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Leadership Lessons: Why Did Trump Win?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Donald Trump will be the next (Republican) US President... His win over (Democratic) rival Hillary Clinton surprised the pollsters, the media, who not?
There are many reasons behind his victory, but - since this is 12manage - from a management/leadership perspective, what do you think were the main reasons Trump was able to convince so many people and gather so many followers?...Sign up

Great Discussion
Somesh Kumar, Project Manager, Ireland, Member
Hi Jaap,
I was thinking about this as well and it seems Trump has some kind of Sign up

What made Trump Win from a Leadership Perspective?
Anthony J. Adonis, Entrepreneur, South Africa, Member
The question should be: "What did Hillary not do what Trump explored to the fullest"?
What Trump did 1st is to understand that Sign up

Trump: Asset or Liability?
R.Ijland, Entrepreneur, Netherlands, Member
Despite his nasty remarks about groups and people, despite his business failures "The Donald" is still a winner and he appears to believe strongly ...Sign up

Leadership Lessons on Trump's Victory
Adewumi Oni, Nigeria, Member
One, as a leader you should never give up on your vision even when there is an overwhe...Sign up

Trump's Leadership May Change Now
Miller, Australia, Member
Donald Trump indeed knew and understood the audience well. Like Brexit people, many Americans are sick of politicians doing things right. He portrayed...Sign up

How Trump Won: Marketing
Paul Strodike, Management Consultant, South Africa, Member
I fully concur with the opinions expressed in this article and I would like to add that not only did he listen to the audience but he also marketed...Sign up

Trump's Win Factors: Charisma and Marketing
Mohamed Nusry, Business Consultant, Sri Lanka, Member
I too agree that he has a charismatic leadership style. And, as an entrepreneu...Sign up

Trump's Leadership Style
Prabhakr H Waghodekar, HR Consultant, India, Member
Successful leaders' styles can neither be analysed within the theoretical or scientific frame work constrained with 'n' factors that hardly make space...Sign up

Complete Arsehole and not a Leader
Per Eklund, ICT Consultant, Sweden, Member
From my point of view it's sad that Trump was elected. True leadership requires integrity, courage, respect, compassion, honour, honesty, wisdom an...Sign up

Trump Addressed the Basic Instinct of People
Mian Aamir, Manager, Pakistan, Member
An analysis of who voted for Trump shows that his words attracted male chauvinist, less educated, poor income groups. He addressed Sign up

Trump Manipulated the System to His Advantage
Regina Sampson, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
As a businessman, he has been taught to seize the opportunities presented. He addressed basic instincts, gained their buy-in, and exp...Sign up

Trump Spoke his Mind
Gabriel Uunona, Lecturer, Namibia, Member
I think that the most contributing factor to Trump's victory is the way he spoke his mind. Many politicians would pretend and have a sheep's sk...Sign up

Donald Trump Has Done Well in Heart and Obsession Touching
Dyana Sari, Teacher, Indonesia, Member
He understood well what many Americans want. By his experience so far, he knew how to touch their heart and obsession, even when intellectuals didn't ...Sign up

Trumps Leadership: It is the Man and SITUATION That Did It
Gabi Levin, Israel, Member
The personality of DT surely played a role - it is the situation that made it possible. Obviously conditions were ripe and he took full advanta...Sign up

Conditions why Donald Trump Won
Garigipati Sudhir, Management Consultant, India, Member
1. Clinton and her camp became overconfident of their victory with exit polls.
2. Trump ran the tortoise ran i.e., he was continuously focused.Sign up

Leadership Lessons - Why Did Trump Win?
Indradeb Prasanta Pal, Partner, India, Member
Trump studied the way Indian leader Modiji (at that time outcast by US's 'Politically Correct Brigade') campaigned and won the Indian election in May ...Sign up

Why Did Trump Win? Leadership Perspective
Anders Ljunggren, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
Trump knew some of the most important things you have to communicate to make people to believe in you.
1. You have to be able to read and underst...Sign up

Trump Leadership: Act on Feelings of Many People
mohammad shahajahan, Manager, Bangladesh, Member
I think Trump was able to read the feelings of many people.
The Democrats have been ruling for 2 terms and the expectation of the Americans was n...Sign up

Trump's 'Strategy for the Layman'
Sergey Baltin, Manager, Russian Federation, Member
Trump said what "sits in the heads" of the majority, but they are afraid to say - stop to total liberalism, it's time of conservatism.
Trump is t...Sign up

Why Trump Won the Election. Lessons for Leaders
Jacinth Haldane, Teacher, Member
@Sergey Baltin: I think Trump won because some Democrat voters did not go out to vote. The Rebublicans went out and...Sign up

Trump Won Because he is a Skilled Manipulator
Bruce Cropper, New Zealand, Member
He is a very skilled manipulator on a massive scale. He identified the disaffection ("disgruntlement"?) of large numbers of lower and middle cl...Sign up

Leadership Perspective on Why Trump Won
Lanuzo, Professor, Philippines, Member
- A Leader sets direction and decides on the right things to do.
- A Manager does the things right.
- A Supervisor shows how to...Sign up

Trump Listened to and Promised what the Electorate Wanted
Stig Falster, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
One of the main reasons was that he listened to the electorate and promised to deliver on what it wanted. He managed to convince most of middle Americ...Sign up

People were Tired of the Dystopian Socialist Policies
Mark Ianni, United States, Member
Trump won because he spoke plain & simple, not with political correctness.
Trump won because the majority of the people were tired of the dystopi...Sign up

Management Principles by which Trump Won
maxmillian, Analyst, South Africa, Member
I think his first speech where he was straight and blunt about people and groups was just a draw card to get every one to listen to him and hav...Sign up

Destruction of the Middle Class
Miller, Australia, Member
Politics hmmmm
The notion of a middle class disappeared 20 years ago replaced with above average poor WORKING people. In Australia a refugee has ...Sign up

Did Trump Really Won?
Zimin Andrew Alexander, преподаватель, консультант, Russian Federation, Member
Clinton actually won more voters (> 1 mln.).
Trump won a majority at electoral college....Sign up

Drain the Swamp (Winning Catchphrase of the Election)
David Warrington, Germany, Member
Remove the personalities.
America is not working. And the political elite are seen as corrupt and self-serving. So: Vote for more of the same, or...Sign up

Trump Leadership and Machiavelli
Reijling, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Trump could have been a student of Machiavelli, although I doubt weather he has ever read "Il Principe".
He was able to give the people the feeli...Sign up

Trump Explored People's Pains
Antonio Sidnei, Business Consultant, Brazil, Member
Trump explored the hurts, disappointments, financial crises, unemployment of Americans and associated all this with the politics of the ...Sign up

Trump Knew the Market Really Well
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
It was about 2 months before the election. I heard Trump itemizing all the different segments of the market, and speaking to their hopes and fears. Sign up

Leadership Lessons - Why Did Trump Win?
Patricia Hind
The tone of the recent American election was set by an unprecedented use of social media, which defined the election narrative. The scale and the natu...Sign up

Trump Deployed what I Call the P.U.T. Principle to Win
Gabriel Femi Adewara, Management Consultant, Nigeria, Member
Trump is enterprise-oriented and does a lot of input-output analysis. He knows that politics is a nebulous or emotion-laden enterprise requiring mostl...Sign up

Leadership Lessons: Why Did Trump Win?
Sandy Musallam, Editor, United States, Member
His campaign marketing strategy was almost the same as the Ronald Regan's campaign in 1980. Trump's marketing campaign strategy was to exploit the ...Sign up

Trump Won the Presidency with Marketing
Leigh Cowan, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
Marketing is NOT just Marketing Communications... Most political party power brokers don't understand Marketing. Trump (or his trusted advisory...Sign up

Don't Poke the Bear
D. Combs, Lecturer, United States, Member
Trump's message resonated with the average American. Many in the mainstream forgot about the quiet majority. Trump's ability to capture them with his ...Sign up

Trump's Master Cards to the White House
peter Alemoh, Accountant, Nigeria, Member
Donald Trump was able to clinch the ticket to the white House against many odds. Despite his uncomplimentary remarks against America people and instit...Sign up

Consistency of Trump
Dr. Mambo N, Lecturer, Zambia, Member
Trump remained consistent with his core messages, the more he talked, the more people believed him, even when it may initially have sounded/see...Sign up

Why Did Trump Win? He Explored Hate
RUBEN ACOSTA, Manager, Mexico, Member
Trump won because he explored and exploited the amount of hate that is internalized in most of the American people against immigrants, it is no...Sign up

Strategies and Factors Used and Helping Trump
Joe Joseph, Consultant, United States, Member
Some points to ponder on the winning strategies Trump used:
1. He used the principle of Attention! Attention! And Attention!
For exam...Sign up

Trump Primarily Won Due to Global Situation and Momentum
CHIEDU UDE, CEO, Nigeria, Member
Globalization, Terrorism and Economic recession have dominated discussions globally for nearly two decade...Sign up

President Obama's Actions Created the Environment
RaghdMuhi Al-Deen Jassim, Management Consultant, Iraq, Member
It's known that the environment before the act plays a main role in the coming action. If you consider the preceding steps of president Obama in the p...Sign up

Mr. Trump's Victory is a Huge Responsibility as a Leader
alberto escofet, Business Consultant, Member
Yes, Mr. Trump won, but he polarized the world. Hopefully he is smart enough to "manage" his victory for the good and avoid the world to collap...Sign up

Mr. Trump Victory was Based on the Need for Change
All people in the world want change. Trump capitalized on their desire for change.
Change from ruled by the same family, change from the s...Sign up

Causes of the Victory of Trump
Paul Thompson, Teacher, Jamaica, Member
I am suggesting that Mr. Trump's victory was based on:
1. His success in speaking directly to the deep seated wishes of many Americans who...Sign up

How Did Trump Win? He Gave the People a Circus
Jose Luis Hernandez Magallon, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
To the populace "give them bread and circus" Roman emperors used to abide with common citizens with this saying. Trump gave them the circus, th...Sign up

Almost Populism
Riccardo Barile, Director, Germany, Member
Hi, I believe that Trump won because of its ability to understand and to listen the voice of the American middle class. His behavior has been quite Sign up

People were Looking for an Honest Leader
Bruce Marshall, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Personally, I believe Mr. Trump won this election for two reasons.
First that at least half the American people are fed up with the country's ...Sign up

Trump's Leadership was based on Fear and Undefined Change
Laura, United States, Member
I believe Donald Trump won the election because his campaign toyed with our fears and then preached the magical word "CHANGE". Hillary's campaign prea...Sign up

Dr Robin C Hesler, Canada, Member
There are many great points noted in the responses. Trump won, but he didn't either. Many did not vote in the USA and H. Clinton won a million more vo...Sign up

Why Did Trump Won?
Ahmad Sultan Abdulla, Consultant, Malaysia, Member
I've read a majority of comments and agree with most. Allow me to add some of my perspective probably not previously exhibited above.
First, his ...Sign up

Trump Understood the Market Dynamics
JoHanna Sullivan, Member
I agree with @Anthony J. Adonis that Trump understood that the American people were ready for change he just had to...Sign up

Brand Equity-Trump Economics
RAJI GEORGE, Management Consultant, Sultanate of Oman, Member
Trump's victory was well known in advance to our circle even before concluding his election campaign.
This is based on scientific conclusions and...Sign up

Why Did Trump Win
Ishmael Molutsi, Manager, Botswana, Member
I think the ability to express yourself without hiding the truth and subsequently defending your utterances are causes of trust. So the masses got con...Sign up

Trump Says he Now Learned to be More Empathetic
D. Liely, United States, Member
I was actually shocked that Trump won. I could not believe he had. One thing interesting at this point is his own comments now about what he learned; ...Sign up

Psychological Triumph for Trump
Jayaraman, Coach, India, Member
Donald Trump played a masterstroke in understanding the psychology of the people and made the best use of them through nicely drafted speeches. He dis...Sign up

Mark Ianni, United States, Member
@R.Ijland: Baaahahahaha! I see that TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is alive and well in Holland....Sign up


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