The 5 R's of Supply Chain Management

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Manager, India

The 5 R's of Supply Chain Management

The main aim of SCM is a continuous supply of materials at 5 R which are:
1. The Right Place
2. The Right Time
3. The Right Quantity
4. The Right Quality
5. The Right Price
This can be done efficiently if a company has all of the following 3 flows arranged properly:
1. Cash Flow
2. Material Flow
3. Information Flow.

  Benjamin K.Doh
Interim Manager, Ghana

Seven - 7 Rights in Logistics

Hello Anuj, I agree totally with the 5 Rights, but I learnt there are two more Rights, do you know about them?
These 2 Rights added to the existing 5 Rights making them to 7 Rights according to some professionals, any idea?

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The 7 R's in Logistics (R = Rights)

I found a list of 7 R's mentioning the following extra R's in SCM / Logistics:
6. The Right Product
7. The Right Customer
The list also mentioned Right Condition, but that I believe that one is included in The Right Quality?
I am not sure however if they add much to the 5 mentioned by Anuj if we focus on continuous supply of materials...

  Murli JS
Management Consultant, India

The 10 Rs or the 10 Rights in Supply Chain Management

The list is correct, but (for SCM) it is not compl (...)

Manager, India

I Have Covered your Point in Flows of SCM

@Jaap de Jonge: Thank you Jaap. You are right. Thi (...)

  Murli JS
Management Consultant, India

Thanks for Covering my Suggestions

@ANUJ KUMAR SHRIVASTAVA: Thanks Anuj for acceptin (...)

  Ashoke D Kulkarni

Rights in Supply Chain Management

All 10 Rs indicated by various members are accepta (...)

  Fabio Tilomelli

It Depends on what You Mean by 'Quality'

If you mean the respect of all the requirements, m (...)

Manager, India

Right to an Extent

@Fabio Tilomelli: Quality is defined as what you t (...)

  Fabio Tilomelli

A not Right Extension is not a Right. it is a Mistake

Quality is defined by international standard ISO 9 (...)

  Emmanuel Fosu
Manager, Ghana

The 5R's of Supply Chain Management

The first 5 R's are the bedrock of SCM and I think (...)

  Esi Bosuwaa
Student (Other), Ghana

Should the 5 Rs of SCM Be Maintained as Such

@Emmanuel Fosu: I perfectly agree with you. But I (...)

Manager, India

Some Views on your Questions

@Fabio Tilomelli: The Quality standards differ w.r (...)

  Bevis Qiu

3 Rs of Supply Chain Management Might Be Unnecessary

In my view, the following three Rs might be unnece (...)

  odhiambo tom
Manager, Kenya

The 7 R's of Logistics

@Fabio Tilomelli. I agree with your explanation on (...)


Avoid too Many Rís of Logistics

Hi, everyone mentions very important Rís of Logist (...)


SCM 5 R's Expansion to 11 R's

I may be wrong, but looking at it from a different (...)

Manager, India

The 11 R's of SCM are an Extended State of the 5 R's

@Patrick: Hello, thanks for your views. As you sta (...)

Manager, India

You are Right, But the Basics Cannot Be Avoided

@Sheryl: Off course you are right that classifying (...)

Student (University), Ghana

Procuring According to the 5 Rights

Assuming you are a procurement officer in an organ (...)

  Tracey Bennett
Manager, United Kingdom

Origin of the 5 R's

Hi, can anyone tell me the origin of the 5 R's? Is (...)

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Supply Chain and Quality Management

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