Delays of Projects Caused by Owner

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Delays of Projects Caused by Owner
mohamed khalifa, Management Consultant, Libya, Member
Kindly I am doing a PhD on the impact of the management policies and procedures on the delay of projects (in the public sector in Libya).
In my opinion, the owner has a big part in the responsibility for creating project delay problems.
In your opinion, what are typical causes the owner is responsible for, causing project delay problems? Any information or feedback in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Project Delay by Owners
Ahmed Hamdy, Management Consultant, Kuwait, Member
Project delays due to owners can happen for many reasons, such as:
- Delaying decisions
- Delaying payments
- Delaying approval of the submittals.

More Reasons for Project Delay Caused by Owners
Rakesh Gudur, Strategy Consultant, India, Premium Member
I don't know how it works in Libya. However, all stakeholders have equal responsibility.
Having said that, it depends on the situation. For example:
- If you are dealing with a project in the public sector, the delay could be caused by the government changing its priorities, unstable government, bureaucracy, etc.
- In case of sub-leasing, the delay could be because of mismanagement and communication gaps.
- Allocation of improper resources is another cause for delay.
- Often, the requirements are not properly communicated by the owner or understood by the consultant. By talking direcly to a project owner, having a continuous communication, or doing regular interviews with the owner could reduce/minimize the delays.

Reasons for Project Delays Caused by their Owner
Kray Sophorn
Project delays may occur for many reasons, depending on the situation at hand, such as:
- Lack of resources (monetary and non-monetary)
- Communication skills
- Lack of team spirit
- Management, leadership
- Policies in the organisationare not fit,
- Political changes.

Project Delays Caused by Change Orders of Owners
Carmelo L. Neri, Consultant, Philippines, Member
I agree that delayed payments of progress billings is a major reason for project delay.
Another major cause for project delay caused by the owners of the project is (too many) change order requests.
Editor: A change order is work that is added, modified or deleted from the original scope of work of a contract. Typically this also alters the original contract amount and/or completion date. Sometimes a change order may need establishing a new project to handle significant changes to the current project.

How to Control Delays in Small IT Projects
Hans Havelaar, Switzerland, Member
Hi all, we are a team of a few IT professionals and have several projects on our table. We are doing these projects without following a model and we're managing the projects ourselves. Usually, these projects involve only the project manager who is also the project doer or nor more than 2 people.

However, some projects involve more than 2 people or indeed the whole team.
In such cases, the advance of project is veeery slow. Because repeatedly there are conflicts between tasks/projects/owners. For instance, one might argue that his project has higher priority and he will not work on tasks assigned to him from the project of a colleague.

This situation leads to huge frustration and our boss is not happy with the fact that there is no or little advance in the projects. By the way, he is the one who assigns the priority and it looks to me that he is not able to see the whole picture of all projects. His prioritization makes us collide.

My question is: what are the possible, practical options to improve the management of such larger projects and see more advancement in the projects works?
I hope the description was clear enough...:-) Thanks.

Reasons Why Project Owners are Causing Delays
Joseph Mallia, Project Manager, Malta, Member
- Lack of interest
- Lack of commitment
- Frustration
- Lack of project management skills
- Use of highly traditional project methodologies
- Lack of funds
- Lack of business support.

Problems and Delays Caused by the Owner of the Company
Pornpunsa Wuttisanwattana, Management Consultant, Thailand, Member
Based on type of project, I'd say that it depends on the experiences of the owner company. Underestimating a project is the worst thing. For the rest it is a matter of how the project and its organization are set up. If they're set up well, something good is likely to come. If not, surely problems will occur in many many ways.

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