Do Big Companies Depend too much on Marketing, Finance, Lobbying and Tax Rules?

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Do Big Companies Depend too much on Marketing, Finance, Lobbying and Tax Rules?
Jos Nieland, Teacher, Netherlands, Premium Member
In his book Antifragile, Taleb stated that the core of business is offering an honest and decent product or service that gives your customers value for money.
If this is not the case, then it's likely that we're dealing with a fragile organization, because of:
1. FINANCE (leverage, debt). If companies spend more time on financial constructions than on a decent product, probably that makes them fragile in the end; see the summary of Taleb's Black Swan Theory.
2. MARKETING / ADVERTISING. Taleb says on marketing:
- Companies mess with your cognitive biases and that's sneaky;
- Marketing is basically bragging and that's bad manners;
- A good product will sell itself. Anything one needs to market heavily is necessarily either an inferior product or an evil one;
- Marketing (beyond conveying information) shoul...Sign up

Marketing Provides Valuable Information to the Consumers
Barry Schaeffer, Consultant, United States, Member
I agree with much in this post. What I cannot agree with however is the negative view and assessment of marketing and the other persuasive arts in sel...Sign up

Where is the Good Product From?
Lei Qu, Canada, Member
In many organizations, the marketing also includes defining a product.
I agree when a good product exists, it sells itself. Over-marketing in thi...Sign up

The Value of Marketing
Edward Ramos, Professor, United States, Member
@Barry Schaeffer: I agree. Most of the products and/or services offered in today's markets are highly substitutable...Sign up

The Core of Business is not Marketing
Madeline Rios, Consultant, United States, Member
As a freelance translator and interpreter, my experience completely validates these principles. My "marketing" budget is less than 1% of my revenues, ...Sign up

Marketing not the Core of Business
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Again we have a half truth. The idea that if you build a better mouse trap they will come has been proven false many times. Peter Drucker says every b...Sign up

Society Benefits from Marketing
Dominic Owusu, Analyst, Ghana, Member
You may have a good product, but how would the customer know. Through marketing customers are able to know your product offerings. Not only do they kn...Sign up

What do You Think Marketing is About?
Dr Brian Monger
Some folk here think that "marketing" is only about Promotion/Advertising/Selling OR it refers to a department of that name.
The primary business...Sign up

Monger's Got it Right
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
@Dr Brian Monger: absolutely - marketing is everything you do. If your product or service is no good you will get a...Sign up

After Sales Service of Marketing Stages is the Most Important
SETIONO WINARDI, Business Consultant, Indonesia, Member
The after sales stage or service stage of marketing is most important, which is the way to establish good relationship and expand the business network...Sign up

Marketing is to Communicate
Jun Labindao, Manager, Philippines, Member
Nothing is more important and satisfying in a service-based industries than to inform your current and prospective customers on how great the products...Sign up

Marketing is to Create, Communicate and Deliver
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
If marketing is to create a product, communicate and deliver value to customers, society at large then is there anything wrong in it? If the advertise...Sign up

Marketing is the Core of the Business
Ed Richardson, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
The author would seem to have a very narrow view of marketing. Instead, it can be argued that marketing is the very core of successful business. One d...Sign up

Marketing is the Soul of Any Business
Nancy Muttu, Manager, Uganda, Member
In his book Antifragile, Taleb stated that the core of business is offering an honest an decent product or service that gives your customers value for...Sign up

Marketing as Core of Business
nasera Faruk Milky, Student (MBA), Bangladesh, Member
I do believe that a good product will sell itself but marketing also plays an important role to make the product acceptable to people. Also, it needs ...Sign up

What is Marketing About?
Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I think Taleb's view on marketing is a distorted and inconsistent. Marketing basically consists of two words: to market and to get. Marketing is neces...Sign up

Marketing is the Core of Business
jacinta wamwaki, Kenya, Member
Research on what the market requires is Marketing, informing the public what you have produced is Marketing, when you offer what you have to the marke...Sign up

Ajogbasile Olamide, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
@Ted Garrison: I strongly agree with you sir. Word of mouth could also be seen as a promotion mix, a form of person...Sign up

The Core of Business is not Marketing
I certainly agree with the affirmation "marketing is not the core of business". We all know the importance of the PRODUCT itself to secure the busines...Sign up

Is Government Part of the Problem?
Alan Kennedy
This is a fascinating question. It really speaks to the role of government in the marketplace and how all levels of government can make the playing fi...Sign up

Marketing isn't just Selling or Providing Truthful Information
Sonny Vicente, Coach, Philippines, Member
I agree for the most part with Mr. Nieland that a good product will sell itself but marketing isn't just selling or providing "truthful' information. ...Sign up

Marketing IS Definitely the CORE of Business
Jun Labindao, Manager, Philippines, Member
Who will know about your business if you don't market it? Even casually telling your best friend that you're going to put up a business and what will ...Sign up

Is Marketing the Core of Business?
Emmanuel Osafo Gyane, Manager, Ghana, Member
The pros and cons of all reactions on this subject are that marketing favors a vendor in a competitive environment, whereas it is almost of no consequ...Sign up

The Core 0f Business is NOT Marketing
Wangari M. Ndia
I agree that the core of business is not marketing.
However, without marketing especially in a competitive business environment it will be very d...Sign up

The Core of Business
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Reading all the comments - there seems to be a debate back and forth about what is more important the product/service or marketing. That is the mistak...Sign up

The Issue is Dependence on Marketing, Lobbying, Tax Rules, and Finance
Alan Kennedy
I think the question here is whether companies have products that are good enough (the implication being that they sell themselves without any apparen...Sign up

The Title of This Discussion Has Now Been Changed
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Alan Kennedy: Indeed you are right, the title of this discussion (which used to be: "Marketing is NOT the Core of ...Sign up

The Core of Business is Offering a Decent Product or Service
Dr Brian Monger
Since one of the major, fundamental, activities of a business is about the transaction between the business and its customers - How can companies over...Sign up


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