Leadership Lessons: Why Did Trump Win in 2016?



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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Leadership Lessons: Why Did Trump Win in 2016?

Donald Trump will be the next (Republican) US President... His win over (Democratic) rival Hillary Clinton surprised the pollsters, the media, who not?
There are many reasons behind his victory, but - since this is 12manage - from a management/leadership perspective, what do you think were the main reasons Trump was able to convince so many people and gather so many followers?

  Somesh Kumar
Project Manager, Ireland

Great Discussion

Hi Jaap,
I was thinking about this as well and it seems Trump has some kind of charisma & blunt open talking style (which was risky) that Clinton somehow lacked. What else can explain a political novice defeating an accomplished politician, except of course his money power.
His first message after being elected about united America was contradictory to his inflammatory talks, which gives us a little hope that he won't be as radical as he projected himself during the election. Of course, I think the supporters probably never thought that some of his messages were inflammatory as they were possibly enamoured by his charisma.

  Anthony J. Adonis
Entrepreneur, South Africa

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  Dyana Sari
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  Gabi Levin

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  Indradeb Prasanta Pal
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  mohammad shahajahan
Manager, Bangladesh

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  Sergey Baltin
Manager, Russian Federation

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  Bruce Cropper
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  Stig Falster
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  Mark Ianni
United States

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  Zimin Andrew Alexander
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  David Warrington

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  D. Combs
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  peter Alemoh
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  Dr. Mambo N
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  alberto escofet
Business Consultant

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  Dr Robin C Hesler


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  Ahmad Sultan Abdulla
Consultant, Malaysia

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United States

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United States


@R.Ijland: Baaahahahaha! I see that TDS (Trump Der (...)



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