Marketing Ethics are Forgotten

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Marketing Ethics are Forgotten
Everest Turyahikayo, Manager, Uganda, Member
Many companies have completely forgotten the fact that marketing involves telling potential clients the TRUTH about a product. This is part of of marketing ethics.
I have seen brewery companies encouraging people to take alcoholic drinks for a great night and a nice morning. But whoever drinks them ends up with a hangover!
In developing countries where second hand products have flooded markets, it is common for products to be dubbed by sellers into buying a used product e.g. an electrical appliance which is non functional. Surprisingly, the population accepts it as the normal thing.
Marketing should be highly ethical and professional no matter the kind of product being sold and where it is being sold.
Sellers ought to know that a satisfied customer will market their products at no fee. When you buy a nice suite there are many of your friends likely to ask you where you bought it from so that they buy from the same shop. You indirectly market the seller's product buy referring to him buyers.

Marketing Ethics
Tony Bottiglieri, Teacher, United Kingdom, Member
We seem to consider the value of marketing as aligned with the corporate goal of developing brand loyalty. An ethical stance is in my opinion the right way to go, for example we have an obligation not to rip people off but to be more transparent. Consider the ethics applied to health care for example!

Marketing Ethics
Shaan Quadri, Manager, Pakistan, Member
There are a lot of things in product categories that are well-known. Alcoholic drinks have always been an occasion-enhancer or a celebratory product. Their marketing message is quite relevant this way, since it assumes the common effects of alcohol are known to everyone.
However, yes, marketers should also be aware that being deceptive is simply bad marketing and will permanently damage product credibility and its placement.
As a free market mechanism, it is safe to say - what goes around, comes around.

Marketing Ethics: Always do What's Right
Wanda Selzer, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
When you do things right and ethically it is always best. What you sow you reap. It is so sad when it seems like someones getting away with something. We just need to remember you are better off doing the right thing.

Marketing Ethics and Taboos
Dr.Abu-Gieseisa, Consultant, Sudan, Member
In marketing activities, marketing ethics is concerned with the values and practice of marketers as well as the concerns and values of society.
The main consideration should be to societal value, and it should be confirmed in all marketing activities.
Alcohol drinks and smokes maybe a sort of taboos in certain societies, but it is not a taboo in general. So I cannot consider the mentioned case as fraud and sort of deception.

Whose Marketing Ethics?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Dr. Abu-Gieseisa: you are correct to mention there is more than one entity involved with marketing ethics (the marketing manager and society).
There is also a 3rd party involved: the company of the marketer.
On top of that we can add 4. publishing companies as well as 5. their representative who decides what to accept and what not.

Marketing Ethics: How Marketers are not Being Ethical
Dennis K Chapoto, Student (MBA), Zimbabwe, Member
Marketing ethics is not just telling the truth to a client but also selling products and services that are not harmful to people. Marketing is not just about having high sales and profits, but the effects the product or service is going to have on the person consuming it.
For example, manufactures and distributors of cigarettes know that smoking is very harmful to people's health but they promote it anyway, using advertisements that show the positive side of smoking such as you will feel good and all your troubles will go away. That is not ethical in marketing and it is unethical. Any real marketer will always value the health and life of his customers.


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