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HOW Does a Leader Create (true) Followers?
Debeli Geleta, Manager, Ethiopia, Member
What is exactly is the quality of leaders to have followers? I want to have insight how do leaders create true followers?...Sign up

How Leaders Create Followers
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
True followers are only created by a true leader. In simplistic terms " the manager chooses the right person for the right job", and the leader mak...Sign up

Effective Followers are Effective Leaders
Stephen O. Asaju, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
An effective follower is most likely to emerge as an effective leader. Leadership and followership are dynamic human dimensions of management. ...Sign up

How Leaders Create Followers
Parthasarathy R, India, Member
The leaders shall be a role model to his followers in true sense. I think of Mr. M. K. Gandhi, as a true leader whose ideology and practice man...Sign up

HOW a Leader Creates Followers?
George sleeba
I do agree with Stephen & Prthasarathy on their views. I remember to have read in a book by Napoleon Hill that an effective leader is a leader by c...Sign up

How a Leader Creates Followers
Phillip J. Ramirez, Manager, United States, Member
By walking the talk. Gaining trust from the one's you lead. Setting a prime example. If your followers see you straying off the path, th...Sign up

Creating True Followers as a Leader
Robert Wamai, Business Consultant, Kenya, Member
Leadership is about inspiring people. Give them a vision and guide them to the promised land so to speak.
Followers will only be t...Sign up

Followership in Leadership
O.O.Testimony Onifade, Director, Nigeria, Member
No leader can lead well except he also possesses the attribute to follow instructions and guide the people in obedience to the vision and common set g...Sign up

Followership in Leadership
George sleeba
@O.O.Testimony Onifade : We often debate whether leaders are born or made? Ther...Sign up

Followership in Leadership
Stephen O. Asaju, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
@George Sleeba : There should be no controversy that leaders are MADE not born. Yes, there is an interaction betwee...Sign up

Good Followers Seldom Make Good Leaders
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Stephen O. Asaju: I am not sure I agree that being a good follower is a prerequisite to being a good leader. In my...Sign up

Followership in Leadership is Situational
George sleeba
@Stephen O. Asaju: Is not leadership situational? Leaders may have to steamroll in certain situations in the overal...Sign up

Authentic Leadership Creates Authentic Followers
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
Interesting commentaries. I was struck with the idea of "organizational culture" when thinking of followers. Leaders can set the tone of an organizati...Sign up

The 3 Keys of the Leader to Create True Followers
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
Your people will be true followers if they perceive that you as a the "leader":
1. "Wants my well-being" (so be sure that reaching the goals will...Sign up

Leaders Have the Power to Influence
Sunder Rajan, CEO, India, Member
Leadership is "the power to influence and bring about change".
Hence, effective leaders are able to influence others to their line of thin...Sign up

How Leaders Make Followers
Ramesh Ch, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma BB, Business Consultant, India, Member
Managers supervise people and do the ground-level work of organizations. Leaders change and improve the way organizations do their ground-level work.<...Sign up

How Great Leaders Create Followers
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
I recently came across the following quote which I need to share with everyone on the forum:
"Leadership must be based on goodwill. Goodwill does...Sign up

Transferring Leadership to Followers
Konstantinos Zacharis, Director, Greece, Member
To my opinion a leader is someone who manages to become "transparent" by psychologically transferring part of his power to his followers, so that they...Sign up

Leadership Growth from Followership to Presence
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
@Konstantinos Zacharis: great closing line on this comment that adds to and changes the growth of this discussion f...Sign up

How Leaders Make Good Followers
Alex Halale, Manager, Zambia, Member
I am having a problem to see real followers of a leader, being at work or in political parties. Example is one African country that had just lost the ...Sign up


...Sign up

Leaders and Followers in Politics in Africa
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Alex Halale: the reason for the "party swopping" in politics in Africa is that those who swop are in politics for ...Sign up

Leader, Leadership and Having Committed Followers
Worknesh, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
For me to be able to have good followers is determined by the leader's understanding of the difference between "leader" and "leadership".
While i...Sign up

How to Have Followers
Gopalakrishna Bhat, Project Manager, India, Member
First of all you need to be clear which type of leader you want to be. Political, spiritual, corporate or another?
Then you have to adopt suitabl...Sign up

HOW Does a Leader Create (true) Followers? Distinguish the Political from the Organisational Leader
George sleeba
I feel that we should differentiate between political and organisational leadership:
- In a political context, the leadership mostly emerges out ...Sign up

Political and Organisational Leadership
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@George sleeba: I think that if you had added the following words at the end of your comment, you would have found ...Sign up

How can a Leader Create True Followers?
Charlyn Warner, Teacher, United States, Member
Thanks to all those who have taken the time to put above reactions together and submit them.
I think that all leaders/followers in any organizati...Sign up

Create Players, not Followers
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
I want to create players, that is, individuals with the skill sets to operate independently and to contribute appropriately and constructively to task...Sign up

Players and Followers
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Tom Wilson: I think you are being over-sensitive. In this context, a follower is a disciple i.e. a person who cho...Sign up

Should a Leader Create Players or Followers
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
I think Tom actually summarizes in the word 'players' what kind of followers great leaders will create.
Certainly when you compare them with coer...Sign up

Players and Followers
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): I will stipulate to your comment, Mr. De Jonge, because it captures the essence of my expe...Sign up

How Overseers Should Lead and Create Followers from the Bible
Christian D. Clores, Director, Philippines, Member
I once sought for the answer to your question and found the following to be effective: to become a good leader, and to be followed by your followers, ...Sign up

True Leaders of the Bible
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Christian D. Clores: Aside from Jesus, the clearest example of "the overseer" in the Gospels is the centurion who ...Sign up

The “true Follower” is a Player
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Andrew Blaine: We are talking about leadership development. Your concept of the “true leader” suggests that leader...Sign up

How Leaders Influence Followers through the use of Nonverbal Communication
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands, Moderator
Although attention has often been paid to the way that leaders influence and direct their followers through means of VERBAL communications, a leade...Sign up

POINT TO THE SKY when Communicating your Mission
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
@Anneke Zwart You are right, so be sure to point to the sky, to the peak of the mountain, to move your arms like ea...Sign up


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