Creating Ownership in the Project Team

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Creating Ownership in the Project Team
ATBA Bouchaib, Technical Studies Service Manager, Morocco, Member
How can the project manager/director make every member of the project team feel responsible for his mission in the project and for the whole results of the project?

Achieving Responsibility of Project Team
Wayne Welcome
I have always provided a complete vision to my team at the start and obtained buy-in from the senior management team to add to and own the vision.

Creating Ownership in the Project Team
Fulvio Polo, Italy, Member
I think an important tool is the Management by Objectives-method. People prefer a concrete recognition by money of their work when the objectives are reached.

Creating a Feeling of Responsibility in the Project Team
Erwin Schauvliege, Project Manager, Belgium, Member
Dear Atba, as a reply on your question, I would say
- By investing time to properly explain all the ojectives so it becomes clear what is to be achieved and what is to be expected from each
- By encouraging the group to act as a real team, so they feel really depending on each other to realize the project goals
One more advize: when putting together a project team, look for the required competences, not people. This is much stronger and transparent and it gives a better guarantee that you will have all required competences and skills in your project team.

How to Clearify what is Expected of Each Project Team Member
Jill Mack
Dear Atba, the moment and way to acheve this is to create Work Packages.
A work package is the set of information relevant to the creation of one or more products. Each will contain a description of the work, the product description(s), details of any constraints on production such as time and cost, interfaces and confirmation of the agreement between the project manager and the person/team member who is to implement the work package and the work can be done with in the constraints.
This gives all team members a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the project.

How to Create Ownership in the Project Team
Ashutosh Trivedi, Project Manager, India, Member
Related to stakeholder management, a manager should involve his/ her team members wherever required and must. This feeling will generate the sense of responsibility them, and, at the same time, depending on their profile, give some space to them to take appropriate decisions.

How to make the Project Team Own their Project?
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Team members are selected for any project based on their skills suited to a particular project.
To make the team oriented towards the project success 4 factors are important:
1. Flexibility / adaptation
2. Planning and goal setting
3. Internalization of project goals
4. Role and norms congruence.

How to Create Ownership in my Project Team?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
I recommend you take a look at Expectancy Theory. Also our article on Organizational Commitment is giving more generic ideas on how you can establish employee loyalty and commitment.

Project Responsibilization
Zoniaina, Coach, Madagascar, Member
You can have many tips to get engagement from you team, but I think the most important is to create an initiative briefing and debriefing... Because It will help you to establish a helpful and trustful environment. And doing that, you can easily inspire, motivate and support your team.

True Project Ownership is a Manifestation of Relationship
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
While motivation and a sense of responsibility will drive a person to perform and excel, true involvement and concern is an offshoot of emotional attachment with the project, which develops as a result of relationship among project personnel and stakeholders.
A great contributing factor to the building up of emotional relationship and ownership is the style of leadership and management, an open and collaborative style promoting deeper involvement.
Sometimes this ownership and attachment grows to such alarming extent that project personnel suffer from "Projectitis".

How to Create Ownership in your Project Team
Greenhow, Consultant, Sweden, Member
Nobody wants to participate in a project he doesn't believe in, with "impossible" people, being asked to do things too far beyond his capacity, and under unreasonable stress, without any right to influence decisions or direction.
Consider the things that give YOU a sense of ownership, and provide the same conditions to your team. You'll get ownership.

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