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Marten van der Zee
Analyst, Netherlands

Why is Marketing Hard? 50 Reasons

Why is marketing for many firms such a challenge? Here are a few reasons I found:
1. Continuous change of marketing: marketing asks from businesses to change their products all the time, because customers demand changes all the time. New technologies become available. Rivals also renew their products.
2. Long versus short term focus: On one hand, the satisfaction of current users will be the success of the future. And in times of economic depression managers find it hard to keep their focus on the customers and on the long term. They are more interested in short term financial results. It's not easy for businesses to find a good balance between the short and long term.
3. Size / growth of organisations. For example, imagine a bookstore with an owner who does everything alone, including the contact with customers. His business is growing well and he hires a couple of employees to deal with supplier relations, financial accounting and other things. Not all of these functions have contact with customers and employees may have different goals besides those of the firm. What can easily happen is that employees forget what the business is really all about: selling books!
Surely there are more reasons... Please add...


Andy Perkins, USA

Marketing is Often Late to the Game

Another reason marketing is hard for organizations - especially smaller ones - is that 4. Few busin... Sign up

Barb Reimer
Management Consultant, Canada

Marketing Tools not Well Used and Marketing Requires Different Skills

5. Owners may still limit themselves to the tried and true paper advertising process - the internet ... Sign up

JC Kennedy, USA

Marketing vs Advertising

I believe the distinction of marketing and advertising must be made and understood in businesses. Of... Sign up

Valeria dAndrea
Student (University), Italy

Why Marketing is so Difficult? Theoretical Definition and Real Difficulty

I'm a student and I'm close to graduate. I haven't had any experience in firms. An AMA definition in... Sign up

Earl Schubert
CEO, United States

Marketing isn't Merely Sales

8. Too many business owners do not understand the differences between marketing and sales; therefore... Sign up

J S Broca
Teacher, India

Why Marketing is So Difficult .

There are a variety of reasons: 9. Lack of vision, 10. marketing myopia, 11. inadequate marketing... Sign up

Biryomumaisho Benia
Financial Consultant, Uganda

Why Marketing is Always Challenged

Marketing strategy becomes good when the user (implementer) employs it well and the reverse is often... Sign up

Tea Tan, Singapore

Marketing is Challenging Although Difficult

Marketing is no doubt difficult but it is very challenging when you have the passion in this trade. ... Sign up

Mohamed Makarati
Student (MBA), Georgia


Marketing is hard for medium and small firms because they 17. need a lot of money to pay for it, but... Sign up

Manager, Iran

The Market is Hard and Many Marketing Methods

Marketing is hard because there are no stable variables in the market and there exists 18. no single... Sign up

Mircea Mitrutiu
Business Consultant, Romania

Services Marketing Challenge

For a service business, the challenge for marketing is to integrate a people vision, the management ... Sign up

Leigh Cowan
CEO, Australia

Whay Marketing is Hard (... or Appears to Be)

Most people don't understand what marketing is,,, fewer know how to harness it. Isn't is ludicrous t... Sign up

Marlis Krichewsky
HR Consultant, France

Marketing Depends Partly on Storytelling

Beyond the satisfaction of consumer needs, marketing depends largely on 21. storytelling. You have t... Sign up


Don't Ever Work Hard...!

Marketing is often perceived as a tough job... But in reality 22. marketing is a smart job. Smart pe... Sign up

Kim Konaghyub
Professor, Korea (South)


Marketing is difficult because you need to 23. compete with smart opponents. Great marketing can sti... Sign up


Marketing Difficulties: Delivery

Another marketing challenge: 24. ability of delivery / production / supply chain - successful marke... Sign up

ng wan eng
Manager, Malaysia

Marketing is Just Like a Game

Ya, we market something, just before we are about to make a little bit of profit, the customers chan... Sign up

Sohaib Alvi
Consultant, Pakistan

Why is Marketing Hard?

25. Jealousy: everyone in the company hates marketing’s guts so you always have to run a PR effort w... Sign up

Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Individual Preferences

All marketing, believe it or not, is niche marketing in today's volatile, hostile economic scenario ... Sign up

Dr. SM Dhume
Professor, India

Marketing is a Philosophical Orientation

Marketing is not about collection of few techniques and street smart gimmick. It is about a 31. fund... Sign up

aurelian cojocaru, Romania

Change Management or Change Marketing?

Once you have drawn, as a product manager, the strategy for a product and the tools you need to impl... Sign up

Accountant, Kenya

Marketing is Hard: Environmental Factors

33. The Organic Environment in which marketing is done. This dynamic environment may be influenced b... Sign up

Uditha Liyanage, Sri Lanka

Marketing Duality

34. Not understanding the duality of marketing as a business philosophy and as a business function l... Sign up

Masiye Mazaza, Malawi

Interfacing with Non-Marketing Functions / Departments

Marketing in it's own right is not hard. However, the difficulties of carrying out the marketing act... Sign up

Sanyambe Obert
Student (MBA), Namibia

Why Marketing is Hard

Marketing is everything about the enterprise. When we create demand the idea is to deliver a package... Sign up

Steve Raybould
Teacher, United Kingdom

Management Self Interest

In my experience, marketing is difficult because the marketers, ad agencies etc must view any partic... Sign up

Mohan Bhojwani

Marketing is Difficult?

Somewhere in the mass of marketing literature and self styled marketing gurus who make a simple conc... Sign up

Joseph Soko
Manager, Zambia

Just in Time- Marketing Strategy

In my opinion, one of the most difficult aspect in the marketing equation is that of 39. stockpiling... Sign up

Tony Gyau
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Companies Have Made Marketing Difficult

Marketing has become difficult these days simply because 40. most companies do not deliver what they... Sign up

Sylvain Desfosses, Canada

Respect, Authenticity, Insights and Emotional Connection

When you respect consumers, they respect you. Companies act like 20 years ago. They 41. don't treat ... Sign up

Professor, India

Marketing not for Introverts

42. Marketing is an art and not a science. At the best it can be treated as a craft. Craft always st... Sign up

Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Marketing Fundamentals

I have always held the view as expressed by Mr. Mohan Bhojwani as a fundamental for any marketing ef... Sign up

Judy Ward
Director, United Kingdom

Marketing is Hard Because..

Especially in industries/companies that have been established for many years, 43. marketing is somet... Sign up

Manish Pandey
Student (MBA), India

Why Marketing is Difficult

Marketing strategies are changing everyday. Today one strategy might work out but the very next day ... Sign up

Kip Piper

No Defined Value Proposition

Marketing is left to the imagination of the marketer. She 46. has to conjure up a value proposition ... Sign up

Accountant, Kenya

Marketing Versus Selling

Marketing does not necessarily involve product or service movement but the creation of positive perc... Sign up

Roger Kennis
Manager, Netherlands

Why Marketing is Hard

Marketing could be very difficult, when 48. internal barriers are experienced, as: * Cultural: - l... Sign up

Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

MARKETING - the Acronym!

MARKETING entails Meticulous planning based on Authencity, is Rationalized, wherein the Kingpin (cus... Sign up

Uditha Liyanage, Sri Lanka

Why Marketing is Hard

Marketing effectiveness depends on suitable metrics. This is often absent. A key challenge for marke... Sign up

Albin Xavier
Manager, India

Why is Marketing Difficult?

50. Measuring the impact in a way acceptable to multiple stakeholders in the absence of a standard o... Sign up


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Marketing and Sales

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