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Operations Management
Kazi Abdul Halim, Procurement Sr. Executive, Bangladesh, Member
What is operations management? Is there a difference between supply chain management and operation management?

Difference Between Supply Chain Management and Operations Management
Arivazhagan, Student (MBA), United Kingdom, Member
Every Supply chain manager is a better operations manager but an Operations manager is not a better supply chain manager.

Supply chain is more specific... in Operations
Hope i answered your question...

Difference Between SCM and OM
Sabari, Analyst, India, Member
SCM is a specific part of operations management. It deals with all those links which are required for any goods/service to reach till customers like(tier 2 suppliers, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesaler, retailer and finally customer). In operations management all the operational activities will come like layout management, resource allocation, SCM, lean manufacturing, operation research related issues, TQM, Six Sigma etc.

SCM and Operations Management
PRAMOD, Manager, India, Member
From my experience I can say that operations management is a very broad concept and SCM is a part of it.

Difference Between Supply Chain Management and Operations Management
Shubhada, India, Member
Supply chain deals with supplier to end customer...
Operation mangement deals with conversion of raw materials to finished goods...

Supply Chain Management V/s Operation Managenet
Maharaja Himandu Upadhyay, Manager, India, Member
Operation management is a much broader term and SCM is a part of operation management.

SCM Versus Operations Management
Caillaud, Consultant, France, Member
While SCM is focusing on managing the flow of products from suppliers to end customers, operations management is more dedicated to internal organization, and not only managing material flow. However both are linked as they speak of similar concerns, and techniques.

Operations Management versus SCM
Gaurav Jain, Analyst, India, Member
SCM is a part of operations management. Operations is a broader concept including plant layout, forecasting, resource management and various other activities involved to increase the productivity of the organisation.
SCM focuses on the timely and quality delivery of the product/services to the customer.

SCM versus Operations Management
Sabari, Analyst, India, Member
- Operations management mainly focuses on in-house activities. How effectively you can utilize your limited resources can be one of the key operations activity.
- On the other hand SCM mainly focuses on integrating your suppliers with your mainstream business. It is one way very closely related to your B2B transactions.

SCM versus Ops Mgmt
Kwakye Kwame, Manager, Ghana, Member
Operations management is concerned with reconciling the firms resources to meet market requirements. If we look at the value chain, this would include all supporting activities from your inbound to the outbound, and extending to the after sales as well. Supply chain management is concerned with the primary activities of the value chain. It coordinates issues from the upstream to the downstream but does not concern itself with the supporting activities. In my opinion therefore SCM is primarily concerned with the primary activities within the value chain whilst operations management is primarily concerned with the supporting activities in the value chain. Both of them integrates at the decoupling point of the primary and secondary activities to support the overall value chain.

SCM versus Operations Management
Sabari, Analyst, India, Member
SCM is defined as a philosophy of integrating various physical, informational, managerial, financial attributes required in transporting goods/services from vendors to customers in the most effective and efficient manner. In short the supply chain cost (all expenses incurred in managing your supply chain) should be the minimum.
Operation management on the other hand mainly concerns with all the day to day activities occurring inside the organization.

Supply Chain Management
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Supply chain management is the total integrated management of total activities right from the vendor of the vendor to the customer of the customer: the ultimate user and includes the quality delivery timely delivery and cost effectiveness of business processes.

SCM versus OM
Shahid Mahmood Ch., Manager, Pakistan, Member
Simply speaking, the efficiency of one or more operation(s) of a successful set-up mostly depend upon an efficient supply chain management.
SC is basically like a control room which is simultaneously manging power loads to various machines (say internal consumption) and input obtained from external sources. The SC phenomenon resembles a PLC which controls a process.
SC not only controls its internal operations i.e. buying new raw materials, distribution from existing inventory, and logistics. But also its feeds its internal customer i.e. production, planning and other internal users.

SCM versus Operations Management
Marrocco, Teacher, Viet Nam, Member
The Supply Chain Officer typically reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) so that should give you some idea that supply chain is a function within operations management:
* Operations Management encompasses all of the resources necessary to plan, execute, deliver, and warranty products or services.
* Supply Chain Management encompasses the informational, physical, and financial requirements necessary for an “extended enterprise” (multiple levels of interfacing companies) to service the end customer. “Cost” and “value add” evaluations are appropriate as efficiency and customer facing metrics are applied.

Supply Chain Management versus Operations Management
boobalan, Analyst, India, Member
Supply chain management is nothing but directly or indirectly involving all parties from the supplier till the end customer in producing and distributing a product.
Operations management is a concept of manufacturing goods or providing services.

SCM versus Operations Mangement
Eugene, Manager, South Africa, Member
SCM is from the supplier to the end user.
Operations is very broad, just like SCM where you get it in manufacturing/production or in warehousing.
However SCM can also be used in operations as this also forms a chain.

Difference between SCM and Operations Management
- Supply chain management comprises of the flows of goods, information or service from raw materials till the completion of finished goods as well as improving the efficiency of supply chain and cost reduction by interaction with the stakeholders(i.e. suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers). Simply we can say that supply chain management starts with the supplier and ends with the customers.
- Operation management starts with the entering of raw material into our facility until it come out as finished goods. It includes functions like planning (at top, mid and low-level), product development, packaging and designing...

Difference Between SCM and Operations Management
Conrad Capule
SCM is much broader than operations management. It covers the coordination of all the activities of various departments from the procurement of raw materials, processing, distribution, and delivery of finished products to the customer. Operations management focuses on efficiency and optimization of operating units. SCM focuses on coordination of activities in the value chain.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Emmanuel Gumede, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
SCM is not only interdepartmental (operations, marketing, finance, etc.), but also interorganisational, as it seeks to integrate and coordinate supply of goods and services from their source of origin to their end customers.
The main activity is that of providing integration, firstly across departments within a firm especially operations and marketing; secondly, across organisations through logistics management.

Supply Chain versus Operations Management
Richard Ahumibe, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
@Caillaud: Supply Chain Management is an aspect of Operations Management, because the Supply Chain function is one of the units of the Operations function - just as Production (i.e. shop floor) and Engineering Services are also sub-sections of the Operations function.

Supply Chain Management
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Operations management is the overall management of manufacturing and delivery of materials and products.
The major inputs for the manufacturing of products are the materials and components and trained man power.
Of these the material supply of the right quality and at the right time to match the line expectations with a minimum of inventory or material waiting time and management is the supply chain management.

Conclusions SCM versus Operations Management
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
In conclusion: There are 2 main differences:
1. SCM has an inter-organizational point of view (between multiple organizations), while Operations Management focuses on process excellence from an intra-organizational point of view (inside one organization).
2. Supply chain management manages the flows of A. Goods and sevices, B. Information and C. Money, in order to deliver maximum value to the end consumer, while minimizing the costs of the flows.
Operations management is responsible for supplying the product or service of the organization and managing the conversion or transformation process that converts inputs into outputs.

Neither of them is part of the other. But they are partly overlapping and closely related.

Supply Chain and Operations Management Support Each Other
Emmanuel Fosu, Manager, Ghana, Member
I am of the opinion that neither supply chain nor operations management submerges the other, but rather supports the other to achieve its objective. As supply chain makes sure the right materials (quality & quantity) are acquired with all the attendant rights, operations management turns the acquired material resources into finished product only for the supply chain to get it to the final destination. The 2 rely on each other to achieve their individual objectives.

Difference Between Supply Chain & Operations is the Point of View!
Ryelandt Jean, Business Consultant, Belgium, Member
For both we are talking about the same activities. But while Operations Management considers the activities within a vertical perspective, Supply Chain Management has a transversal and cross-departmental approach. Both consider internal and external activities. Supply Chain Management will focus on the coordination between the activities, while Operations Management will focus on making these activities happen in the right way.

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