(How) should you manage smart phones and Facebook usage by employees?

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(How) should you manage smart phones and Facebook usage by employees?
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States

It seems that some in the millenia's may have challenges dealing with new technology, which is distracting them from tasks required.
Employee checking Facebook during meeting...I have to manage my communications, and learned today there is software designed to help people limit their time spent on Facebook etc... If they cannot manage this aspect of their lives themselves...
As a potential future business owner, I believe that I would be somewhat irritated at employees continually checking their smart phone or other devices, particularly while in a meeting.
Is it OK to have everyone place their telephones on the table...? And, taking that a step further, how about the security aspect and risk management when cellular devices are present...
What is fair to all involved, employee and business owner/management?... Register

Internet Communications in the Workplace: Bad Manners
Margaret McCrory, Student (University), Northern Ireland

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New Communications can also Save Money on Meetings
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States

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Have Smartphone / Facebook Breaks at Work
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Serkalem G.Kirstos, CEO, Ethiopia


Team Structures in a Dialogue Environment
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States

As a Manager, be an Example for your Staff
kierdorff, Manager, Netherlands

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vince, HR Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago


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robin umiom, Entrepreneur, Nigeria

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Robert Osborne, CEO, United States

Ban Phones During Meetings
Charles Peter, CEO, Kenya

The Old School Speaks
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Have a Smart Phone Code of Conduct
Willard P.M. Mangwengwende, Manager, Zimbabwe




Increasing Productivity of Employees
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia

Use the SPACER Acronym at the Start of Meetings
Felix Enrique Soto Romero, Project Manager, United States

Cellphones can Record Conversations in Meetings
vinod kumar, Student (MBA), India

Smart Phones also May Enhance Flexibility
John limpus, Other, Australia

Checking Messages Within Meetings is Not Acceptable
Lamis Makhoul, Project Manager, Syria

Managing Smart phones and Facebook Usage in the Work Place
williams, Student (MBA), Trinidad and Tobago



No Exceptions in Telephoning During Meetings
robin umiom, Entrepreneur, Nigeria

Focus on the Thinking, not the Tools
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

Thinking Needs to Be Directed
Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia


Nomophobia: Permanently Using a Smartphone
Lionel MERCK, Director, France

Smart Phones in the Office
Grace Alleyne, Barbados


Smart Phones Use can be Negative to the Company
Enesto Bonilla Sequeira, Accountant, Costa Rica


Social Networking at Work Place
Shubhra Gabel, Manager, India


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