What Makes a Person Into a Strategist?

Strategy and Innovation

Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

What Makes a Person Into a Strategist?

It is really difficult to become a strategist without having the personality / behavior that makes a person into a strategist. I believe a strategist' personality is the product of proactive behavior.
We need to cultivate proactive behavior among business men so that they will be more proactive than reactive. With that I mean that they will be self-initiated, anticipatory and action-aimed at averting their situation to a more favourable environment.
In general, if we succeed in developing proactive behavior among the business community, it becomes simpler to find strategists who embrace creativity, innovation and futuristic thinking.

  Luis, China

What Makes a Person Into a Strategist?

I agree 1. being proactive is an important step to grow as a strategist, but it's also necessary to:
2. Think from a big picture
3. Master some analysis mechanism, and
4. Be able to consider the feasibility of implementation.

Professor, India

What Makes a Person a Strategist

Yes. Proactive behaviour is a most desirable trait in business strategy and will certainly yield good dividends....

  Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

What makes Someone into a Strategist?

Proactive behavior is not only an important step as said by friend @Luis, but I believe it is the CORNERSTONE for having a strategist. Since it consists of acting in advance of future situations, it m...

  Dean Gilbertson, United States

What Makes a Person Into a Strategist

Effective strategic planning is about "thinking outside the box" for effective outcomes. It is also realizing that 8 of 10 strategies are not effective due to development of a "final goal date" as opp...

  Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

What Makes a Person Into Strategist

@Dean Gilbertson: thanks for your note that "effective strategic planning is about thinking outside the box" for good output. I agree with you. But observe that effective strategic planning is...

  Alan Kennedy, Canada

What Makes a Person a Strategist

I would argue that a good strategist is someone who understands what is under his or her control and what is not. Strategy is a choice of action and is under the control of the strategist. Strategy is...

  John Henry
Project Manager, United States

What Makes Someone a Strategist?

Strategists look beyond themselves (their control) and past the present (even a person who is proactive is stuck in the present) and look toward a future they envision. The strategy then becomes atta...

  Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

Proactive Thought versus Strategic Thought

@John Henry said that strategist must go beyond proactive thought with a view of envisioning the future. Partly I agree with you in the sense that strategic thought is the product of proactive thought...

  Ken Gordon
Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom

Strategic Thought is Applied Proactive Thought

A strategist must indeed be a proactive individual. The very act of being or becoming a strategist, is to have reviewed the potential for impact on the environment and to have determined the strategic...

  Bayissa Milkessa
Business Consultant, Ethiopia

Proactive Trait is also a Salient to Develop to the State of Maturity

We all somehow agree the proactive thought is the fundamental ground to be a strategist. On top this, having this proactive trait is essential to reach a state of maturity. By state of maturity, I me...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Developing the Ability to Strategize

One of the first lessons that those who decide to take their Advanced Drivers Licence learn is to change their point of focus. Most people concentrate on a point about 15 - 20m in front of the vehicle...

  Stephen Ofori

Attributes of a Good Strategist

Strategy is about "looking forward". It's about being able to anticipate the future and working towards that future now. I agree being proactive is one thing; however the ability to anticipate the fut...

  John Henry
Project Manager, United States

ProActive Thought versus Strategic Visioning

@Bayissa Milkessa: Proactive thought is based on the present circumstances, and the short term look forward to find the way through the current problems/issues and to a new better steady state. Strate...

  Warren D. Miller, CPA, CFA
Strategy Consultant, United States

What Makes a Person Into a Strategist?

As one who has studied strategic management for 39 years (and counting) and who has also advised business-owners and senior managers for just over 30 years, I confess that I'm quite surprised that no ...

  Patrick Parsons
United Kingdom

What Makes a Person Into Strategist?

Whilst I agree that proactive behaviour is a one of the pillars of successful strategic thinking. Becoming proactive is about situational awareness in both short and long term horizons . By analysing ...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Traits of a Strategist

I agree also with Bayissa Milkessa that being proactive as defined by him is an essential trait or capability of a strategist. The things mentioned by members are valuable too. One trait which I bel...

  Alkhaly Mohamed Tahey Conde
Analyst, Guinea

Strategic Capabilities

To be a genuine strategist, you must also get more and more knowledge on strategic management processes and frameworks, with a true leadership capacity and governance capability. The organization envi...

  Frederic A Parker
Consultant, United States

'Strategist' is NOT a Skill

After more than 50 years as a consultant in Training (skills) and Development (capabilities), I have learned not to confuse the two. Skills are technical and can be trained and learned. Capabilities a...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

A Strategist Needs to be Disassociated from Past and Expand on Vision

Anyone who needs to be involved in future oriented creation such as strategy must cut off from the past. He also needs to have a good lateral thinking capability apart from having c...

  Philippe Guenet
Coach, United Kingdom

It is Like Chess Playing

I think that any good strategist much enjoy playing chess. Chess is a formidable game of unfolding possibilities. The novice chess player plays one move at a time, figuring what is the best answer to...

  John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Get the Organization from Here to There

A strategist, a person responsible for establishing a series of events that lead the organization to a desired outcome, must know the goal, must have the objective clearly in focus and agreed upon by ...

  Joseph Adedio Egievba
CEO, South Africa

Abilities of a Strategist

The ability for a person to be able to design, bring plans to fruition, make him a strategist. Strategy has to do with mapping out a plan, design on a particular thing, and making sure it becomes ach...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Thinking Strategist Traits

I presume this need for strategic thinking and that "business men" should be more "proactive: self-initiated, anticipatory, action-aimed", is also true for businesswomen. Identifying strategic thinke... 13-9-2022


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Strategy and Innovation

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