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Marketing Communications as the Nerve of Marketing
Bassem Albaba, Business Consultant, Austria, Member
Dear all! Do you have some comments on marketing communications as it is called the nerve of marketing, because it is getting directly in touch with your target group!

Marketing Communication Channels
Nikhil, Business, India, Member
Marketing communication is one of the nerves of marketing these days. As we live in an age where computers and mobile phones are common, these can be used as one of the best weapons for communication in all fields including marketing.
I feel it is the right communication to the right customer what it is all about.
Emails and regular advertising messages still play a vital role in marketing too.

Why Marketing Communication is Key
Marketing communication is a key factor to address the consumer's post market segmentation. The issue of how to communicate is critical looking into the segment you want to target. The method can range from a complicated TV ad campaign for complex products to road shows for condoms.
You just can't live without communicating the attributes of the product to your target groups.

3 Phases in Marketing Communications
Zelkifli , Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
You should look at MarComm with a wider view than just the product.
Marketing Communication is all about developing and implementing strategies that ensure you better understand the target audience, deliver your messages in a way that suits them, promote your brand and product in the best possible way using appropriate communications tools some of which have already been mentioned here.
The iPhone and its various applications are the latest entry to the wide area of communications tools as well as social media networks.
For the best results you should think about marketing communication in 3 phases:
1. Your message prior to a campaign.
2. Your message during the campaign.
3. Your message after the campaign.

Marketing Communication
Manohar, Professor, India, Member
Culture and technology both play an important role in marketing communications.

Integrated Marketing Communication
Ronja Larsson, Student (University), Sweden, Member
What does integrated marketing communication mean?

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
Bassem Albaba, Business Consultant, Austria, Member
Integrated marketing communication is the basic concept under which a company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products.
IMC builds a strong brand identity in the marketplace by tying together and reinforcing all firm images and messages, witch means corporate messages, positioning and images, identity are coordinated across all marketing communications.
Messages delivered via different promotional approaches and tools all become a part of a single message about the company. Conflicting messages from different sources and in different ways can result in confused company image and brand positioning. (Kotler and Armstrong, Principles of Marketing).
Easier said: IMC takes place when all marketing instruments (tools), play the same symphony of the “firms marketing policy” in harmony and the audiences (the target group) will hear and enjoy the same song and melody (message).

Role of Marketing Communication
Uditha Liyanage, Senior Lecturer, Sri Lanka, Member
Marketing communication is not the" nerve" of marketing.
The customer is. Marketing communication along with other elements of the marketing-mix helps the organisation to meet the needs of the customer. Placing marketing communication at the center of marketing activity or giving it pride of place is at variance with a true marketing orientation.

Marketing Communication Role
Bassem Albaba, Business Consultant, Austria, Member
I believe that marketing communication is the “nerve” of marketing, because it is the driving force to reach and approach customers.
The customer – with all his segments ABC - is the “heart” of marketing and stands in the middle of the marketing circle.
Without customers and target audiences there will be no marketing.
Without the implementation of MC promotion / communications the best marketing managers are unable to communicate, approach, reach and speak with their target audience, the “customer”, thus it's OK to define MC as the “nerve” of marketing.


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