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Unlearning and Leadership
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
Unlearning is more important than learning for modern leaders. Leaders can have no appreciation of understanding the situations of the 21st century without full control on unlearning. Unlearning has to be made integral part of decision making for leaders.
Most people have grown in the last few decades through suitable education, good opportunities, hard work and acquiring wisdom. The decisions have to be made from mind and logic rather than heart. And that is the core of the information age.
In spite of learning, changing places, new professions, astronomical growth, etc individuals will be able to manage their present, and plan their future, through systematic unlearning only....Sign up

Good idea unlearning. Ever heard of the saying: "Old ideas only die when the people who hold them die"?
Unlearning should be replaced with...Sign up

Vision and strategy planning
A CEO selection is also based on the past performance, and what he got and can get to the table a major criteria, his/her past baggage of ideas and pr...Sign up

Leadership and Unlearning
robin umiom, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
Unlearning may promote individual growth but may not promote leadership style in management. Old habits die hard. Unlearning by learning may be wha...Sign up

The Leadership Skill of Being Able to to Unlearn
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
Thanks Robin for your insight. Leadership skills have been taught and learnt by leaders for long time. However it is my belief that having knowledg...Sign up

Unlearning is Seeing Change as an Opportunity
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
I think unlearning is in direct proportion with the ability to change.
The ability to learn is the ability to look at change as an opportu...Sign up

Unlearning is Innovation
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
@Bill Boynton: what a calculated and just use of words and sentences. They are so apt. I fully agree when you say t...Sign up

Unlearning is not Learning
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
@Bill Boynton: What I make out from your comment that learning is a change and so unlearning also could be a chang...Sign up

Unlearning is Needed for New Leaders
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
Recent experience has shown that some unlearning is necessary, certainly with the "new" breed of leaders coming directly out of college or high level ...Sign up

Unlearning is Essential
Jang il su, Student (University), Korea (South), Member
Thanks for your view. I think, we get good things when we learn, and at the same time, we might lose the way how to look for new things. People are g...Sign up

I Agree - Unlearning is Essential
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
@Jang il su: I agree - unlearning is essential. I keep writing about it. I invite all those who are interested to ...Sign up

Unlearning and Leadership
Konstantinos Zacharis, Director, Greece, Member
We have to define "unlearning" in order to be useful. If it refers to rapid change or elaborate selection skills, then we can say something about it. ...Sign up

Unlearning is a Process
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
@Konstantinos Zacharis: Unlearning is the whole process of learning. Like we thought of learning alphabets, we sta...Sign up

Unlearning and Evolution
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Unlearning is potentially dangerous. The fact that "Those who forget history are destined to relive it" should remain at the forefront of every leader...Sign up

Change -- the Direction and Process for Unlearning
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
I believe that "Unlearning" is in direct proportion to accepting the concepts and the ability for change.
To be able to leave what we have been c...Sign up

Unlearning System
KK Verma, Director, India, Member
WE need a system to unlearn. In my three books on unlearning, I have discussed in details about this system of unlearning. Unfortunately because of la...Sign up

Unlearning and Evolution
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
'Unlearning' implies the Trotskyite philosophy - "progress results from revolution rather than evolution; to progress it is first necessary to eradica...Sign up


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