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Leadership Impact
Greg Johnson, Member
There are an unlimited number of leadership conversations on every Leadership platform. There are few asking the question of leaders, "What do they believe their IMPACT is on their organization; its people; its customer/clients; its systems; the present culture of their organization; the future direction of the organization.
This is not a defensive query, but one that authentic leaders might take a pause and ask themselves about their IMPACT on all that they either come in CONTACT with or INFLUENCE in both the short and long term.
What are the top 3 areas authentic leaders impact and influence?

Difficult Situations
Hamood, Member
You have to impact with your leadership skills not only in the organization but also in your family, friends etc. You have to be the best example in every area of your life, whether work, family or anywhere else. Your attitude has to be the best and most positive towards people.
This is very simple if the situation is normal. But let's say your workers have got a negative attitude towards you in your department and even when you try your to make things even better, but still there is no change. You are being a very good manager, and a fine example but how can deal with this situation?

Leadership Change Impact
Greg Johnson, Member
The situation you describe is more common than not when you are a new President/CEO in a company or any of the top leadership positions.
My experience has worked to a large degree, not perfect every time, by creating planning teams from among those that are most vocal. Having them participate in creating your awareness of the environment or "How we do things around here" kind of planning discussions while maintaining all conversations on the success of the department, organization or whatever the portion of the organization that is within your span of control or responsibility.
I have used this technique when coming in new to an organization and it has worked in allowing me to learn more about the people and the organization. It has also allowed me to do some work to build stronger working relationships among those reporting to me.
Impact occurs on it's own and should be strategically managed.

Planned IMPACT as a Concentric Leader
Greg Johnson, Member
How often do we plan our IMPACT on the people that are direct reports as well as those that report to them? How often have we given detailed thought to the IMPACT we would like to have on the department or organization we are ABOUT to engage, prior to our actual engagement?
The question is whether we give serious professional thought to the difference we hope to make prior to engagement or are we so happy to have the opportunity that we just let things come to us when we arrive? My point is that all too often we are in a reactionary mode when assuming leadership positions and I suggest we give serious professional thought based on research of an organization PRIOR to engagement.
Your effectiveness will be enhanced ten-fold.

Leadership Impact
Sandy Musallam, Member
The impact of leadership will depend on the kind of leaders in charge.
For instance, true leadership can have a positive impact and "perceived leadership" can have a negative impact for a business, or for personal or professional relationships. "True leadership" in my opinion, is defined as "The practices and performance of a leader that put his or her honor and self worth above his or her desires of a higher salary or individual recognition".
A "perceived leader" is one that puts money and individual recognition above honor and pride on what he or she do. Even though it is true that a perceived leader can get some positive results, his or her lack of honor or pride would adversely affect the overall success.


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