Sales versus Marketing

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Sales versus Marketing
Jp Singh, Manager, India

Most or all of the MBA institutes teach marketing in their programs.
Today's corporate world emerges as sales-oriented with both marketing and sales playing a major role. Many people seem to be recruited for sales jobs.
There seems to be a mismatch between what MBA's are tought and what's required in the real world?... Register

Sales versus Marketing
Claude Balleux, Strategy Consultant, Canada

Theory versus Practise
Francielle Nunes, Entrepreneur, Brazil

Sales-Orientation is Very Important
Tony Pagliaroli, Strategy Consultant, USA


Marketing is Strategic; Sales is Operational
Neil McMullen, Business Consultant, United States


Sales and Marketing In Brief
Sajee Sirikrai, Professor, Thailand

Sales can't be Teached
Bhairoo Jeson, Student (Other), Mauritius


Marketing Supports the Sales Team
Oluwakunle, Manager, Nigeria

Sales versus Marketing
Biswabhusan Prusty, Business Consultant, India

1-1 versus 1-m
JS Shiah, Project Manager, China

Marketing and Sales Should Work Together
Purushottam Thombare, Manager, India

Rules of Marketing / Sales
Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

Marketing Sets the Conducive Climate for Sales
Tinus van der Merwe, Saudi Arabia

The Commercial Department
Verbeeck, Belgium


Sales Without Marketing
Frederick Hamnett, Business Consultant, Italy

Sales V/s Marketing
Biswajyoti Kanjilal, Manager, India

Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia

Sales can be just as Strategic as Marketing
Tony Pagliaroli, Strategy Consultant, USA

Sales versus Marketing
S Shyam Prasad, Professor, India

Sales is where the Rubber meets the Road
Rusty Husar, Project Manager, United States

Sales Professors...
Jeff Harnois, Student (University), United States

The Context of Sales versus Marketing
mccarthy, Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Impact of the Sales
Palermo, Student (MBA), Panama

Teach Sales as a Stand Alone Course
edward offor, Strategy Consultant, Nigeria

In Short
Ken Tran, Professor, Viet Nam

Marketing for Sales
Fatema Tinwala, Student (University), New Zealand

Marketing, Then Sales
Ahmad dawoud, Manager, Jordan


Sales should NOT Be Only Selling what you Have
Vidura Gamage, Manager, Sri Lanka

Sales versus Marketing
Anthony Jones, Student (MBA), South Africa

Brains and Magicians
Simon QI, Project Manager, China

Worst Practice in Marketing / Sales
Husson Yanis, Manager, Mauritius

Sales Effort versus Marketing Effort
olawoyin, Project Manager, Nigeria

Marketing Should Provide Analyses to Sales
Leonardo Leao, Manager, Brazil

Sales versus Marketing
Vu Phan, Manager, Viet Nam


Synergy in Sales X Marketing
Eric Hilario, Coach, France

Incorporate Sales and Marketing!
Monteiro, Consultant, Portugal

The Topic 'Sales' at Business Schools
Adrian Boucher PhD, United Kingdom

What Should Students Learn at Universities?
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States

Turbulent Environment > Sales More Discretion
Husson Yanis, Manager, Mauritius

Marketing and Sales Fit like a Hand in a Glove
Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

MBA: Marketing. Reality: Sales
ZAIN UL RASHIDEEN, Accountant, Pakistan

What Should Students Learn in Their Course?
Jiwoong Son, Student (University), Korea (South)

What Should Students Learn in Their Course
Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

What Sould Students Learn in Their Courses? (2)
Jiwoong Son, Student (University), Korea (South)

Marketing as a Process That Includes Sales
John Moses, Manager, Nigeria

Marketing Invented to Be a Clean Version of Sales
Heather Halton, Student (Other), Ireland

Marketing a Status Profile
Jp Singh, Manager, India

Marketing is Different from Sales
S Shyam Prasad, Professor, India

Sales and Marketing Have Common Goals
Dr.Abu-Gieseisa, Consultant, Sudan

The Role of Sales versus Marketing Depends on the Product
Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia

A Sale is Proof of Effective Marketing
Sanjeev Kumar Sanju, Manager, India

Sales and Marketing
MOSES OGOLA OCHWO, Student (Other), Uganda

Sales versus Marketing
Dave Lee, Business Consultant, Jamaica


Sales is Product Specific and Personality Driven
Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia


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