A Leader is Someone Who Has Followers...


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Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

A Leader is Someone Who Has Followers...

A key issue that is sometimes overlooked is that a leader is a leader when, and only when (s)he has followers. These followers will follow the leader if:
1. The followers think that the leader wants there well-being (compare servant leadership);
2. The followers think that the leader is capable;
3. The leader communicates a strategic vision as something that it is worth to pursue (as in: "We are building a new country" or "You can be too first new world citizen" rather then "We need to increase productivity by 17% or the quality of your products by 20% to reach an international cost and quality level".

  sahar sultan
Student (University), Pakistan

Leader Always Born with Some Inborn Skills

I think a person who has capability and nature to create his or her followers by himself is a leader. A leader may have the ability to influence the thoughts and to modify the behaviors as he wants and is required on the spot.

  Toyin Babs-Enoch
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

Leadership is a Two-way Process

Without followers there will be no leader. Without (...)

  Njau Mungai
Student (MBA), Kenya

The Origin of Leadership

It is the followers who transform a lone dancer in (...)

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States


I believe leadership is in direct alignment with f (...)

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Is it a Leader or a Follower

I believe "leadership" is a lot like the word "bea (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Leadership = Motivaction to a Worthy Mission

True leaders give motivaction (motives for action) (...)

  Vijaya Saradhi Mekala

Lead Yourself and Others Follow You

Be it a business leader, a corporate CEO, the head (...)

  Abdul-gakeem Satira
Manager, South Africa

Followers need to Buy in to your Ideas

In my humble opinion, a leader is not about someon (...)

  Richard S. Dillard

No Self-appointed Leaders

Leader is a title that can only be given to us by (...)

  Conny Morokweng
Student (MBA), Botswana

Is it a Leader or a Follower

@Bill Boynton: I do agree with you Bill. Leaders p (...)

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Organiational Leadership: Lead Yourself and Others Follow You

@Vijaya Saradhi Mekala: Great reponse, and so true (...)

  Aziz Rattansey

A leader must Inspire Followers > Believers

Whilst it is useful for a leader to have followers (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Leaders must Inspire Followers and Create Believers

Aziz, you are right, leaders must inspire follower (...)

Business Consultant, India

Follower is a Must, the Importance of a Follower in a Leadership

Absolutely right! There is no meaning to the leade (...)

  Bruce W Butler
Entrepreneur, United States

If You Look Back are Others Following?

Do others seek your advise? Do others actions dem (...)

Consultant, Portugal

Leadership is to Have Followers

Hi everyone, I believe the first who said "Leaders (...)

  Ramdonee Vikash
Student (MBA), Mauritius

Did You Say Leadership?

A leader who has many followers who are following (...)

  roseline ikem
Student (MBA), United Kingdom

Leadership is to be a Servant

A leader is a servant who seeks the well being of (...)

  M Y Zainudeen
Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

3 Types of Leaders: Appointed, Self-Appointed and Emerged

It is interesting to see diversified ideas about l (...)

Consultant, Portugal

Charisma is a Leadership Myth

@Ramdonee Vikash: what is charisma? A personality (...)

  Stephen Adjei
Management Consultant, Ghana

Leadership is Two-way Influence between Leader and Followers

Leadership is about making others feel important a (...)

  M Y Zainudeen
Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

From Interpreting the Future to Selling the Hope to the Followers

Theoretically a successful leader is a person who: (...)

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Caution with Focusing on Followership being a Leader

This is an interesting topic for discussion that k (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

3 Conditions for a Leader to Have Followers (Ginebra)

A leader is a leader when and only when he has fol (...)

Consultant, Portugal

Credibility is the First Principle of Leadership

@Javier Elenes: I completely agree with that, but (...)

  Gani Davlatsher
Student (University), United States

The First Follower..

Recently I watched a video by Derek Sivers who dis (...)

  Adnan Shaswar

The Relationship between the Leadership and the Followers

Although leadership is a two-way interaction, I be (...)

Consultant, Portugal

A Real Leader is Followed Easily

@Gani Davlatsher: Hi once again. Really? Do you re (...)

  Zandile Shaba
Financial Consultant, Malawi

A Leader Does NOT Need Followers

My view is that a leader does NOT need followers. (...)

Consultant, Portugal

Definition of Leadership Isn't the Same as Objectives

@Zandile Shaba: Hi everyone. I think we're confusi (...)

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

RE: a Leader Does NOT Need Followers

@Zandile Shaba: You are exactly correct: there are (...)

Consultant, Portugal

Credibility is the Number 1 Characteristic of a Leader

The credibility of a leader is the way to make eve (...)

  Vicky Jha
Manager, Nepal

Leaders Can Stand Alone

@Zandile Shaba: I totally agree. It may take long (...)

Coach, India

A Leader Must Have Followers

@Zandile Shaba: I believe, you do in fact have goo (...)

  Vipul Nahar

How Belief Generates Followership

The claim that a goal can be achieved without othe (...)

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