HOW Does a Leader Create (true) Followers?



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Debeli Geleta, Manager, Ethiopia
What is exactly is the quality of leaders to have followers? I want to have insight how do leaders create true followers? (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

How Leaders Create Followers

True followers are only created by a true leader. In simplistic terms " the manager chooses the right person for the right job", and the leader makes the chosen person happy doing the job allocated.
In business there are many guides as to how the first job can be done, but very few on how to do the second.
While leadership skills can be enhanced, they cannot be created. You can see this by examining your politicians, the true leaders truly serve their people not themselves. The true leaders stand out e.g. Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

  Stephen O. Asaju, Student (University), Nigeria

Effective Followers are Effective Leaders

An effective follower is most likely to emerge as an effective leader. Leadership and followership are dynamic human dimensions of management. A leader in one sphere of management may of necessity be a follower in another depending on the administrative structure of the organization. A leader who would efficiently create true followers must know the nitty gritty of followership and must have been true to the leaders he had served under. There is no fear in leadership if the occupant of the position had demonstrated submission, loyalty and commitment to the ideals of the organization under the leaders he had served as a follower. The principle is simply "as you lay your bed so shall you lie on it," or simply "whatever you sow, you shall reap." Pronto!

  Parthasarathy R, India

How Leaders Create Followers

The leaders shall be a role model to his followers (...)

  George sleeba

HOW a Leader Creates Followers?

I do agree with Stephen & Prthasarathy on their vi (...)

  Phillip J. Ramirez

How a Leader Creates Followers

By walking the talk. Gaining trust from the one's (...)

  Robert Wamai

Creating True Followers as a Leader

Leadership is about inspiring people. Give them a (...)

  O.O.Testimony Onifade, Director, Nigeria

Followership in Leadership

No leader can lead well except he also possesses t (...)

  George sleeba

Followership in Leadership

@ : We often debate whether There could be many e (...)

  Stephen O. Asaju, Student (University), Nigeria

Followership in Leadership

@ : There should be no controversy that leaders ar (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Good Followers Seldom Make Good Leaders

@: I am not sure I agree that being a good followe (...)

  George sleeba

Followership in Leadership is Situational

@: Is not leadership situational? Leaders may have (...)

  Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States

Authentic Leadership Creates Authentic Followers

Interesting commentaries. I was struck with the id (...)

  Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico

The 3 Keys of the Leader to Create True Followers

Your people will be true followers if they perceiv (...)

  Sunder Rajan

Leaders Have the Power to Influence

Leadership is "the power to influence and bring ab (...)

  Ramesh Ch, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma BB, Business Consultant, India

How Leaders Make Followers

Managers supervise people and do the ground-level (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

How Great Leaders Create Followers

I recently came across the following quote which I (...)

  Konstantinos Zacharis, Director, Greece

Transferring Leadership to Followers

To my opinion a leader is someone who manages to b (...)

  Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States

Leadership Growth from Followership to Presence

@: great closing line on this comment that adds to (...)

  Alex Halale, Manager, Zambia

How Leaders Make Good Followers

I am having a problem to see real followers of a l (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Leaders and Followers in Politics in Africa

@: the reason for the "party swopping" in politics (...)

  Worknesh, Business Consultant, Ethiopia

Leader, Leadership and Having Committed Followers

For me to be able to have good followers is determ (...)

  Gopalakrishna Bhat, Project Manager, India

How to Have Followers

First of all you need to be clear which type of le (...)

  George sleeba

HOW Does a Leader Create (true) Followers? Distinguish the Political from the Organisational Leader

I feel that we should differentiate between politi (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Political and Organisational Leadership

@: I think that if you had added the following wor (...)

  Charlyn Warner

How can a Leader Create True Followers?

Thanks to all those who have taken the time to put (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Create Players, not Followers

I want to create players, that is, individuals wit (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Players and Followers

@: I think you are being over-sensitive. In this (...)

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

Should a Leader Create Players or Followers

I think Tom actually summarizes in the word 'playe (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Players and Followers

@: I will stipulate to your comment, Mr. De Jonge, (...)

  Christian D. Clores, Director, Philippines

How Overseers Should Lead and Create Followers from the Bible

I once sought for the answer to your question and (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

True Leaders of the Bible

@: Aside from Jesus, the clearest example of "the (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

The “true Follower” is a Player

@: We are talking about leadership development. Yo (...)

  Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

How Leaders Influence Followers through the use of Nonverbal Communication

Although attention has often been paid to the way (...)

  Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico

POINT TO THE SKY when Communicating your Mission

@ You are right, so be sure to point to the sky, t (...)

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