

Watching constantly at your smartphone is a disease. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is called 'nomophobi...

  Grace Alleyne, Barbados

Smart Phones in the Office

The word 'fair' should not be in the equation when it comes to using smart phones for personal use in the business setti...

  Bob Strasser

Smart Phones in Meetings: Consider Industrial Espionage

Has anyone considered industrial espionage? While governments spend huge amounts trying to spy on each other, more money...

  Enesto Bonilla Sequeira
Accountant, Costa Rica

Smart Phones Use can be Negative to the Company

The use of smart phones has to be regulated if you see some behavior of the workers. Not everybody has the conviction ...

  Bob Strasser

Don't Allow any Recording Devices in Meetings, including Smart Phones!

Remember Sun Tze. Intelligence is everything in battle. Recording devices can not be allowed in strategic meetings. W...

  Shubhra Gabel
Manager, India

Social Networking at Work Place

Social networking at workplace only shows that the employee finds more entertaining communication elsewhere than within ...


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