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Linking Consumer behaviour with Marketing
I have a small question.. If we could really link the consumer behavior and marketing ... we are assuming that the marketeer is capable of understanding the consumer psyche. I have a strong contention here, if a marketeer was so capable to understand human psychology, then forget marketing, we wont have problems existing on planet earth!

Understanding consumer psyche
U are right in saying that it is not possible to understand human psyche completely, but it is not necessary for a marketer either; one can not deny that there are certain patterns which a similar group of consumers follow upto some extent and knowing that solves a lot of problems in marketing...

The Mind of the Consumer
Marketing is not an exact science.

Understanding Psyche
The psyche of consumer is not the same in all circumstances. It changes, with his needs and experiences. What a marketeer does is (s)he predicts the reaction of the masses, observes carefully. It's just a prediction and the more you hit the bulls eye, the better you are.

Psychology and Consumer Behavior
Ramkishan Rajan
Hi Surya, To begin with, understanding the psychology of the consumer isn't exactly what consumer behavior seeks to achieve, Rather, it provides a set of frameworks that marketers can apply to gain insights for better marketing of their products and services. Consumer behavior is all about creating models for more efficient marketing, Agreed that understanding the psyche of the consumer especially the female psyche can be a bit daunting, but in the absence of "perfect information", consumer behavior is one of the tools available to marketers. Hope this helps.

Linking customer behaviour with marketing
Addae Michael
A group of people sharing similar needs constitutes a market. Therefore, a business entity exists because there is a need to satisfy. Customers as sophisticated as they are will patronise goods and services that certainly give them utmost satisfaction and value for money. That is why organizations are making customers a central focus in their opearations to attract and maintain them. If the culture of attracting and maintaining customers is relevant to the suvival and growth of an organisation, linking customer behaviour to marketing is inevitable. Customers behaviour change with time and it is important to understand, carefully monitor the trends in behaviour and accordingly adjust to continue to satisfy them by giving them the kind of products and services that meet their needs.

Marketing Science
Mohanned, Tunisia, Member
To respond to this question, itís necessary to believe in marketing science. This science depends on other sciences like psychology, sociology and philosophy.
Studying consumer behavior in marketing engages psychology and sociology. Successful marketers have a large knowledge of psychology and sociology sciences.
But the whole consumer process is complex to be understood and the 'truth' is not yet discovered.
So donít worry, the act of consumption of any product or service can not be fully analyzed by any science.

Linking Consumer Behaviour with Marketing
bright tiki, Business School Marketer, Zimbabwe, Member
The idea behind understanding consumer behavior is for a marketeer to reduce uncertainty and be one step ahead of a consumer. Remember the role to anticipate consumer change in taste or preference. It needs a certain degree of predictability and planning towards marketing decisions.

Linking Consumer Behavior with Marketing
Ken Robb, Student (MBA), United States, Member
Even if we could fully understand why people do what they do, or why they purchase what they buy, marketing is still needed as an understanding how a product can be attractive to that observed behavior.
The idea of no problems on earth would assume that we could not only understand but we could also change the behavior. I believe someone can change from a 4 to a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Going from a 2 to a 9 on a scale of any behavior would be nearly impossible. People are innately flawed. Marketing can be effective without changing anyone.

Predicting the Unpredictable is Understanding the Consumer Behaviour
Manoj Sahay, Consultancy, India, Member
It is quite true the each individual is unique however having said so, still we see certain common traits based out of culture, economic factors, psycological factors etc. The challenge for the marketer is to understand what kind of stimulus can give the desired result at a profitable manner, and that is the reason marketing is so challenging and unpredictable.


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