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Marketing Ethics are Forgotten
Everest Turyahikayo, Manager, Uganda, Member
Many companies have completely forgotten the fact that marketing involves telling potential clients the TRUTH about a product. This is part of of marketing ethics.
I have seen brewery companies encouraging people to take alcoholic drinks for a great night and a nice morning. But whoever drinks them ends up with a hangover!
In developing countries where second hand products have flooded markets, it is common for products to be dubbed by sellers into buying a used product e.g. an electrical appliance which is non functional. Surprisingly, the population accepts it as the normal thing.
Marketing should be highly ethical and professional no matter the kind of product being sold and where it is being sold.
Sellers ought to know that a satisfied customer will market their products at no fee. When you buy a nice suite there are many of your friends likely to ask you where you bought it from so that they buy from the same shop. You indirectly market the selle... Read more? Sign up for free

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