What is the Value of PMP Certification?

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What is the Value of PMP Certification?
Vaibhav Behere
What value does PMP certification add to your resume?
Do companies prefer PMP certified professionals over those that do not possess it?

Value of PMP Certification on your Resume
hari, Project Manager, India, Member
Hi Vaibhav, a PMP certification is always a value addition on your resume, since most of the companies mention or require PMP in their job descriptions.
On the other hand, companies also recruit candidates without PMP if they have relevant experience.

Importance of PMP Certification
Vishwadeep Asthana, Project Manager, India, Member
Hello Vaibhav, PMP certification is like a high school certificate, which becomes a must when you are in the project management field. It not only adds value to your resume but gives an impression about your progressive nature in terms of your job profile. It is a must have certification for any project management professional, irrespective to which industry you belong to.

Value of PMP Certification on a Resume
RAMAKRISHNA PRAYAGA, Project Manager, India, Member
Hello Vaibhav, this certification is a way of expressing a PM's knowledge level, within structured-manner in a nutshell. i.e. speak volumes for itself.
An employer while recruiting, ensures that the candidate has deployed every area (possibly) as a part of this vast field of "project management".
It may not always be possible to scrutinize the degree of the knowledge in interview(s), as jotted-down on one's resume.
So I think the answer is yes for your question.

The Value of PMP Certification: Soft Skills are More Important!
Frank, Management Consultant, Taiwan, Member
PMP certification only proves you have some hard skills. To be a good project manager you need to practice project management soft skills too.

The Value of PMP Certification: Only Giving Hard Skills?
Amit Deorukhkar, Project Manager, India, Member
@Frank: I would like to understand what are 'hard skills'. Doesn't PMP also polish or frisk us on soft skills which a manager ought to possess?
And @hari: if PMP isn't required and experience of an individual is counted, how is that person's knowledge then tested?

Only Hard Skills in PMBOK Guide
Frank, Management Consultant, Taiwan, Member
@Amit Deorukhkar: Those processes of the Body of Knowledge described in PMI's PMBOK Guide are the hard skills which PMP professionals should learn. Soft skill is the other side of hard skill and never be included in PMBOK Guide.

Practicing Learned Knowledge Leads to Perfection
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
Knowledge is the starting point. But it is the practice of knowledge that leads to perfection and success.
Compared to professionals who learn purely from experiences, and apply unstructured experience in their work, a PMP certified project professional applying his knowledge to project management stands a better chance of success.
Also, experience becomes more meaningful and structured, which contributes to the development of profession and the body of knowledge on the subject.

What Value Does a PMP Have?
Peter Tarhanidis, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Vaibhav, today the PM Institute states that the world is spending 1/5 of its GDP on projects. The demand is noted at 1.2 million new jobs in the next 10 years.
Having a PMP provides two benefits:
1. You attain a independent validation of your skills as a project manager
2. Your organization and society can rely on a world class standard ISO / ANSI methodology is being used to ensure a high degree of successful projects are delivered.
Also, PMI noted there is a global supply shortage on qualified project managers. Gaining the above credential should improve one's access to these positions and achieving success in those roles.

PMP Value Analysis
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
@Peter Tarhanidis: Normally while tracking the performance of a project work, we focus on two values:
1. A valuation planned work called Planned Value (PV);
2. Predefined ' earning rules ' to quantify the accomplishment of work, called Earned Value (EV).
Project tracking without earned value is inconclusive. These vale are very useful to measure technical performance objectively and quantitatively and that is what EVM accomplishes.

What Value Does PMP add to your Resume
Jean-Michel DE JAEGER, EMBA, PMP, Project Manager, France, Moderator
Thanks Vaibhav for this contribution. I can clarify some elements and add some things to your list.
PMP certification is actually by far the most recognized one internationally and there were by the end of 2012 more than 500,000 project managers who passed and succeeded the exam and became certified PMP.
What a long way since the late 90s when I became a member of this American Institute of Project Management, PMI. Why such an effort, and why is it so successful? Why such continuity?
Communication, sharing, exchange, aperture seems to me the words that reflect the background of the characteristics of the expected success and achievements.
A final word to understand the value recorded is the professionalization of these project managers who work day after day to the success of this profession and its international recognition. The PMI is a worthy bearer.

What Value Does the PMP Have?
Paul D Giammalvo, Professor and Consultant, Indonesia, Member
Sorry Jean Michel, but I have to disagree with you on several points.
1. Project management is NOT a profession. Two published peer reviewed research papers show WHY it is not and cannot be a profession. To see the short explanation of why project management is NOT a profession, here is a link to an article I wrote on this subject.
2. The PMP, when benchmarked against the US Professional Engineer (PE) license and Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 Hour Rule", shows us that the PMP is nothing more than a fundamental, entry level credential which validates little more than the ability to pass multiple choice questions. See this article for a comparison of PM credentials.

Bottom line- PMI has been around for close to 40 years now and their PMP for 30 years and there is no evidence that the delivery of projects has improved appreciably in that time.

How and When to Get an PMP Certificate?
Rustam ali, Student (MBA), India, Member
Sir I am student of MBA in my first year at Sunstone Business School. I'd like to know how can we get PMP certificate and when, after or during the MBA?

Value of PMP Certificate
Paul D Giammalvo, Professor and Consultant, Indonesia, Member
Rustam, why bother getting your PMP at all? Instead of "following the crowd" and getting an entry level credential which is popular but validates nothing more than being able to take and pass a multiple choice exam, why not strive for one of the COMPETENCY based credentials?

Here is a link to some on-going research I have been conducting since 2010 benchmarking some 40 global PM credentials against the US Professional Engineer (PE) license which IS a credible and highly respected global credential. Project Management Credentials Compared - 2014 Update

I think you will see that just because a credential is POPULAR doesn't mean it validates your COMPETENCY as a project manager.

Importance of PMP Certificate
James07, Business Consultant, India, Member
  • PMI certifications are not based on one specific methodology, so they’re flexible and adaptable. You can easily transfer them between industries, market segments and geographic locations.
  • We continually conduct in-depth studies to ensure that our certifications actually reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed.
  • You never have to worry about a PMI certification becoming obsolete. Our certification maintenance program encourages you to continually develop your skills and stay current as the profession changes.
  • PMI certification offers financial benefits — it positively impacts project manager salaries — and helps you stand out and better market yourself to prospective employers.

Value of PMP Certification
Ryan Stewart, Coach, United States, Member
Having a Project Management Certification allows you to go ahead of amongst your peers in the professional setting.
It also gives you more confidence in handling projects having more knowledge and proficiency in handling projects in all its phases.
Getting help with certification like with PMTI can help you get more competent on this field.

A Gold Standard
Julio, Coach, United Arab Emirates, Member
Currently PMP is an international gold standard, one of the best ways to certify your project management knowledge. In fact, it is no longer just a requirement for private companies, there are already governments that require such certification. .

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