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The Future of Marketing
What is the future of marketing? A Dutch marketing magazine (Tijdschrift voor Marketing, October 2007) reported that the position of the marketing function in corporations is poor:
- Finance, HRM, and Strategy are more important, and Sales is seen as more accountable for hard results.
- Marketeers in the Netherlands are merely focused on creativity, dealing with advertising and promotion, branding, positioning and customer satisfaction measurements. Marketeers do no no longer make it to the top.
I wonder, is this trend global?

Andre Antonio de Sousa Lopes
Marketing is the soul of any organization. No marketing no future.

The Future of Marketing
Muhammad Umar Hashmi
Marketing is strategically a very crucial department. Without marketing its like "you are looking for a black cat in a dark room which is not there"

Is there a future for marketing?
Conway Maluleke
Is there a future for marketing? Are we able to grow this concept that started out as a simple product display to the core of a business strategy? Should we be concerned or have we come to the destination that we so pursued as marketers?

The Future of Marketing is Green
Amir Atarodian
Marketing science belongs to every moment and all the era. We can not ignore the importance of marketing in our organizations. Maybe some new techniques are replaced to the previous ones. but it is still so important. It should be noted that some new concepts of marketing have been presented during past few years. Concepts such as:
1. Green Marketing
2. Social Responsibility in Marketing
3. Internet or Electronic Marketing
are new aspects of marketing knowledge.

Future of Marketing: New Tools
Frederick Hamnett, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
The basic principles of marketing will not change because they fundamentals are "common sense principles" (Alfred Sloan's teaches).
What WILL change is the way to approach the market, thanks to new IT tools; we will be able to set up a better communication among producers and users.
We will have new innovative tools that will allow to better listen to and communicate with our customers and that will allow us to set up one to one marketing systems. That is the direction we are moving into.

How Technology Will Affect Marketing
oodaye pazal, Entrepreneur, Mauritius, Member
The FUTURE OF MARKETING will be interactive and customer driven through social media and other interactive internet based communication channels.
User guides of products are already being posted on YouTube. People are seeking advice from other people who think like them from online communities on a global level.
They trust other people like them for ratings, reviews and advice and do not seem to trust traditional advertising and one way communication from business organizations.

Future of Marketing is Very Bright Indeed
J S Broca, Teacher, India, Member
Only through marketing the customer will know about the latest products/services and if he is interested, he will approach/contact the organisation or service provider to buy the products or avail the services.
In the present scenario the internet is a very powerful medium for marketing. Buying and selling on-line has already caught the imagination of the present generation and in the near future major marketing efforts will be made through the internet.
Today the customer is king and internet marketing is the gateway to his throne, grabbing his eye balls, loosening his purse strings and helping him to make informed decisions before buying a product or service.
Yes, excitement is there in the market place indeed and the future of marketing remains bright as ever before.

Marketing and Its Role in the Organisation
Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The answer to your question depends on how you look at organizations. From a holistic point of view, marketing cannot do without sales, finance, HR, etc. And vice versa. Ultimately it boils down to two questions: what value do you create for the customer and what value does your customer create for you i.e. the organisation / company you work for. That, however, takes a much more collaborative approach and that's often complicated.

Marketing is Everywhere, Therefore Unavoidable!
Rema Viswanathan, Professor, India, Member
Marketing is omnipresent! Today every individual no matter what he or she is doing has a personal brand identity that is often packaged and presented in a unique way to catch the attention of the recruiter! The recruiters are marketing themselves through different channels (on digital media & otherwise) to attract talent! In households, the homemaker is categorizing, prioritizing & positioning different needs of different stakeholders to achieve best results within the limited budget be it the family members or the helper or the suppliers! So the goal of value maximization is for every unit in society and its fulfillment requires design & implementation of marketing strategy in all walks of life!

Only Marketing Make Profit for Organization
ANDI NUR BAU MASSEPE, Lecturer, Indonesia, Member
Peter Drucker said only marketing and innovation make the profit for the organization.
How can any company make profits without excellent marketing?


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